Monday, January 29, 2007

Cant resist myself from putting up the MTV of my fav korean show.. with my fav two korean artistes.. ;p
and its in my fav list of songs too.. ;)

Any kind Soul who's able to help me to get the lyrics of this song...?
I reali LOVE this song.... ;)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

forgot to mention that i oso miss ALL the ACTION of work in SICU,
miss working wif all my 'hardworking' colleagues,
miss working wif the anaesthetists in the ICU,
miss everyone @ work !! !! !!

i miss working in the Damn ICU environment..!! !! !!

but its not easy for me to get the transfer to the icu here though.. not as wat i thought..
and.. i dun reali know if it's wise of me to do tat too..
hmm.. so i gotta do my 'calculations, research' very carefully

or prob i can start making my 'other' plans now... ;>
or i can juz go back spore and get back to the life that i had left..
tat sounds reali veri tempting.. shucks!!
I have this sudden feeling of How lucky was i when i am in my homeland, the lion city.. .. ..
it just makes me miss home so bad.. .. ..
being surrounded with my loved ones & friends, & of cos not forgetting my dearest pet, Coco..
with the excellent transport system in spore,
the conveniency of almost every single services in spore,
A Paradise for Shopping and Food, tats definite!!
honestly, now i finally understand why people are moving into Singapore.. ..
excluding the fact that the living cost is getting higher,
the pace of life is fast, (to some, its too fast..)
workload is heavy, (almost every job expect us to be multitasking)
basically, life is so busy, revolving work & social life.
wel, to think that, actualy my life is really veri colourful, beautiful & busy, in spore..
of cos, i would have never realised how lucky, fortunate, blessed and loved i am if i have never move out of this comfort zone.. so yeah, im still happy that i have made the move. ;)

almost everyone is askin me when am i going back to spore (for holiday..) wel, tat will b nex yr, 2008.. hopefully i can b back for chinese new yr, and of cos for Peishi's wedding.. tats my plan for now.. ;)

Im glad that the technology is so advanced now that i dun have any problems stayin in touch wif all my loves ones back home, tat @ least taking the homesickness off my mind, ;p
Just wanna let you folks know that i Realli Miss and Love All Of You, all of the people whom i have known for all these yrs.

Zillions of hugs and kisses!!
(tat's wat i can afford now.. ;p)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who can stop you from moving on, falling in love and starting all over again?
No one else but you, yrself.

How do you know when you're ready to move on, and start life anew?
It is when you can go out with somebody else and enjoy each other's company.

Well, being back into the game of Dating,
it felt reali kinda weird but enjoyable.
A touch of the hands,
The warmth of a Hug,
The feel of a kiss.

But what is it that is holding me back from getting into a real relationship then?
Well, prob im not reali ready for one yet
Still wanting to meet other people,
to have fun,
not being accountable to somebody else,
not being tied down,
not being committed,
Yes, Wilful still, i am
but all i want is to enjoy my life.
My Single Life.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

One Happy Family!!!

wel, they were once happy family... cos i gave the tigger bear to caitlin... ;p
tigger is reali veri huggable, and the 1st thing that comes to my mind when i got him, is that i want to give it to her..
so yeap, i gave it to her.. ;)
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These are the 2 teddies i got frm the Funderland here!!
Cute eh?? !! if onli i have the big ones...... .......
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was @ the supermarket, TESCO, and it was my 1st time seeing this baby seat, i didnt see this in dublin honestly. well, i tink this is brilliant. the ones that we have in spore, is for children.. isnt? wel, back in spore, i dun go supermarket as often as i do here, so wel, prob i can b wrong, we might hav this in spore too, but wel, like i said, it's my 1st time seeing this.. u can call me a mountain turtle, im not bothered. ;>
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Isnt she a babe? ;)
Caitlin is reali a cutie gal! not forgetting to drop by keith & cass's plce when i was @ belfast and spend some time with the sweet family. ;)
we had a fabulous lunch @ this newly opened chinese reastaurant @ belfast, and gosh, it was good i can say.. or prob i missed some real chinese food! ;p
this trip back to belfast was reali good though, got to have gd chinese dimsum and indian food. kekeke...

