Thursday, March 29, 2007

Third night has gone through like a flash.. and i was deployed to the ICU. @nd time working in the ICU but 1st tme doing night in there. Sigh.. missed working back in spore.. i remembered everytime on night shift, we would have a feast for our supper. everyone of us wil buy food and we'll eat together, one big happy family.. but here.. its different.. individualised supper. boring!!

4more nights to go, and i hope it will go smoothly for the rest of the week.
Its even more tiring to cycle back home after night shift, i realised.. and this is my 1st time of cycling to work for the whole week.. usualy im onli workin 3days/wk, so i practically only cycle 3times/wk.. its great exercse..!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Went to watch 300 on Sat with Yan, and stephen. A Great show with good visual animation.. was juz wondering if the SPARTAN spirit is really as what the show projects.. u can see it as they are cruel, barbarians... but in another point of view.. they can viewed as the real warriors, with undying fearless spirit, tough, strong.. anyhow, did enjoyed the show. ;)

Went to watch this comedy on mon afternoon, alone. ;) everybody's workin on mon. i love to go to the movies on the wkdays alone, cos the cinema is rather empty, & its free seating.
Eddie murphy is real good in this movie, playing 3 different characters.. funny show but not hilarious.. u know what i mean.. stil had a gd laugh.
Rasputia, the lady in pink.. most of her actions, behaviours reminds me of glo.. which i really finds it amusing.. wonder if most of the big gals behave the same way.. dun get me wrong.. im not prejudiced or trying to make them look bad.. its just tat the way rasputia & glo move their hands, the manner they talk.. are exactly the same!! ;D

Its tues, 9am now, and im not really feeling tired or sleepy.. i juzt got back from my night shift actualy.. after being here for 5mths, this is actualy my 1st week of night shift!! !! ;p
Dun really like to do night shifts, cos it is 1 whole week of night.. but the advantage is that i wil get the whole week off the following week.. have no real plans of wat to do for my 1 wk off, but i know i wil fill it up with activities soon b4 this wk ends.. =p (as usual)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Went to watch these 2 movies today, all by myself. ;) I think i am getting good @ this now, being independent. this is my 2nd time going to movie all by myself, and honestly i felt great!!
I have to make my Unlimited Movie Pass worthwhile!! All i have to do is to pay 17.50euro every month, and i can watch as many movies i want every month!! ;p
the 1st movie i watched with this unlimited pass was "BLOOD DIAMOND" with Channey.
There's so many good movies coming up, Im going to make full use of this pass!! ;)
Over the weekend, went to watch "THE ILLUSIONIST" wif Yan. ;)
4movies within 2weeks, wat can i say.. ;p

St Patrick's Day Parade
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


One of my dearest Cousin, Xiande's ROM. Felt guilty for not being able to be there to share his happiness, but i had already told him abt me not being able to attend b4 i leave spore.. but i wont forget my promise to him that i will definitely be there for the traditional wedding dinner! ;)
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Monday, March 12, 2007

I have forgotten when was the last time i let my hair down
I have forgotten that i do love the rain
And it was just over the weekend, that all these came back to me
Once again i can lift my head high
Starting all over, regaining myself again.

Had some drinks on the sat night and was dancing the whole night through
Onli had 3hours of sleep and was out in the city center with channey for the rest of the day, and i was still full of energy
Was walking in the drizzle after parting with her @ the center
and it was my 1st time here, that i am enjoying the rain, with my ipod playing in the back ground.
No more negative feelings abt the rain over here
Instead, the peace, calm, refreshing feelings for the rain ran through my body,
just like it used to, back home.
It was playing this song, one of my favourite, reminding me why i shld get over willy
and there was a little sadness but no more tears.
Sadness over and then my heart was stil, and calm.
The rain always helped. It always wash my sorrow, sadness, unhappiness and tears away
that is why i love it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It is only a few days ago from the last post i had, but it felt like ages ago.. I am starting to feel a little much better, from everything.. had juz went through the probation evaluation with my CNM2, and wel, everything is going on well and cool.. @ least its something nice for me to lift up my spirits.

March has juz started but we already have plans for may! Will be going to Portugal for the wkend holiday for Channey's bday, going to be an All Gals Getaway, so we're going to paint the whole portugal RED!! And soon after that, it will be the Irish Salsa Congress! Cant wait for the congress honestly!! !! ;p

Gues i am really good in keeping myself really occupied.. and it is one of my ways to keep myself sane and getting over things, putting the past behind, and starting all over again. ;)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Its hard and heartbreaking to realise that i am still waiting and hoping for that someone, in the process of hurting someone else and worse, hurting myself in that way too..
Just like wat aunty carol said abt her daughter.. The more she cant it, the more she wants it.. I think it applies to me too.. .. the more i cant be with him, the longer i wait for him.. the more i cant get over him.. Humans..

I know this is not getting anywhere, and yet, im still @ it.. i know my dear friends would probably want to bang my head on the wall when they going to read this.. but honestly i know u folks wont, u folks love me too much to do tat to me.. but i know u folks wil b real disappointed with me, but do give me time.. Deep inside i know wat i have to do, its juz that i didnt want to do it.. but gues this time round, i really have learnt my lesson well..

Being away from home, from u folks, is oreadi a tough ting to do.. gues getting over W is juz another hurdle for me right now, to get over it and get done with it..

Determination and time is wat i need.. this time i know i can do it.

Monday, March 05, 2007

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Wkend over the WestPort was Funstatic!! !! 1 whole day of salsa, in a beautiful town!

The onli disappointing is the size of the dancefloor, cos most of us are dancing on the carpetted floor, which i tink its the cause of my super sore legs now..!! But stil, i had a great time and that's wat it counts!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fallin in love is not tat difficult as wat i used to think..
for the past 2 yrs, it has been real tough for me to fall in love.. although i dun reali know y..
mainly bcos i was stil pinning for willy..
prob i was real picky & choosy (like wat almost all my frens said)
prob lookin for the connection, chemistry with the guy is impossible, (but ther was when i was with willy..)
oh wel, 2nd main reason is bcos i know i wont b in spore, i couldnt have & wouldnt have a relationship, commitment in spore.. and Thank God, i realli manage to leave spore without any much burden.. as to now i am reali havin fun and njoying meeting people. and oh wel, liking them (in a special way) and enjoying their company. ;)

Unexpectantly when im here now in dublin.. fallin in love seems to b real easy for me.. ..
prob the guys here that i have met so far.. they are realli nice and treating me good..
hmmm... i sounds like a real easy target here.. but no.. not reali.. but i can b easily taken if the guy treat me right.. in wat way.. well.. in any every small ways.. its not realli tat difficult to make me fall in love though..but of cos the guy gotta be kinda attractive to me (in my eyes too..) u know.. its not juz any other guy tat i wil b interested in!!

Hopefully this year is goin to be a funstastic year for me.. ;)
one more day to the WESTPORT SALSA...! i gotta keep my excitement down though...
cos everytime i am veri excited abt something.. it always doesnt turn out well.. everytime.. ;)
im tryin my best to keep it real low..