Monday, July 30, 2007

One of the weddings in singapore that i had missed.. Eric & Serene's wedding..

Both of them are friends that i got to know from salsa.. and of cos the grp pic here, are the salsa folks in singapore who were @ their wedding. and im glad that i can see a lot of familliar faces..

Serene is always full of life, smile and love to give, a passionate beautiful lady, and im happy for her that she had found her Mr Right.
She is the one who got me into Caliente to be one of the instructors.. she's one of the gd salsa dancers too.. wel, tat was why and how we got to know each other @ Union.. ;)

Babe, just wanna wish you and Eric a Blessful marriage, ever lasting love and happiness!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Real Beautiful, Romantic, Heartbreaking movie that i had missed it long time ago.. and i knew it is a very gd movie, and im glad that it was showing on the tele and i happened to read it from the newspaper that it is showing tonight.. thus, stayed @ home on a friday night instead to watch it..
Love, it always comes to you when u least expected it..
Love, you'll learn how to love and treasure it when u had lost it
Love, is when you can fully open yrself to another person without you realising it
Love, is about Accepting, Forgiving & Trusting
Love, is not about possession
Love, you can never guess / predict where you can find it
Love, is when you realise that you are thinking of the person all the time, and will still be happy
Love, is about letting it go when you feel suffocated / trapped
Love, is when you feel happy when the one you love is happy
Love, is when a person is gleaming, even when alone
There is always someone who is searching for love
Everyone wants to be loved
Everyone has their own destined love
In the pursuit of love, you will definitely get hurt, betrayed.. but always believe that one day,
someday, your true love will come.
Everytime you fall, you've to learn from the fall and get back on yr feet and get on with it..
There will always be scars / bruises, everyone has their own scars, and it will always be there.. let the scars be in you and acknowledge them as it is part of you, no matter how bad u dont want them to be.. everyone of us grow from all these scars and pain.. but which way of growing up you want it to be.. its yr choice.
Its yr life, so make yr own choices.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

This post is especially for my dearest Brother, Weiwen...

Confession - I am realli sorry that i have not been reading yr blog.. but i really dun know why and wat comes over me.. prob bcos i dun usually go to multiply site.. but tonight, i juz went into it and was checkin out yr page.. then realised that u do write in yr blog.. so i was reading through all the posts that u had been posting.. and when i came to the one when u wrote for the CNY... i really cried... cos i am really touched and i felt so bad, guilty and honestly.. i remembered that day when we msned and u wrote tat u miss me.. i was already crying in front of my laptop while continue chattin wif u.. bcos tat was the st time u said tat to me... ;)
And of cos i can still remembered when i called home on the CNY when i was @ london, i was crying too, while standing @ the entrance of the church tat i went with Ruth's parents.. of cos i managed to sound happy and excited talkin to all of u via the hp..

I still think tat i have made the right decision.. cos if not, u, me and kaifang might not realise how much we will miss one another.. how strong we can be and we can grow.. its after coming over here, then i realised how blessed and fortunate we are in singapore.. and spoilt..
Oh well, i always put myself in this kind of tough and hard situations, forcing myself to grow.. i juz wanna experience life as much as possible, as full as i can make it be.. because i dont know how much time i had left..

Who knows? I dont realli care abt that though.. ;p

PS. i miss u too, a lot a lot a lot a lot....
When i come back to singapore, we must take a lot of photos together!! ;)

You are The Empress

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What is the most unpredictable / unexpectable event in life?

What do people fear the most?

My answer - Death.

What's yours?

So, Live life to the fullest!

Monday, July 23, 2007

We only got to see this map of the mountains after 'climbing' it on the day before... it was then i realised that it was really a long 'walk' we had.. unbelievable..

We were supposed to go to the Lugnaquilla Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Leinster and the 13th highest peak in ireland.. Ross and I didnt manage to reach the top as the mist was coming in and covering the top of it.. the pic is in one of the slideshows earlier.. wel, we're not too sure if we had reached Clohernagh / Corrigasleggaun.. but i believed that we could have only reached Corrigasleggaun.. although we do seemed to be not too far from the 'Lug'.. but i had learnt that things that seems near, it doesnt really means its tat near... hahhahahah.. especially in the mountains...! anyway, if its not because of the mist, Ross would have pushed me furthermore to reach to the 'Lug'.