how i wish that i am on holiday, long holiday.. not working..
gues almost everyone is dreaming / hoping that we dun have to work and stil has money to spend, to go for holiday.. u know wat i mean
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Was over @ belfast last wkend, and am @ mario's plce wher they had a bday gathering for Ciaran, mario's best fren. it was a gd party with good indian food prepared by Ciaran & thomas, am reali impressed wif nowadays guys culinary skills. was also surprised that ther's actualy irish people who reali know and appreciate and loves indian food. ;)
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Its amazing how people can think that they know something and eventually turns out tat they didnt have a clue abt it!
Just like this new housemate frm France, we were chatting abt plces to go to have fun, clubbing and stuffs, i happened to mention abt me goin to salsa clubs and having a great time, and the 1st reaction that i got frm him was, "Woah, Salsa! I LOVE Salsa!!!" so i asked him if he dance salsa too, and yes, he does, so he wanted to go with me, then i brought him along tonite. Gues wat.. HE DOESNT KNOW HOW TO DANCE SALSA AT ALL!! !! !!
Look, although this new guy in the hse is kinda cute (in a way), but i reali hate it when pple lie!
and to think to that he even tried to ask me to dance, saying, let me show you wat's salsa.!
Yeah, RIGHT!! !! AS IF!! i turned him down, not wanting to embarass myself on the dancefloor, secondly, i am reali tired frm the work. thirdly, im not reali in the right mood to entertain him on the dancefloor.

Yes, im a BIATCH, and i dun reali care!

Actualy, this is not the 1st time when people are like tat. when i told 1 of the philipinos abt salsa dancing as well, she told me that she salsa too, and she did ballroom as well, stuffs like tat. but when i brought them to Floridita, she didnt even stepped on the dancefloor once!

Wat's Wrong Wif these people??!! why cant they just admit that they dun have a clue abt some stuffs?? Does one always have to pretend and act as if they know the whole darn world?
You are not going to b looking like a fool when u admit that you dun know abt it!
Im SURE that you will defnitely look like a fool when yr lies are exposed!!!!

Same thing goes to some pple @ work too.. .. dun try to tell/teach me wat to do when you dun even know what's the proper procedure goes! Im not even sorry that i have to 'expose' you that u oso dun know the proper procedure too, in front of the clinical facilitator, so that she has to repeat the procedure to you!! ;D of cos i did it in a veri nice way exposing yr ignorant side!

Im definitely not one to be mess around with!! !! ;D

Sunday, January 14, 2007

When will you know that it's time to let go of the past and move on?
How do you know that the next one who comes along will be the right one?
What will you do when u are falling for someone, when u least expect it to be?
Why will you fall for someone when you are still holding on to the past?
Where will you go from there, when you are falling for someone else?

Honestly, i dont know.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Supposed to be @ work right now but was being sent back by my CNM3, bcos i was lookin sick, due to.. this bug mention below..

"The winter vomiting bug is highly contagious. While it only usually lasts two to three days, it can be considered extremely unpleasant, as symptoms include projectile vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. There is no specific treatment for the illness and as it is viral, antibiotics will have no effects."

wel, i did have diaarhoea for the last 2 days but didnt reali feel so sick abt it, til juz now, when i was @ work, the pain was terrible and i tink i did looked pale after i came out of the washroom and my CNM3 happened to pass by me and saw my face. honestly, i do feel and tink that i can continue to work, but she insisted to send me back.. gosh.. so sad!! but wel, like she said, its for the patients & other staffs' safety sake.. and gues wat, i had another run juz when i reached my room.. shucks.. i realised that i always have to go after i eat anything.. hmm.. gues i do have the bug..!! !!?? ??

actualy, having diaarhoea is never a illness to me, cos i would take it as clearing the system, lose weight.. but not here, in this cold weather. luckily im not vomiting away.. tat wil kill me!! i hate tat!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

how many people reali love the feeling when their body aches like hell after an exercise or after an activity?
i love it! ;)
its onli an hour on the ice, and now im having aches in my body, and a sore butt cos i fell on it on the ice twice, or prob thrice.. kekkeke
this shows how "fit" i am now, after 3months of being here in dublin...
obviously there is a lot of catchin up for me to do for my fitness!!

