Wednesday, November 30, 2005

1st of Dec.. its coming to the end of the yr 2005 soon.. without reali realising that time passed by tat fast.. ;( tinking abt wat have i done for this yr.. did i achieve anything..hmm... think abt it.. wel, i did did something for myself this yr.. some personal achievements i would say.. @ the beginning of hte yr.. its the chingay performance.. then did a few dance performances for thebodytalks.. done the 3hrs fitness challenge on the Women's Day out, by Amorefitness.. helped a fren to do the runway for his launching of his book.. photoshoot for another fren.. hmm.. went to phuket.. sultan shoal for holiday.. had 1 whole mth of celebration, feasting on my bday mth.. known many new frens who are sweet, kind & lovely.. wel wel wel.. tink abt it.. this yr is reali not too bad for mi eh..!! tat reali lift up my spirits now..!! ;) & foremost, im back into God's arms.. ;p
anyway, the last day of Nov.. i spent it most of the time sleeping.. it was my rest day.. slept @ 11+ on the prev nite.. woke up @ 9+.. back to sleep again by 10+.. til 1+.. bathed my dearie Coco.. washed my fan.. then went for salsa til 12+.. reached home @1am+.. goin to sleep soon..having slight headache now..
Men..!! I think i know why Im not INTERESTED in local guys..!!! Im reali very disappointed & surprised the mindset of guys locally.. how narrow minded they are!!
ARE THEY CRAZY.. OR WAT...? Some of them are so desperate that even for the 1st time they are sending an email to you.. they would say.. i would love to be yr boyfriend.. to hold yr hand.. to stroll down the beach (they know i love beaches).. stuffs like tat.. OH MY GOD!! That reali send the shivers down my spine!!!!!!!!!!! FREAKY!!!! All they know abt mi is wat i typed in my profile.. my pics.. n there they are.. tinking they hav found their dream gal.. WATTHEHELL IS HAPPENING??!!! Am reali pissed off by these kind of DESPERADOS...
Why cant they juz relax, chill off & juz be frens in the 1st plce??!! Well, if the attraction is mutual in both parties.. of cos ther wont be a prob.. but Hey, We Have Not Even MET Each THER yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pple.. dun ask mi wat type of guys attract me.. cos i dun noe!! The "SPARKS'.. the mutual attraction.. chemistry.. communication.. everythings goes ya.. i dun need a super gd looking, super rich.. or watever.. juz someone whom i feel comfortable wif.. happy wif.. respect mi.. love mi for wat i am.. but like i said.. the sparks, attraction, chemistry etc etc.. goes together.. its the whole thing!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Quote Frm a Taiwan show host by Matilda Tao..

'To Love... Love like it never hurts before..'

pretty unusual for mi to be @ home @ this hour of the day.. its a Sat..! but wel, i am @ home.. feeling tired.. burned out mayb. strained most likely.. by wat.. i dun noe.. not sure.. juz felt tired.. have not been reali doin a lot of things actualy lately though.. onli work, work.. n work.. gues its juz the season of depression taking over me again.. juz dun feel gd abt anyting esp when i dun see any improvement or progression for my 'dearies' @ my workplce.. One is stagnant in her condition.. for her condition to improve.. its realli gonna b a veri long journey.. if not, she'll juz go towards another way.. Another dearie.. he's not looking gd.. no improvement.. slow deterioration (to me..) tis is so depressing!!!

Life is reali reali veri fragile.. nobody knows wat's gonna happen in the nex min.. nobody knows how r they goin to die.. when, how or wat time.. tats y.. must treasure wat u have now.. be contented wif wat u have too.. people who r greedy.. wil not b happy @ all.. i reali got to get myself out of this state fast.. cos its goin to b xmas soon...!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Was @ Xiao Gui Lin on tues.. morning.. 9am.. was helping a fren for some errand..was ther early.. so went ard taking pics of the beautiful plce..i took all these pics alone.. ;) walked ard for 15mins.. then went to find a plce to have breakfast while waiting for my fren n her crew.. it was raining the whole morning.. were waiting @ a small coffeeshop til 1130am.. we wanted to take some pics @ the Little Guilin.. by 1130.. we decided to change the venue to Sentosa instead.. had lunch there & finally went to Tanjong Beach to take the pics.. despite of the rain.. it was raining the whole day...!!! so took the pics under the rain. by the time we finish the whole photoshoot.. it was 4.30.. i was out for the whole day.. frm 8.30-4.30.. by the time i reach home it was like ard 5.30... luckily it was my off day tat day.. initially wanted to start tidy up my room.. & to bath my little Dearie, Coco.. but well.. ;) i bathed him the nex day.. luckily i didnt fall sick frm the whole day of being in the rain.. actualy had juz recovered frm flu.. ;p