Through this mountain hiking / climbing, or watever u call it.. i've come to realise tat this type of mountain climbing is not my stuff! Considering that we are both not properly equipped, not properly dressed as a hiker.. i really hate it when i am not fully prepared for this!!!! I hate it when my feet went down into the pool of mud, it was totally disgusting when u can feel the cold and mud in yr feet.. stepping into the mud feels like stepping into a big pool of shit! and when u can see the shit of the sheeps everywher in the mountain.. and prob cows' dung too.. i realli dun like to let my imagination run too wild!!
But thankfully and honestly, the air @ the mountains is surprisingly clean and fresh! I cant smell anything of the animal wastes, as i've real sensitive nose.

A real unforgettable experience.. i have never been so easily giving up on anything before.. except for this.. i wanted to give up continuing the climb a few times.. but Ross is the one who is very encouraging and kept pushing me to keep on going.. jesus.. he is real determined.. and he has been very patient with me along the way while i was cursing and swearing.. not really cursing and swearing in tat sense.. but stil, i felt really bad about it.. I am realli not prepared for that kind of hiking.. i felt so unsafe.. i knew something is not quite right when the owner of the B&B that we're staying, Sean, was asking us if we have the map and compass.. obviously, we 2 ignorant new timer hikers with nothing in hand.. he seemed a little worried and kept reminding us to come back dwn if we see the mist. So, frm that moment on.. i was not really that happy about the hike.. But stil we did went up quite high up til we see the mist.. and while we're on our way back dwn, we met some hikers, and they told us that we're actualy quite near to the 'Lug',, which is kinda comforting (for me)..

Going up the mountain is whole lot easier than going dwn.. as the path is much more muddy, slipperay and steeper.. of cos, we still made it back. ;) Dinner @ the B&B was totally fabulous and delicious!! Was really tired from the mountain climbing that i fell asleep @ 11pm, with a little red wine @ dinner.

On the next day, while we have almost the whole day free til we can take the bus back to dublin, we went to the visitor center of Glendalough and did a little tour of the glendalough.. hence the 2nd album from this trip.. ;)
And again, almost a whole day of walking/trekking.. seeing a whole new perspective of the beautiful nature in glendalough on a more structured pathway. And this time i am the one who is not tired and not requiring rest.. lol
Although my thighs are aching, and even my tummy muscles.. i just like to keep on walking and dont seems to be able to stop. ;)

Even when we got back to dublin after abt an hour bus ride.. i still go to the salsa club and danced til abt 2am..! kekkekeke.. i felt great!

i really love this feeling when my muscles are aching, with the exercise i do.. obviously the mountain hiking does contribute to my aches.. and that is why i think i would still do this again! but the next time round, i will get a pair of wellies and a raincoat @ least. ;)

