Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Was listening to the radio recently n heard this song tat's currently playin on my page.. Hips dun lie by Shakira.. Wel,, actualy, this is not the original..

the song is originally frm the movie, Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights.. & the title was, Dance like this by Wyclef Jean, feat Claudette Ortiz .. This song is really veri catchy & does get me wanting to start dancing.. ;p

As for the Shakira version.. it is pretty cool too..!! look @ the MTV.. & woah!! She's realli superb!! the way she shake her bootie.. man..!! i wished i can do tat too.. but wel, tat would take a lot of effort n time to do tat.. sigh.. i dun have the time.. anyway, i love 2 outfits tat she was wearing in the mtv.. the orange outfit (1st outfit) & the white one..(the last outfit)..

Here are some pics frm the movie, Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights..
I Love this cute guy too.. !!! He is so super duper charming!!!!!!!
DIEGO LUNA..!! Check him out!!
I could fall in love wif him too!!! ;D *dream dream dream*

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