Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yest was a long day.. went for my 2nd interview early in the morning.. it went pretty well i guess, now all i can do is to wait for their reply.. ;) After interview, i went to look up Donghong, who is now currently on hospitalization leave due to her pregnancy.. so went to pay her a visit n was chatting, having lunch, enjoying each company for 3hrs. then headed home to change, cos had appt wif my colleagues for a game of badminton.. played for an hr, (wel, i played onli abt 30-35mins) then had dinner & met up wif my jiemeis for karaoke session.. ;) we sang til ard 12am.. gosh.. Last nite was great, a little crazy cos Xiuling got a little high & me.. drank some as well, so both of us were like laughin quite a lot.. its been such a long time since we had laughed so much.. ;D

Last night was a touching nite for me.. & XL too i tink.. cos we were askin the lovely dovey couple abt the proposal.. It was so touching.. i almost teared, realli.. Im very happy for PS that she has found someone to take care of her, to love her, to dote on her. ;) The proposal was @ Aust on the famous bridge, Sydney harbour bridge, when they were on the top of it.. wel, this is wat he said to her, holding her hands & kneeled dwn on one knee.. it went something like this..

"Xtyne, although this is not on top of the world, but it has one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, will you make me the most happiest man in the world by saying yes, pls marry me..??" Of cos then the ring came into the picture.. Love is in the air boy...

OMG.. so Touching, so Romantic, So Sweet... I almost teared when he finished this.. According to Jason, she did cried & of cos happily, she even said Yes twice.. :D

I cant wait for their ROM which is goin to be on June!! It'll be @ a Poolside of a hotel in the late morning.. Gosh, im oreadi getting excited abt it..!!! ;D Aaahhhh...... I might even dream abt it...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Someone frm the past came knocking unto my heart last nite.. wel, it was actually last thurs/fri.. I received an anonymous sms asking how have i been, am i stil the one he knew, blah blah blah.. honestly.. when i 1st received the sms(s).. i was realli kinda pissed off cos he refused to reveal his identity.. it was freaky when he said he knew where i lived.. @#$#%^$#%@#$^
but i forgot everything abt it soon after tat.. until last nite.. The mysterious idiot sms me again asking if i want to have supper.. i was "What the hell...!! I must realli be stalked..!! F#%@%$^$!!! " I didnt bother to reply when he tried to drop hints abt his identity.. i was not interested to know.. Reali felt like telling him that if u're realli my fren as what u said.. u wont try to be funny/mysterious.. In the end.. finally he revealed who the F@#$ is he..

One of my Ex Bf when i was in Sec.. someone whom I took abt 3yrs to get over (then).. Someone whom forsake the friendship betw us becos of his then-Gf.. someone who went to the US for his training & work for the past few years.. Honestly.. I really almost forgot all about him.. If he doesnt remember my no, well, my hp no has not changed over these years.. if he doesnt contact me again.. I believe I would not even remember him.. its not bcos i hated him.. its bcos i thought i realli had lose him even as a friend when he listened to his gf then.. i remembered that she was so possessive tat she demanded him not to contact me ever again.. & after tat he went to the States..

Now he's back, well, surprisingly not married & not attached, like me.. ;D I thought he would be.. thinking of how she was then.. thought he would be under her control forever.. ;D but well, he's not. Anyway, we did went for supper & it was really gd to see him again though.. No hard feelings towards him.. well, i dun remembered tat i ever had any hard feelings to any of my ex bfs though.. ;D He stil looks gd as ever, i mean healthy, doin gd etc.. ;)

Memories memories memories.. what are we goin to be if we dun have any memories.. if we lost all our memories.. I wonder..

Monday, March 27, 2006

I can feel that this year is goin to be a good year for me.. ;D
Im pretty sure that this year is goin to have changes in my life.. Im actually looking forward to any changes that will happen for me.. Im excited..!! ;p I knew it when i opened my wardrobe juz now.. ;D
I bought two executives suits frm Iora during the wkends.. spent $200+.. To think that i dun even have one executive suit makes me feel so embarrassed.. & well, i think its time to have one.. & well, its always gd to have one, at least one suit.. cos i'll never know when i'll need one anyway.. ;)
In my wardrobe.. there are 2 winter jackets that my Daddy bought for me when he was working @ Taiwan.. & the gloves, the cap, the scarf.. These will be my motivation, my desire to go overseas.. for work/holiday.. it doesnt matter.. ;p

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Whenever i see some frens of mine who put their status as "It's complicated".. i wonder...
How can things be complicated..? How did it get complicated..? What is complicating..? What do they mean..?