Finally get the chance to upload the pics tat was taken on last wednesday.
Its been a long time since i go clubbing, since after i started salsa dancing.. clubbing juz dont seems to be tat fun compared to salsa. but of cos, once in awhile, its stil fun, oso depending on the people whom im going with. who else then? lol
The guys in the pictures, are juz random guys in the club, i dont even remembered tat we got one anothers name. they juz kinda joined us on the dancefloor and then, one of the guys took out his camera and took pictures with us. so i did the same thing too. my digital camera has become one of my precious stuff following me ard other than my mobile and ipod mini. ;)
the clubbing scene over here is definitely kinda different from singapore. most of the guys over here, they dun reali dance much. they drink more than they dance. kinda boring realli. nothing to see on the dancefloor. its always a real pleasure to see somebody who can dance real good on the clubbing dancefloor, if u know wat i mean. ;p so that i can steal a little of the dance moves and merge with my style. kekekkekeke
oh wel, but stil, we did have a great time, and got to know a few guys in the club. i always prefer to know somebody who is not in the same profession as me, as it is more interesting to learn abt what other profession do.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Just some back dating of the pictures tat i took, especially this one.. beautiful sunset, which i took from the balcony of my apartment. clear sky (no rain) ;)
i know i hav been whining about the lousy weather that im experiencing in dublin.. but there are days when it doesnt rain, and sunny. yes, there is such days, but occasionally.
I really love the place tat im stayin right now as if i happen to stay home for the evening, and stay home long enough to watch the sunset, i do get very beautiful lovely sunset view frm the balcony.
Well, as for now its summertime.. the sun doesnt set till 11pm.. so the chances of me stayin home til then is rather slim too.. ;p
As for the sunrise.. i have not get the chance to see it.. although it occurs early, esp in the summer.. like when the sun rises @ abt 4.30am.. its either i will b still sleeping, or i hav juz got into bed @ 3/4am after a night of salsa dancing.. too tired to stay up to catch the sunrise..
Although sunrise also means the start a brand new day, but watchin sunrise alone is kinda lonely and sad though.. tink tats y i didnt want to watch the sunrise.. this is suppose to be a romantic thing to do.. so wel, prob i will leave it til then, ;)
Sunrise = start of a brand new day
Sunset = end of a bad/ lousy day
Wel, tats bcos for those who had a lousy day always wished the day wil end earlier & faster.
Honesty and Friendship

What is true friendship?
Who would u consider as a true Friend?
What is Honesty?
How many people are honest with their feelings, with their thinking, with their family and friends?
How many can handle the truth when it is presented to their face?
How many really want to hear, to know the truth?

The world now is so full of deception, that its so hard to differentiate the truth and lies anymore.
Or probably, everybody know how to play the game in the world now, that there's no need to talk abt it or think abt it. It has become a nature.

Coming from one who was a straight-forward, outspoken person, who has learned so much along her way, bumping, hitting on the sore spots of people.. she has learned how to handle and present the truth to people ard her, to the people she cares, to the friends that she holds dearly to her heart.

But seriously pondering abt what the future world will become.. it just dont seems too promising. Looking @ the kids, the environment, the world nowadays.. its does seems a little scary and intimidating. A world full of lies, people full of masks, layers of masks..

Of cos. it might not b as bad as tat.. hopefully. ;)

Many have warned me abt this when i came over to dublin, on my own, and i had already anticipated it when i have make up my mind to set off alone.
Honestly, ther r few times when i do felt lonely, but tat onli last abt a few minutes and i get over it. cos i know my family and friends back in singapore, they are missing me too, prob not as much as i miss them, but hell, all i need to know is that im not being forgotten! Realli thankful for the advanced technology these days, cos its through the internet, msn, tat im still keepin in touch with them.

Everytime when someone ask me abt when am i coming back to singapore for a holiday, and each time i cant give them an answer, i feel so bad abt it too. Truly i want to go back to visit too, but the air tickets are so expensive nad the duration of the flight home.. i seriously think i shld reserve tat for a purposeful reason to get myself on the plane to singapore. ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally, the sun is coming out in dublin.. all i need to bring up my spirits is juz some sunshine, and yes, i felt so much better now! ;D

and finally get my lazy bum out in the morning to go for a run, and for the 1st time for the last 2yrs, i ran without my knee guards. wel, its mainly bcos i couldnt find them.. cant remember wher i kept them, was searchin for it yest and juz couldnt find them.. wil get new ones @ the end of the mth, when i get my pay. ;)

so much has been happening around me, for me.. that i dun realli know wher to begin.. my head now is juz kinda messed up now.. right now, i juz wanna soak myself in the warmth of the sun!! ;D

trying to change the layout of my blog.. stil cant get the perfect one.. wil keep on trying..

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weirdest but a happy dream i had yestderday.. almost really thought it was real..
but i guess it must be that i have thinking about it so much nowadays that now im even dreaming abt it now..

