Monday, December 24, 2007

xmas gathering with ex-NYP netball gals. always feel great to catch up with friends. wel although we dun meet up with one another often during the yr, but whenever its xmas.. enting will always try to organise the gathering. All thanks to the organiser and the rest who also make the effort to come for the gathering. i know how hard it is to b an organiser, and that is why, i will always try to attend the gathering which are organise by others.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

18h Dec - my younger sister's Guo Da Li day. ;) The day when both families exchange the betrothal stuffs... ;)

The Wedding cakes that my mum and sis have to deliver to relatives, informing them abt the wedding.

My sis's future mother-in-law
Giving our mum the betrothal red packets

According to my sis, the exchanging of the betrothal gifts are already very simplified... but it seems to me that there is still quite a lot!! !! Well, Chinese, alawys have a lot of traditions.. and different dialect group has different tradition..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Everyone has their own vulnerabilities, insecurities, weakness
But does everyone knows their own?
Those who know theirs, wil try their best to cover it up
but covering it up and not confronting it.. is it reali the best way out?

My weakness.. other than my impatience, which i have been workin on it really hard and of cos, it does paid off by overcoming it..

and now, its my habit of pushing myself too hard, especially when im sick.. i reali have to learn how to take a step back, and dont push it too hard.. it doesnt always hav a positive effect... which i have reali learnt my lesson last nite... nOT going to elaborate abt wat happen.. but wel, i did learnt frm it now.. ..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Although it was a little too early for xmas gift exchange, but wel, as there wont b enough time for us to spend together anymore for this dec, we decided to exchange our gifts for each other on last weekend. ;)
Bought Chris this cube photoframe with our pics in it, TED BAKER LONDON Boxer shorts, TED BAKER LONDON Phone cover, and a A4 size pic of us taken @ Grafton Street with the xmas lightings. And of cos a xmas card for him which i had slipped into his bag without his knowing, LOL.
a little sweet surprise for him ;p
And he bought me a really sweet xmas card & jewellery frm H. Samuel, a Bangle, necklace and earrings, white gold. Simple and stylish, totally my style! ;)
It was definitely a very gd weekend that we had spent together, wel, our last weekend together, before the end of year 2007. ;)

Monday, December 10, 2007

It felt really great to be in the gathering wif fellow singaporeans in dublin, seems like i am right back @ home with their company. ;)
This is the 3rd big gathering that we have for this yr.. wel, i missed the 1st one as i was in NYC. And of cos, gathering for singaporeans, is always abt FOOD!!!
This time, we had our xmas gathering @ a Korean Restaurant. ;)

James & Simon with their vegetarian korean dish. Looks really appetizing isnt?

Janice & Gavin, Thaiba & Simon.

Maggie, Chiny & Joyce. without their hubbies...

Laurence, and 2 malaysia gals, Nora & Serina.

Alli & my sweetie, Chris. ;)

Alli & James

Lastly, not forgetting taking our pic, just the two of us, my sweetie, Chris. ;)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Our 1st Candlelight Dinner.. or more of a tealight dinner. ;)
Our 1st time cooking Crab, one of our fav seafood..
Although i have seen my dad killing the crab and it does seems easy.. but.. honestly, it doesnt feel easy/happy to kill it with my own hands..!! i do felt horrible doing it though.. couldnt touch it with my fingers, but after stuggling with it for abt 10-15mins.. i have no choice but to use my hands to disembodied it... argh!!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!!

But hey, it still doesnt change my mind of eating it..!!

We were both glad that we got the crab in the market.. but not frm the asia market wher we had initially planned, but luckily we stil managed to get it frm another market, and its a whooping 1kg crab! its onli abt 14euros! ;)

this is our 1st time preparing dinner @ home, and to tink that we actualy hav to think and plan for it for abt 1week.. *grin*

while i was busy in the kitchen to get the food, Chris was busy in the living room placing and litting up the tealights. lol. he wanted to make it a surprise, but i happened to come out frm the kitchen while he was abt finishin doing it. ;)

wel, although it doesnt seems to b very well decorated, but it is really sweet, romantic and heartwarming, and both of us had a great time doing this together. kekekekekke
we're both simple people who very much appreciate all the small little things we do for each other, which we like abt each other. ;) simple dinner, with wat we both like, crab, rice and salad.

we are now looking forward to our nex cooking - pasta. ;)
its so much fun cooking for and with someone! lol

A Day in belfast spent with Chris, 29th November