I often see things in their simplest way.. & actualy.. They are simple.. its onli humans.. yes, Us.., who always like to make it complicated.. We are the indecisive ones.. the selfish ones.. the greedy ones.. & we like to use this "its complicated.. u dun understand.." as an excuse.. a lame & dumb excuse most of the times.. but stil.. its everyone's fav line..

In relationship.. love.. its either u love the person or u dun.. if you dun, then DUN drag it on.. 敢爱敢恨,拿得起,就的放得下,there's no more meaning to hold on tight to a relationship when u know you dun love the person @ all.. or when u're not being loved.. It's suffering for both parties..
& there is no such things that you love 2 persons equally.. not for me, not in my world.. There should be one whom you love more.. the one that you want to spend time with.. spend yr life with.. isnt???

I do wonder.. what's the mentality of people nowadays.. their perception of love.. of Life.. its interesting to know.. im curious.. mayb i can do sociology together with psychology.. im stil interested abt psy course.. ;p

Friday, March 24, 2006

All thanks to my dear bro that i can now see my path clearly in front of me.. & knowing what i should do.. or what i have to do.. ;)
Honestly, my family is never the 1st one to know what is happening to me.. i always make my own decisions without discussing with them.. not even to my parents.. ever since i started secondary school.. i joined my sch's netball & NPCC as ECA without telling them.. they onli knew it when i started to bring my NPCC uniform home for the 1st time.. polishing my boots on thurs nite.. 2 nites b4 my 1st parade.. i remembered my dad offered to help me to polish them but i refused.. insisting that i can do it on my own.. ;p took me a long time to do a great job but gosh i felt so proud of myself @ the end of the day when i can see my teeth on the shoe.. ;D
Even the decision to take up diploma in nursing @ NYP.. they onli knew it when i had the confirmation letter frm the sch & informing me abt the orientation day.. ;)
Somehow, im glad that they have so much trust in me (in a way or another).. i remembered that i used to think that they dun care abt me.. cos they do not behave this way to my siblings.. but well.. mayb they do know me well afterall.. like what my bro said in his testimonial in my frenster.. the family dun have to worry abt me.. ;) another person who knows me well.. ;)

Anyway, all i can say is.. I'll be stil around in town for another yr, that is.. ;)
becos there's a change in plan.. cant say it now due to certain uncertainities.. so i'll stil be in spore for sometime, that's for sure.. ;)

To all my beloved frens & ... ;)
Do tell me that u love me if you do
do the things that u should have done ages ago
treasure the times that u'll have wif me
1 more year for you to prove your love for me
I might not be around by then..

Nobody knows what will happen for the nex min, hour or even day
No one can predict the future
No one can guarantee what the future will bring
So live today as it is
Live today like there's no tomorrow
Love me for what I am & not what i can be
Dun ever try to change me to whatever, whomever you want me to be
Love me the way that you want me to love you
& i promise you that it'll be happiness forever
I had an interesting patient yest.. funny tat is.. I was taking care of him for my pm shift.. & when my colleague & i were in his cubicle, tidying him up after taking over report frm the AM staff.. it was less than 10mins that he said something that make me laugh.., ' i want to introduce a guy to you.. a veri nice guy.. engineer..' i was like.. 'huh? u talking to me..?' Yes he replied.. so i played along.. 'reali?? gd gd.. introduce to me.. not to her (my colleague).. she's married oreadi.. im stil single.. no boyfriend yet..' then he asked for my age.. gave him the answer & he said, ' can can.. the guy's 33yrs old.. he's my friend's son.. veri filial guy, take care of his family, nice guy.. but dun wan to find a gf.. dun noe why.. he's reali a veri nice guy..' .... ... ... ... of cos we did had some other funny conversations.. he told me that his son is also single.. he has 2 sons.. asked to smile @ his son when the son come to visit him later... etc etc etc.. :D well.. too bad i didnt reali have the chance to do tat cos i'd transferred him out to the general ward shortly after tat.. dun get me wrong ya.. he's fit to be transfer out of ICU.. not bcos im trying to get away frm his introduction.. ;)

