Tuesday, June 28, 2005

darn nite!! having a splitting headache rite now.. cant hav a gd sleep @ home in the day after nite shift cos of the renovation goin on juz rite above my hse... onli had rested on my bed for abt 5hrs.. after a whole nite of work.. damn.. tis wk of nite shift.. dun tink i can get gd sleep @ home.. when's the renovation goin to b finished...??!! was veri busy wif my patient in the earlier part of the shift.. god bless man!!!

think about quality of life nowadays, pple like us like to talk abt the quality of life, & ther r stil many ethical issues revolving the topic... but how many pple can reali understand wat's quality of life, wat's the meaning of life.. most pple dun even noe wat they want in their life..

when u're sick.. with terminal illness.. would u wan to noe wat illness u're having.. or would u rather to hav yr family to decide for u.. talking abt yr own rights.. a patient's right.. how many pple reali hav given it a thought about how would u wan yr own funeral to b.. wel, i have. i oreadi hav plans on how i would wan my funeral to b when i was 21yrs old.. believ it or not.. its not bcos am pessimistic.. but it juz come to mi one day when i happen to listen to one of my fav song on the radio.. Angel.. by sarah someting.. then i said it aloud to myself.. tis is goin to played on my funeral.. then i started to giv the whole matter a thought.. and told my siblings tat i wan tis song to be played on my funeral.. they were like.. U crazy ah!!!?? they know that im always up to someting.. different, crazy.. but tat was reali overboard.. ;) the thought juz came to mi juz like tat.. n i reali dun noe y.. ;) even now when itold my frens abt it.. they gav mi the same response tat my siblings gave mi.. "R u crazy??!! u're stil so young n u oreadi had planned yr funeral???!!" actualy, its not reali planned.. i dun reali hav a detailed plan of how i wan it to b yet.. i'll tink abt it anyway soon i hope.. hav been reali busy wif work n stuffs tat i dun even reali noe wat i've been busy wif... argh!! i hate tis..!! i reali cant wait for the audit to b over n done wif.. so tat i can get back my normal life.. go for dance class.. or dancing. or watever i wan to do..!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

a wk has passed without realising it.. gosh.. tis wk has been rather hectic.. onli busy wif work for tis wk.. didnt go salsa dancing @ all.. sigh.. wat the hell.. tis wkdays goin on nite shifts.. so definitely gotta make my way to union on sat nite to make up for the missed dances for tis wk!! salsa dancing is the onli 'workout' for mi since april.. gotta take up some other dance classes after july.. im bored wif my life juz shuffling wif work oreadi.. i missed goin for classes.. courses.. cant wait for the JCI audit to finish in july.. then i can get my hectic social life back!!
gotta go for dinner soon.. onli had egg mcmuffin @ 11am @ work til now.. shucks..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the colors of the fonts & the weather of the day both go wif how am feelin today.. gloomy but calm, lazy and blue as it can b.. dun ask mi why cos i dun even noe the reason myself.. i can blame it on the weather when i woke up early in the morning today.. it was raining.. the sky was stil gloomy after the rain has stopped.. wat a day.. shld hav stay in bed, snuggle myself in bed.. but couldnt.. was woken up by my mum to go for breakfast wif her n my sis.. even when i reached home after breakfast, couldnt go back to sleep as ther was renovation goin on juz above our unit.. the workers were drilling the floor so the whole day the hse was polluted wif the drilling noise..but stil, i manage to nap for abt 1hr.. but i was lying on the sofa n i woke up bcos of the phone ringing n my whole arm was havin pins & needles.. gosh.. almost felt like im goin to lose my arm..!! coco couldnt stand the noise either.. he was by my side all the time n ther was once he even tried to hide under my sis bed!! he's so cute!! din do much for the whole day actualy.. sigh.. gues it wont hurt much for being so lazy for a day.. as i normaly dun spend my day like tis.. doin noting.. ;) goin to sleep now, hopefully, tml i'll b back to myself!! ;)

