Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You realise how small the world is when you got to know a new friend & realised that this new friend also know another friend of yours.
You know how small the world is when you meet a long lost friend on the street, after losing contact for years.
You will be surprised to know how small the world is when yr long lost friend is a relative of one of your friends.

Was @ PS's grandma's wake after salsa last nite, saw a familiar face within her relatives & cousins.. & realised that one of them is actualy my pri sch mate, whom i have lost contact with. so we chatted & catch up with each other, reminscining of our childhood, our pri sch, teachers.. ;D suppose to leave the wake b4 12am, but in the end, left abt 15mins to 1am..

Today went to JE for breakfst wif mum, sis & bro.. & who did we see... our pri sch chinese teacher! He was sitting juz next to our table. I came back to our table after goin to the bank, then my both excited siblings asked me, "look @ the table beside us! rem him??" i was like, "yah, our pri chinese teacher, Mr Koh." my mum was like" go & greet him then." the 2 of them were pushing me to greet him, bro's excuse was "he only taught me one class, dun think he'll rem me @ all" so only left the 2 gals.. so i juz pulled along my sis & go forward to him. Had a gd time chatting wif him & glad to know that he's happily retired & still remained as healthy & strong, although he did lose some weight.. & some tan.. ;)

I wonder who else would i mit this wk.. ;p

Monday, August 28, 2006

love this song, love the lyrics, love the music.. brings back a lot of memories..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

wat would u do if u know that u have advance cancer n u dun have much time left..?
how would u feel when u know that u are dying soon..?
how would u tell yr loved ones that you wanna go in peace when yr loved ones are reluctant to let u go..?
in wat way/manner would u wan to leave this beautiful world..?
have u ever thought of yr death wish list..?

honestly, i have & i had already thought of it when i was abt 21yrs old.. way b4 i even have my wedding plans.. im not a pessimistic person in nature, in fact im a veri optimistic one, but havin the opportunity to experience life & death due to the nature of my career.. i realised how vulnerable life can b.. how unpredictable life can be..

death can b scary for both the victims themselves & to the family.. traumatising.. hurting.. betrayal.. anger.. guilt.. lots of mixed feelings..

in the case of when i've to remain sane, i would always think of death is a way of relieving themselves from all these pain & suffering.. i always pray that they would go in peace, in a painless comfort way.. importantly, their family members should be by their side, til their last breath.. i would like to pass on wif my loved ones by my side too.. in the most peaceful way, i dun wan my loved ones to see me in suffering, til my last breath.. i sometimes do wonder, who wil b by my deathbed.. in wat manner/way/illness..

i know its kinda crazy n scary that y on earth am i thinking of all this, when im suppose to be enjoying my teenage yrs.. i shld b thinking of how to enjoy, wher to go, wat to buy, who to go out wif, stuffs like tat, wel, i did, its juz tat im oso thinking of things that pple usualy tryin hard to avoid, the more people try to hide or avoid.. the more i would be interested & would go thru in this simple yet complicated brain of mine.. i ponder on a lot of matters.. but i never worry abt them.. worry is not my forte.. i always think of the possibilities of things might turn out to be & always have something in mind to counteract/overcome it.. thats wat i like to do.. overcome the tough things, i find it a challenge, a test for myself..

i sometimes do tink of how would i feel, react when its my loved ones who are leaving the world, esp my grandma.. of cos she wil, one day to come, i had even rehearsed in my head on how would i feel/talk when the day comes.. honestly, i would never know until the fateful day comes.. im not cursing my grandma, dun get mistaken.. i love her, but i oso know tat she wil leave us one day.. ther's no eternity life.. the truth always hurt..

juz like i used to think that my 21st birthday was my happiest time in my life, but hell i was wrong.. when i found out the truth 1-2yrs after tat, it actualy turned out to be the worst time of my life, it was so unbelievable.. truth realli hurts.. it was hurting a lot.. can stil rem that i could actualy feel my heart being stabbed & ripped open wif a sharp knife.. tat was the most painful experience that i ever felt, emotionally i mean..

i've got over tat long time ago.. but the memory stil remain.. memories.. be it sweet, happy, sad, heartbreaking.. let it be memories, but rem the lesson tat u've learned from it & never make the same mistake twice.. one of my life philosophies.. ;)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

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Finaly, i can feel that i am getting myself back to my usual busy schedule. i cant believe that the cough could actualy bring me down for abt 1 & a half week.. darn.. now im having almost my whole body aching.. but now its not bcos im sick again, its actualy from the sunday netball game that we had @ kallang, which was from 11am til abt 5pm.. weather was superb, with the sun blazing bright.. so now, got a darker tan with slightly burned face with my legs unevenly tanned, bcos of the knee guards that i've to put on on both my knees, n muscles aching, but i felt great!! ;>
gotta get myself a new pair of sport shoes though, b4 this coming sun, bcos gotta run 6km for the shearsbridge run.. no time to have proper training for this run tis time, bcos of the sickness that i had, but tink i shld do juz fine for it, since i can play netball yest.. hehehe.. shldnt b a prob. probably wil go for a short run after i get my new shoes.. ;p