Weird eh.. if there's nothing wrong wif the nice guy then why is he stil single...? hmmm... think abt it.. that goes to me too.... ;D wel, that's bcos im stil waiting for the right one!! wel, that applies to the Mr Nice guy too eh... i suppose ;p

Another Sinful day of feasting like there's no tomorrow... but we do had a great time.. we had great food & fabulous company, that's all it matters, isnt? ;D

Had our usual course of seafood @ Lau Pa Sat.. & we actualy ordered 2 rounds of food.. unbelievable eh!! ;D Our new 'members' of our outing gang were realli surprised with the amount of food we had ordered & we ate.. I wonder if they would join us again for the nex gathering.. ;p

After a very filling stomach frm Lau Pa Sat.. we actually moved dwn to Ya Kun Toast.. initially was juz having some drinks.. then.. Pauline went to order some toasts.. OMG.. that realli filled my stomach to the top!! After Ya kun.. the party ended, & Mary & i headed to Siti's plce.. stayed over her plce & sent Mary off to the airport on the nex day morning..
well, we're all looking forward to Mary's coming back again on April.. for another 2 days stay.. ;p Cos we're planning to go for a short getaway.. likely to Bintan..!!!Yeah!! ;D

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yest was like a dream.. was @ the beach @ 9am, after my nite shift.. ;)
It was so quiet & deserted.. i simply loved it! Had a gd 1hour of tanning & sleeping til the sky was suddenly covered wif dark clouds.. almost the whole of sentosa.. n luckily i quick enuff to get my bum out of the island before it pours.. ;D then met up wif willy & we spent the whole day together.. ;) went to watch V for Vendetta.. the show was reali quite cool..!! Natalie Portman.. she is realli veri cool!!! I wonder how would i look if i would to shave my head bald like hers.. woah... ;>

Monday, March 20, 2006

Butterflies in my stomach.. adrenaline pumping in my body.. feeling excited yet nervous @ the same time.. dun get me wrong.. im not falling in love.. this was how i felt today when i went for an interview in the late morning.. ;)
Took breakfast & coffee in the morning.. im not a regular coffee drinker, but i had & i must have one as i did not sleep during the nite as i was workin on nite shift..
the interview went on rather smoothly i guess.. cos the interviewer called me back after the interview and asked me if im interested in another post as well.. wel, of cos i said i dun mind.. the position is the same as wat i applied for, its juz another dept.. ;) n she actualy offered me not onli one position.. but another 2.. ;) i dun know what it means but well.. i'll juz go wif the flow.. cos actualy im not sure if i reali want to get the job @ all.. cos i reali do hope to get the chance of goin oversea to work.. wil see how it goes then..
onli get to sleep @ 2pm.. went to the library after the interview.. was pretty quite awake then.. gues its the excitement & the caffeine effects.. ;p onli got 3 hrs of sleep n here i am.. workin again.. ;(

Just hope everything wil goes on smoothly & to my best benefit.. ;)
& hope tml wil be a bright sunny day as i want to go to the beach for suntanning..!!!

i need the peacefulness, quietness, to myself.. for me to think things over..
i need the warmth of the sun,( since there's no one who can give me tat yet.. ;D )
i need to spend sometime alone.. all alone.. ;)
i miss it lots.. ;)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

After pestering that she wants bubble tea tonite.. finally got one for her!!!!!!!! ;D Posted by Picasa