how smart can one be by asking "wat time is the bus coming" when the time schedule of the bus is staring right in front of yr face!!
usually, if it's an old lady who asked me this question, i would ask her wat bus she's waiting for and look @ the schedule and give her the answer.. (oh how sweet and nice of me rite..?)
if the question comes frm a cute guy, i would do the same too i reckon (of cos i would do the same! )
even if the question comes frm a lady, i will do the same too if she ask in a nice, innocent way, and she seems real nice and frenly
but gues wat, this time is not. this lady is not in any of the 3 categories tat i mentioned above.
she is cocky and rude. so wat did she get from me?
simple answer to a simple question - " its on the time schedule here"
and im back on my ipod mini, listening to my list of songs, totally ignoring her, no more conversation.

i can blame it on my PMS tat i am so unfriendly, but always remember that if u need or askin for help, one shld @ least be nice when askin for directions or help.
even if u wan to try to open an conversation, do be nice, frenly and dun start with a stupid question, cos u will get a stupid answer back! DUH!
destiny1020, you could have been a famous Artist

Oil painting, sculpture, photography. No matter the medium, it's clear that an imaginative soul like yours must have been an artist in a former life. With your creativity and originality, you've got a unique approach to the world that just begs to be shared with everyone.Like the great masters who came before you, you march to the beat of your own drummer and don't follow the herd. You live life by your own rules and aren't afraid to express your ideas. Lucky for all of us, they're great ones. So, keep expressing yourself. You're sure to be legendary!
FunderLand @ Dublin Conquered!!! ;D
Won 2 small teddy bears from funderland.. kekeke..
although i've always wanted to have a BIG TEDDY BEAR!!!!
but im happy that i at least got 2 cute bears! ;p

Ice Skating Conquered!! !!
This ice-skating thingy has been on since b4 xmas, and wanted to go since then, but couldnt find the right time til today!!
hav not been ice-skating for the longest time i can ever remember.. .. the last time i went ice-skate, prob its when i was stil in sec sch!! Woah!!
thankfully, i dun hav to go alone on my own, cos luckily Joanne know how to ice-skate as well, and she's been longing to go as well!! ;D

Friday, January 05, 2007

1st weekend of Jan 2007, i gotta work on both Sat and Sun. honestly, im not complaining abt it, cos i have been dancin salsa far too much, & now i felt tat i am SALSA OVERDOSE !! !!

it is reali unbelievable tat i have been dancing Salsa & hangin out & sleepin late since the 30th..!
was @ Floridita, Sugar Club, Samsara, Break for the borders, and Garda club.. gosh!! !! that's reali quite a lot of plces tat i had been yeah... ;p

stil uploading some videos tat i had recorded when i was @ these clubs, so u folks can check it anytime. ;p
oh by the way, my username on youtube, kaiying20.

gotta sleep now!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

its goin to b the 3rd day of the new yr of 2007, and i am oreadi counting down the number of months left i hav in ireland....
am i missing home too much oreadi?
or am i not reali haing a good time here...? honestly, im not too sure too...
i like this plce but im missing all my family and frens back home too..

2006 has been a veri eventful and meaningful yr for me as i had oreadi put it in my previous post, so wat's my new yr resolution for 2007... .... ....

i have not reali think abt it though.... prob i wil juz put it down as i wan to travel to many plces as many as i can... and b transferred to the ICU soon... and not to b FAT!! !! ;D yea, tat's for real! i dun wan to put on weight that when i come back, u folks wont b able to recognise me!!! wel, u folks know the real reason.. im juz being vain.. ya ya ya...

ok, becoming crappy eh.. gues wat, its goin to b 4am now.. and to tink tat i juz got home abt 3am actualy.. ;p time to get my beauty sleep!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Last day of 2006!
Dinner @ home wif Lyn, Joanne, Gloria, Glyn, Allan. Missing pple are, Eda, Gigi & Rey, heck i dun reali care n bother why they are absent, cos its not impt anymore. Dinner was suppose to b 7pm, but we onli started to eat @ 9.30pm.. wat else can i say abt the last dinner of 2006 eh?
folks who know me well, shld know how i feel abt it, needless to say.. surprisngly i was stil kinda thankful tat i stil managed to eat dinner b4 i left for the countdwn party. ;)

these are taken on the 2nd last day of 2006, @ sugar club, one of the salsa plce.
im pretty glad tat i have manage to lose the weight tat i had put on here, wel, its pretty obvious isnt? cos my face is no longer ROUND! hhahahahaha!!
but i did put on a little weight though, was retty upset when i go on the wighing scale @ work. but gues, its slightly ok cos i still look the same eh? ;p