Monday, June 20, 2005

monday blues... i reali can associate myself wif Garfield... i hate mondays too!! esp if i hav to do morning shift on monday... today was like a zombie walkin ard.. but my sleepy mind got snapped out when i get to b busy wif work.. but thru out the 7hrs shift work.. tink i was onli wide awake (my usual self) for mayb abt 2-3hrs.. the rest of it.. was kinda in my dreamland.. but of cos not totally switched off.. cant afford to b totaly switched off man.. din hav dinner as well.. cos dun feel like having it.. feelings.. i always go wif my feelings.. and i always trust my intuition. never under estimate a woman's intuition.. as we r the more sensitive species compared to men.. i can b emotional.. but am rationale too.. ther r times i feelt tat im too rationale.. but tats bcos i dun wan to make any mistake in the decisions i make.. i've never regret any decisions tat i've made so far in my life.. cos i oso believ tat ther r sometings tat r predestined too. ther's always a way out to any difficulties or problems u face in life.. take the rough path as a test frm the god' above us.. (although im not reali into any religion yet) but tats wat i believe in life... tings happen for a reason.. n watever the reason mayb, it depends on how u look upon it. it'll b bad, if u look @ the pessimistically.. it can turn out to b a gd ting if u look @ it the other side.. so.. its all in yr mind!! the mind of one is a veri powerful tool.. it can do lots of wonderful tings which no one can reali imagine.. gosh.. gotta stop these crappin.. tink im reali exhausted .. frm dun noe wat it can b.. cos i hav been feelin tired the whole day actualy.. hahaha.. i tend to talk rubbish, nonsense, non stop when im tired but am keepin myself awake.. cos i dun wan to sleep so early.. anyhow, reali gotta stop..
its been a long time since i hav a sunday off.. & tis time, is our newly wed, pretty alicia who asked us to mit up for the suntanning & karaoke session!! its her 1st time driving her 'siao bai' (her car) to sentosa too!! we spent the whole day out although its fathers day.. hahaha..!! we had a gd time tanning.. chatting abt married life, men.. work.. anyting under the bright hot sun.. n sang til our throat runs dry.. ;) stil we enjoyed ourselves. it was a long, tiring day .. sunday.. its been a long time since i done tat, but it felt reali great! i juz love spending time wif my close frens!!

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Chilling out @ TCC Posted by Hello
juz got back frm a chilling out session wif my jiemeis @ holland v, tcc.. ;) its been such a long time since we went ther n hav our talkin crap session.. gosh!! as usual, we updated each other abt wat's goin on wif our life, bitchin and laughin @ others.. juz a nite of crapping session ;)
ther was a couple who were sittin directly opposite us.. the lady was kinda caught our attention.. not tat she's pretty or the guy wif her is cute or anyting nice.. its the way she sat tat reali disgusted us.. they're sittin on high stools.. she was wearin a black dress.. & she was sitting wif her legs apart. 1 leg on her stool, the other on the other stool @ her side.. wel, if she's a sexy stunnning lady, i dun tink tat'll b a prob wif the pple who were sittin on our side, but hell no, she's rather plump lady.. & tat was reali an unsightly view! (& luckily we stil cant see wat color her panties r) haha.. but as time goes, the wider she 'spread' her legs.. it's black undies she's wearing...!! we reali dun mean to look @ her, but the way she's sitting, it reali disturbs us.. i count myself lucky cos i was not wearin my contact lens, so i couldnt c properly, not even her face, but i can c the outline of her, we're onli a street away anyway. the guy she was wif.. seems a lot younger than her & he's tall wif nice legs & butt, cos he reali looks gd in his pants.. so we speculated tat the lady mayb his sugar mummy.. we saw how she tried to flirt wif the guy.. touchin, playin her hair while talkin.. wel, they left ard 1am.. n ther goes our topic of the nite as well.. ;) then my dear frens realised tat they'r tired & we left ard 130..

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Finally, wedding bells ringing for Alicia, a gd fren of mine frm NYP Netball ;) A sweet, patient, pretty midwife who truly deserves a man who loves, cares & treasure her. But someting seems to be missing frm the pics here.... where's the beautiful bride?? As usual, the sweet couple were busy entertaining their guests @ the restaurant, so we gotta entertain ourselves.. by taking pics @ the table tat we were assigned.. it was so far away frm the stage.. ;( but stil, we all were very happy for her! Wanna say sorri to the bride for leaving early tat nite as i hav to go for another gathering wif another grp of galfrens tat nite.. so din reali hav a chance to chat wif her.. but @ least i waited til the couple to come over and hav a grp photo wif us b4 i left.. haha.. anyway, im looking forward for Sunday to come as this newly wed bride, asked us to go to sentosa on sunday for suntanning!! Tis is a reali rare request frm alicia, so the beach babes will definitely not turn down her request! ;)
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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Friends who stay by yr side, no matter wat happens, r yr true friends. And true friends r not easy to hav.. Im lucky to have known @ least 3 true friends.. although we dun reali spend a lot of time together ever since all of us started workin.. but every1 of us stil keep each other in our hearts and make an effort to stay together, tats wat friends r for.. juz wanna say this to my best friends & 'Jiemeis'.. I LOVE U!!! & Thanks for everyting & being there for mi always!!