Wif Mary, Pauline, Ruth & Lorie @ Marche Posted by Picasa

Dinner @ Marche, Heeren ;D Posted by Picasa

@ Mabel's wedding dinner Posted by Picasa
Last nite we had lost our 2nd game of netball.. I dun know if i should be happy or sad abt it.. cos if we had won yest, today we would have to play again.. so now, we had lost, we are oreadi out of the league, as its a double knock out game.. This wk is reali a hectic n pack one for me.. cos if we're playin today, i would have to rush for dinner wif mary & gang after the game, luckily now i dont have to do tat.. ;p cos last nite, after the game, i have to rush to attend mabel's wedding dinner @ harbourfront, Dragon Gate Restaurant.. & actualy after the wedding dinner, i'd rushed to Trudy's dad wake.. luckily its a christianity wake.. & well, we young pple are not tat superstitious. ;) & i was working morning shifts since mon.. meaning i have to wake up @ 4.45am.. ;>
Cant wait for the dinner tonight wif Mary & gang later.. & salsa @ hard rock!!
& of cos tml dinner wif mary & another gang again!!!!!!! ;D

Im goin to put on weight this wk man..!! SHUCKS...!!
I gotta work out!!!!!!!!! ;)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Red is for Victory!!! Today, we had played against team frm MEWR..(frm a environment, water people..) actualy dun reali know wher r they frm.. :D total goal, 21-15!!
We not onli had won by the goals.. & oso the sportmanship!! YEAH!!
Actually, in that team.. there're onli like 2 of the players who were veri rough & kinda rude.. the rest of the team are pretty nice pple though.. there was one gal who onli played the last quarter of the game.. she has long hair but she didnt even bother to tie it up when she's down in the court!!! OMG!! & well, as for the other one.. i can say that she realli played well but too bad.. she realli veri rough & rude.. but well, since she seemed to be rather old.. i told the rest of my team to forget it.. anyway, we had won!! hahah!! okie.. stop all this bitching.. juz feeling veri happy & lighten up after playing the game!! all i can say is that i still love netball!!!! ;p

but i missed my secondary team of netball.. with peishi,xiuling,ivy,mala.. & the rest.. we were juz such great combination!! we trained hard, even in the rain & we actually loved to play in the rain veri much.. ;D
I missed gettin myself drenched in the rain.. i used to do tat everytime it rained.. wel, partly bcos i dun like umbrellas & tats one of my lame excuse to get drenched.. haha!! especially when i was troubled.. gettin yrself drenched is one gd way to let it out.. wel, for me @ least!! ;D

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's a super duper lazy sunday today.. ;) this coming wk will be quite taxing for me though once i think abt it.. OMG!! think i had made the right choice to be a bummer today, haha.. wel, actualy its been a long time since i had spend the whole sunday @ home being wif my family.. Sunday used to be- spending wif bf (when i was attached)/goin out wif my jiemeis/sentosa, suntanning/beach volleyball.. & of cos working.. due to the shift work tat i am on, most of the wkends i'll be working..
honestly, i dun reali like to go out on the wkends, esp sunday.. cos of the crowd.. it's reali quite terrible. i would rather be somewhere wher i can chill out.. its a sunday..!! it is suppose to be a day when u can relax n rest yr mind.. after a wk of work, stress..
Well, today.. @ least i had a almost 10hours of sleep.. ;p felt quite bad abt it but wel, sometimes its gd to spoil myself isnt? ;p then went for pedicure @ gek poh.. a small shopping centre near my plce.. i quite like the plce ther, cos they have the massage chair instead of the normal chair u get frm most of the plces u see.. i missed my massages!! tink reali gotta go for the real manual one soon..

talking abt this coming wk. its goin to be quite an exciting one.. cos MARY is coming back frm UK for holiday.. although its goin to be onli 3 days.. but well.. i have not seen her for abt 2yrs.. i tink.. so will be spending time wif her after work (thurs) & on my off day..
looks like i cant go union this wk.. sigh.. i have not danced for the whole of this wk.. n nex wk.. shucks man.. (excluding the 1hr of On2 class wif gupson)... i missed SALSA..!!

