Thursday, January 28, 2010

There are times when no matter how hard you try, the harder you try to make it better, things will go worse

Sometimes, even when you know you had done yr best, done all the right things, still it might not turn out right.

Sometimes, even when you know how much you really love the person, still you will have to let it go.

When someone has given up hope in life, it doesn't matter how hard others try to save it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The year 2010 aka the year of TIGER, and just because of the number of 2010, i truly believes & hopes that this year is going to be gret one for me. ;) because of my birthday is 20th October
But as according to the lunar calendar, the year 2010 is only starting frm 14 Feb, so guess would have to wait til then, and then we´ll see hw this new year wil go for me.

Year 2009 has definitely not been the smoothest year for me, as i can remember till now..
even for last week, i had the weirdest n scariest dreams for 3 consecutive ´nites´
I actualy dreamt of spirits/ghosts, and there was once where it really felt so real that i can still remembered till now.. still sent a chill down my spine though..

My eyes were closed, and i heard someone in my apartment, heard the footsteps, coming closer & then i felt that it was on top of me, i couldnt breathe, couldnt make any sound, and all i did, was to pray. When i finaly can open my eyes, all was still the same. It was really weird, cos this is the 1st time that i dreamt of this.

And before that nite, i had another ´dream´.. that i really heard Peter´s voice, just right beside me, asking me a question.. the voice was just right beside my ear.

Honestly, this kinda disturbs me, cos i dont usualy dream when im asleep. and having 3dreams consecutively.. this is really unusual..

Will go to get the book once i get the time to go to the bookshop.

The last time i browse through the book in the bookshop is when i actualy dreamt of my brother came to visit me in dublin, but he was dead from the plane crash when on the way to dublin to give me a surprise visit.. it was his spririt that i saw. Gosh! i was horrified!! i remembered that i woke up crying so hard, and called home right away to make sure that he is alright, and was warning him to be careful, and he was kinda joking and reassuring me that it was the ´Ghost month´ as well.. .. .. ..

right now, im in Malaga, Spain, for almost a week, and everything is going on well, like the usual, dreamless nights. Im hoping that it will stay like this when i go back to my own apt in dublin.. ..