Had a great farewell party for Darren as well, during the midwk, thurs n fri.. wil post up the pics soon too.. i prefer to let the pics to the talking.. ;)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally meet up wif Anna last Sat after our work, n tell her abt me going off soon.. I felt realli relieved & happy abt it actually, i oso dun reali know why.. but honestly, she is one of the most important person/friend in my life, other than my family & my doggie, she will be the nex one lining up followed by my other 2 veri veri close frens, Christyne & Kris. these 3 impt women are the pple who have stayed with me all these years, grew up with me, went through thick n thin wif me, know me inside out, upside down. ;) now that 2 of them have oreadi found their true love & happiness, im reali happy for them n i can oso rest assured that their man will take gd care of them. ;) as for me, im not worried though. my true love will come one day i believe. even if i am destined to be alone, im not worrried abt tat either cos i can take care of myself. i always believed & think that there's always something more in life that i shld worry abt & do abt. My dream is not to get married.. my dream.. anna know what's my dream.. ;)
hint hint - SCV is showing a HK tv serial (2nd time) abt it.. & i realli hope n wish tat i'll be ther.. someday i will.. ;)

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Its been a long time since i had ever felt so sick that i thought that i could die from almost coughing my whole heart & lungs out... i know its exaggerating.. but reali, its kinda serious that it actualy got me stayed home (most of the time) for 2days, okie.. honestly, i had to stay home for the 2days with my head spinning almost 360degrees, bodyached like its been bashed up (wel, i dun realli know how tat reali reali feels..), & with a body so hot that i can never imagine (its the temp tat im talking abt).. okie, obviously, my brain is still burned up somewher, wire not fixed, screw/s loosen.. Wel, mayb like wat my mum said, I've been workin myself out too much & for too long.. so, now my body is breaking down to tell me to slow down.. wel, everytime i fall sick, i hear the same thing.. & lucky thing is tat i dun fall sick tat often.. so i dun have to get that sarcarsm tat often.. or mayb its the truth.. ;(
I know im a pusher.. not to other pple, but to myself.. but i juz love it, i dun know y.. ;p there's a lot of things that we dun know why we like it, love it or hate it.. its juz in our guts.. we juz kinda knew it.. isnt? i juz love the wonder of this. ;p
okie, folks, its time for this FON (full of nonsense) gal to take her rest, rest her mind frm all this spinning the world crap.. .. .. & to be in her fantasy princessy dream world..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i like this butterfly Posted by Picasa

Fav pic tat i took Posted by Picasa

lastly @ the Carlsberg Sky Tower. The night senery view of Spore was realli beautiful. I Realli gonna miss this plce! Posted by Picasa

2nd last stop, @ the musical Fountain Posted by Picasa

Fishes, Stingrays, Sharks Posted by Picasa

Aren't they beautiful...? Posted by Picasa

NemO Posted by Picasa

An Aquarium of jellyfishes Posted by Picasa

Different types of Crabs in the Sea Posted by Picasa

both of us love the underwater world  Posted by Picasa

@ the UnderWater World ;) Posted by Picasa

forgotten what is this called.. some kind of leaf insect.. it is also in the display box.. wat seems so near, yet so far.. ;) Posted by Picasa

looks so close up & personal eh... actualy its in the display box.. ;) I reali love this panasonic digital camera that i got mths back Posted by Picasa

went to the dolphin lagoon as well.. ;) it was my 1st time goin in there although i always go to sentosa, but it was always juz for suntanning.. ;)  Posted by Picasa

I actually caught these 2 butterflies making out.. hahaha ;D Posted by Picasa

@ the mini waterfall in the butterfly park Posted by Picasa

Butterfly, butterflies & more butterflies Posted by Picasa

Fruits of ASIA Posted by Picasa

@ the museum Posted by Picasa

@ the Images of Singapore Posted by Picasa
Have not been posting anything up for a wk.. bcos i was having a wk of leave & had a realli gd rest for the wk.. Rest in my dictionary is not the same as for the most of us here.. the REST that im refering to here is, to not having to go to work, not thinking anything abt work & totally get away from any thing that is related to work. hahaha!! wel, i had spent the wkdays by getting most of my documents done & be sent over to ireland by courier, spent almost one whole day @ sentosa wif mic, watched movies & wel, as for the wkends, i was over @ M'sia, Cherating, for the m'sia Salsa Festival! ;D

Had a fabulous time over there, becos of the great company that i had, & of cos having the chance of dancing with pple from overseas & overseas instructors were one of the most enjoyable time i had. ;) & not forgetting to seize every chance that i have to get myself under the sun by gettin myself in the pool, suntanning by the beach & getting into the sea to try bodysurfing/bodywakeboarding, watever u call it.. ;p

So came back with unforgettable memories & a gd tan, with bags of tidbits ;) of cos a totally relaxed mind, body & soul.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

For the nurses..

Good Nurses smile in trouble,
Gather strength from stress,
& grow brave by reflection & prayers.

Nurses are ANGELS who cares the needy,
they're GOD'S chosen people,
blessed with the gift of patience, love & self-sacrifice.

Nurse's Prayer for you (ME):
Have a heart that never hardens,
A temper that never loses,
A touch that never hurts
& A love that never fails.

Patients never remember You for the medicine You provided but for the times you spent & cared for them. ;)


Nurse Prayer:
Lord, I pray for WISDOM to understand my challenging patients,
LOVE to forgive them
& PATIENCE for their moods.
Because Lord, if i pray for Strength, I'll beat them to death