Dreamt that i am back in singapore, my family and all my close friends are all in it.. it felt so real.. gosh.. the urge of going back is so strong that i am really surprised with myself too.. ..
Guess the fact that my sister's wedding s drawing near each day is not really helping much too.. cos that makes me wanna go back earlier and to know that i cant do that.. and worse.. the weather here is becoming so erratic and unbearable.. rain rain rain. cold cold cold.. wat a Summer dublin is experiencing now..
everytime i walk pass the shopping areas with a big sign of summer sale.. i always secretly cursing and swearing abt it.. wat a joke abt this whole summer sale stuffs..

but wel, i wont let this wet, disappointing, depressing summer get me down for too long..
i wil get over it real soon.. cos ther's absolutely nothing i can do to change the weather anyway..
and pple might juz tel me that i shld hav get used to this kind of crap weather... i hav been here for freaking 9mths.. unbelievable...
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Your intentions are always good, even if they change with the wind
You Are Somewhat Machiavellian

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You understand how the world works, even when it's an ugly place.
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"Romance" means you're about to roll your eyes
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For you, love is real - and easily integrated into your life
You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one
Just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All thanks to Channey that she Got the concert tickets, and lucky me tat i took over Martina's ticket as she's over @ the States. Realli had a great night tat day, as surprisingly, there was no rain! Thank God for the faboulous weather that all of us had such a great time @ the concert. ;) Lucily we had the saturday concert instead of sunday, cos sunday's weather sucks! kekekkekekekek
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Justin Timberlake's Concert @ Dublin, RDS, 30 June - 1st July.
This is b4 the start of the concert, were there b4 7pm.
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Needless to say about justin timberlake.
Cool, Cute, Totally awesome performance!!!! I wanna hav a bf like him too!! hahaahaha
someone cute, handsome, cool, great singer, dancer and can play the piano.. woah.. every gal's dream guy isnt?
im just a typical gal too!! ;D
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Special Guest, FerGie for Justin timberlake Concert @ Dublin, RDS.
Her performance was really Great! Powerful voice and totally sexy, Cool!
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Although im not a fan of the Simpson's, but stil, i cant resist from taking the picture @ the Cineworld. The 1st time i saw it was when i was @ the cineworld with Aunty mary and chermaine.. ;) Then, the both of them had already took the pic, but i was just tryin to resist the temptation.. of cos, stil cant resist it, that's y its here now.. ;p

This is our new Family, as what channey called it.. or more likely, its her new family. kekkekekeek..
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Its been a long time since i had posted pics of food.. food that looks good, and taste good.. yuuummmmm... ;p

Wel, these are taken on the last dinner that we have in dublin, for aunty mary and chermaine. was @ the restaturant called 66, @ dawson street, which was recommended by damon, channey's colleague. Good atmosphere, good service, and most impt, good food! ;)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

MovieS that I was busy catching up after my travelling.

Watched this show twice, i had never mind to watch a blockbuster movie twice, especially when there's a super hot, handsome, cute hunk in the movie. ;) Needless to say, the onli guy who bared his upper body in the show is the onli hot hunk tat i hav my eyes glued on. kekekkekekek As always, Jessica alba is hot babe as well, but i personally feel that her tan is a bit too much for her though.

Shrek 3rd, the show that i would not miss! Considering that Justin timberlake is in the movie as well, being Arthie (arthur) and of cos for the whole animated movie as well. Have always been a fan for animation movies.. wel, except for simpsons.. and scooby doo..

As for the Pirates, who would miss this blockbuster movie, starring one of the world's cutest man, Orlando Bloom?
Ocean's 13.. Brad Pitt, George Clooney & Matt Damon, of cos, im in! smart scheming movie, i like the plot of the movie. ;)

last but not least, the two french movies that i watched..
I love La Vie en Rose, a very touching, sad & impressive story for this artiste.. hard childhood, glamorous career, but hard life. proving that its not a easy life at all being an artiste, esp in older times.. or when the only thing u know, do best is singing / acting/ or watever.. havin onli skills in yr life do have a disadvantage.. its always good to be an all rounder or flexible. ;)