These are taken 2yrs back before mary left singapore to UK..!! I missed her!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

BATMAN's Car in town!!!!!!!
Took this pic outside No. 1 Costume @ Aliwah St.. after the Afro-caribean workshop.. ;)
Cool eh..!!
finally, its over.. & i'll be back to work tml.. in abt 10hrs time.. hate to admit it.. realli dun feel like goin back.. ;(

wel, @ least during this wk of leave, i'd done myself good by goin to the beach, played tennis, took up 3 workshops (dancing, wat else) karaoke, movies.. ;D Sat & sun were the most tiring days out of the whole wk but, boy!! i do loved it!! 2 full days of activities & the end results.. whole body aching but i felt super duper great!! its been a long time since i'd this kind of feeling..!!

i gotta practise to do the body isolation on my left shoulder!!!!! ;D

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I hate parting.. i hate to see people leaving.. i hate to see people off.. i would rather tat i am the one leaving.. i dun know if there's goin to be any difference.. but stil i feel tat there's stil gotta be some.. from the picture.. yes, it was obvious tat i'd cried.. shucks man.. couldnt control my tears from flowing.. i tink i can be a pretty gd actress.. cos i can cry anytime.. my tears are juz like a tap.. anyway.. BK's off to Aust for work.. i realli envy her.. i really wished that im the one.. i really hope to do tat.. i would once my bond ends.. i really want to go off, go out to the world.. start all over again.. of cos i wont forget all my frens over here..

"If i would to leave this plce.. i wil let u know.. i would want to spend the last few days wif you too.. i would not forget you either.." Im still waiting..

no worries folks.. i'll stil be here for @ least these 6mths tat im sure.. or mayb 1yr.. im not sure.. the future is not for us to see.. que sera sera sera.. ;)

SENTOSA!! Posted by Picasa

Am glad that i finally set my mind to get my lazy bum out of the house in the morning yesterday.. Went to Sentosa for suntanning.. something that i've missed doing for the last few mths.. these few pics are taken while i was juz enjoying the peacefulness of the beach.. ;p i love the 2 pics above.. ;)
Weather is gd with perfect blazing of the sun ;)
Realli missed this feeling of being under the sun, enjoying the quietness.. nothing but the sound of the waves.. the smell of the sea.. the warmth of the sun.. it was the perfect moment. ;)

Happy Birthday, KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Posted by Picasa

This is for U, babe!! ;D Posted by Picasa

Went to watch this movie wif katy yest.. ;) it is a chick flick so it juz so suitable for us.. ;D
I quite like this show.. light hearted & kinda send a msg across.. abt love.. ;)
it is realli quite true tat ther r pple who r oreadi attached, they r looking for something else tat the current relationship cant give them.. something exciting.. adventurous.. spontaneous.. esp those who r supposingly to get engaged or married soon.. mayb i belong to this grp of pple too.. i dun noe.. wel.. nobody noes for sure actualy.. ;p
of cos its not onli abt love.. ther r pple who r stil looking for their meaning in life, their purpose, dreams, u can be searching for any of these for the rest of yr life.. there r many who stil dun know what r they looking for til upon their death bed..

Few gd frens once told me that they felt that i need a man.. who's older, not realli in the sense of number of yrs, a mature man that is.. ;)
a man to take care of me.. who is smart, (wel, I AM attracted to smart guys) whom i can hold conversations with me.. who loves dogs as much as i do, who is adventurous & fun.. spontaneity.. I reali do think so too.. ;p wel, there r stil many other qualities that im attracted to actualy.. ;D

I love the feeling of being pampered (wel, who doesnt??)
I remembered when V 1st called me, KIDDO.. i was not offended.. i was kinda flattered.. i felt like a little gal again, the feeling was so sweet i remembered.. u know y.. cos i've always been a big sister, a leader.. to my siblings, my close frens.. i was the aggressive one, the one to protect them.. i'd always wished tat i could have an elder bro or sis or even cousin.. (im the eldest grandchild in both sides of my family as well).. I dun mind being treated like a young kid @ times.. i realli mean @ times.. not always ya.. I am a grown up kid!! ;D

I always said that i wont fall in love wif a much older man.. but.. there's an exceptional though.. & that is RICHARD GERE..!! ;D I could fall in love wif him, i mean it..!! & Now, i can add 1 more.. & that is Kevin Costner!! ;D

One more thing abt what i love in a man.. I love men who wear white shirt.. haha!!
Realli..!! No matter how.. they will for sure look veri smart & charming when they're in white.. & sexy.. ;p wel, almost everyone looks gd in white, i tink.. almost.. ;D
White is my fav too!!