Xiao Gui Lin Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One of my Fav songs ;)

Dun treat me like a fool - BLUE

Its been hard wakingup, Waking up to the truth
I've been so blind, Couldnt see for love no
Tried my best to ignore it, Wish the pain away
But just like tomorrow, Its coming round again

So Darling, please dun treat me like a fool
Its been hard enough for me, getting over you
Darling, please dun treat me like you do
I’ll be damned if Im gonna let ya
Damned if I dun forget ya
So please dun treat me like a fool

Thought I gave you the best
But it wasnt enough
You took advantage of my trusting heart
Tried my best to forgive you
Did my best to forget
Im done with the tears
And there are no regrets

So Darling, please dun treat me like a fool
Its been hard enough for me, getting over you
Darling, please dun treat me like you do
I'll be damned if Im gonna let ya
Damned if I dun forget ya
So please dun treat me like a fool

I know I'll be reaching out to touch you in the night
Holding on to the memories
Cos you're not here to hold me tight
You lied when you told me
It hurt to be apart
When all the lying you're doing
Is in someone else's arm

So Darling, please dun treat me like a fool
Its been hard enough for me, getting over you
Darling, please dun treat me like you do
I'll be damned if Im gonna let ya
Damned if I dun forget ya
So please dun treat me like a fool

:D Watched the show on Sun wif Sebaz, Cristal & gang @ PS!! Have never missed A single movie of Harry Potter.. ;p I love to see the magical, mystic shows.. but this time.. i felt tat the show has some parts tat are not complete... cut short or something missing.. like the beginning of the show where Harry & gang went to watch a competition.. i tot the competition is goin to start after the magnificient introduction of the start players of the teams.. but the nex scene tat comes up is the end of the game, where Harry, Ron & gang were talking abt the competition.. i was like.. huh...???!!! juz like tat...??!!
But stil i've enjoyed the show.. ;p 2 1/2hrs is stil quite worthwhile!! ;)

Went to watch tis show on Sat wif sylvastian after doin an event @ Millenia.. Exorcism of Emily Rose.. i dun find is scary though, instead i felt sad.. & sorry.. It is based on a true story of Anneliese Michel.. a 19yr old gal who was possessed by 6 evil forces.. eventually died frm asorted wounds & malnutrition.. the priest was being trialed for homicidal homicide after failed exorcism on Emily Rose.. the story goes frm the trial court.. to the proceedings of wat had happen to Emily Rose.. It was heart breaking to see how she had suffered.. felt reali sad.. & found her quite noble when she chose to stay n continue to suffer in order to show the people of the existence of the other world (the evil, demons..) ..
I've always believed in the existence of the other world.. ghost.. spirits.. watever u call them..
although the scientific world is so advanced nowadays.. but ther are thnigs tat happen in the world, anytime @ anywhere tat no one can explain.. nor even science can explain it.. isit?
Another philosophy of mine.. dun ever do things tat wil betray yr conscience.. dun ever try to harm anyone, or even yrself in order to achieve something.. respect yrself, others & 'others' (u noe wat i mean ya..) ;) So much for having these thoughts for a show eh.. ;p

Monday, November 21, 2005

A veri beautiful bouquet of roses eh..? but its not for moi.. ;) its actually one of my colleagues' bouquet.. which i din bother to ask who was it frm.. cos most prob its frm her hubby.. wel, could b one of her admirer.. but well, its not reali my business.. anyway, im not close to her.. tats y i dun bother.. ;p took a pic of the bouquet bcos i find it reali veri beautiful.. it reminds mi of my 1st time receiving flowers when i was working.. tats was last yr valentine when i was wif Dashun.. haha.. wel, he ordered a bouquet of flowers online & had it sent to my workplce.. i was reali surprised n thought tat was reali veri sweet & romantic of him doin tat.. but.. wel, the relationship didnt last long bcos.. incompatibility i would say.. but we parted wif a gd end & we're stil frens ;) tats wat matters.. ;)
Had an outing wif Mok, Pauline, Siti & Guohui on Wed.. went to have Fish & Co & Wheelock's plce.. its been a long time since we had a 'gathering'.. & long time since we went to Fish & Co.. ;) which is Siti & Guohui's fav plce.. Had a gd time hanging out wif them, had dinner then walk ard in Borders.. then walked all the way to Wisma, Coffee Club, to hav coffee.. ;) it was a kinda last min call out for dinner by Mok so onli 5 of us can make it.. well, am looking forward for our next gathering.. mayb it'll b the Xmas party!! I Love Xmas!!
Have always love xmas since.. 16yrs old.. i tink.. ;p dun rem.. love the mood of xmas.. romantic, warming, loving.. the season of giving.. yah.. every xmas, i always spend a lot on xmas presents.. buy lots of presents.. for my family,close frens, gd frens.. cousins.. now the spending spree is goin to b on again...hahaha.. cant wait for payday oreadi.. @ least can get some presents 1st.. haven start cleaning up my plce yet.. for the xmas tree.. hmm.. wel, i had better get it done early.. ;p gotta find a day to spring-clean my plce... tink its gotta take me the whole day man...

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is a belated bday present frm my Dear 'idol' beloved Senior staff, Pauline.. who was frm the same unit as im now in.. but not now.. anyway, reali wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to u, pauline...!! i know u'll be reading this.. ;p

so another item off frm my wishlist.. the ipod mini arm band.. ;p the other two tings she got for mi, is a brooch & bracelet..!! cool eh!! wil find a way to put the accessories on one day!! ;)
AriGatou!! ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sun was spent shopping wif Jocelyn.. almost for the whole day.. ;) saw the nicely decorated xmas trees @ Paragon.. couldnt resist taking wif them.. ;p Didnt take any pic of J cos she dun reali like to take pics.. so i juz let her be.. ;) Knew her frm my workplce, hit it off well wif her, mab we're onli 1yr difference, n she's like a big sister to mi.. juz like Anna (my best fren) n well, both of them r @ the same age.. ;p
We started shopping frm Lido, Wheelock plce, Taka, Paragon, Centrepoint.. to plaza sing.. all the way frm orchard mrt station to dhoby ghaut station..!! ;D didnt reali buy lots of stuffs cos as i was onli prepared to do window shopping n tats y im out wif onli a sling pouch.. ;p but stil got a Jacket frm Fox & a bag while on the way to PS.. ;p
Then went to Aunty Mary's plce for dinner..She was @ orchard too when we (J & mi) were ther.. but she was over @ centrepoint where we started off @ Lido.. ;) Reali missed her cooking so much tat i couldnt resist the temptation when she asked mi over to hav dinner.. ;) so had a lovely dinner & nite @ her plce. ;) so tats how i spent the 2nd wk of wkends of Nov.. Counting dwn to the end of yr...!! ;)
The Loft, is a shop tat sells exquisitive stuffs which r pricey as well.. but i can say tat the stuffs in the shop r reali veri nice, special.. but reali.. i like the set up of the shop.. they hav lots of stuffs.. didnt take many pics while inside the shop cos am afraid tat the staffs might 'throw a fit' .. ;p so secretly took these pics.. although onli pathetic 4.. Anyway, this shop is located @ Centerpoint.. (if i din rem wrongly) ;p go n take a look n tink u'll love it too!!! ;)
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Was experimenting taking pics of reflections on the glass... after much attempts.. finally got these pics done in a way... quite spooky eh.. esp Lily's.. hahaha ;D Finally got a twin of ourselves eh!!! ;D
Well, tats wat i did on Sat evening folks.. Attended a heart-warming wedding dinner of Vincent & Lilian.. After the dinner, we were hanging out in their hotel room.. the sweet couple were being teased by their other grp of frens.. whom they made poor groom to drink reali a lot of Red wine & stuffs.. i not sure wat else.. n poor vincent was drunk n got on the bed totally concussed.. Our poor beautiful Bride was left 'alone' on their wedding night.. ;D
After leaving the couple in their room to spend their night.. Varun, Lily & mi.. stil wanted to hang out for a drink.. went to the Balcony, which is @ Heeren.. it was their opening nite as well..
i kinda liked the layout of the plce.. the atmosphere as well.. it's a kinda chillout plce.. & it's open for 24hrs!!! they do hav serve some food.. but wel, not in the middle of the night.. The chef gotta go back n rest.. (tats wat the server told us.. when we wanted to order some finger food..)
So we're hangin out @ the Balcony til abt 4-ish then walked to Lido's Mac for 'breakfast' .. Left Mac @ 5+.. got home @ 6am...!! then its my turn to get knocked out on my bed..!!
Meaning i had missed the church service in the morning.. ;(

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1st storey of Balcony.. ;) Posted by Picasa

@ the 2nd storey of The Balcony! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 14, 2005

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Hunks- Terence, Sebastian, Varun & Patrick
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