Sunday, July 30, 2006

I LOVE FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my Fav segment!! FIREWORKS!!!!!!  Posted by Picasa

when the night falls.. the lights are taking over Posted by Picasa

when the sun is stil shining above our heads Posted by Picasa

okie.. the singapore idols finalist were @ the preview as well.. took thiese pics for a gd fren of mine actualy cos she likes Jonathon v much.. well.. @ least wat i can say is tat i tink he looks better in person than in tv.. & wel, she's rite.. he's kinda cute.. ;p  Posted by Picasa

doesnt this car relli matches me veri super well?? note the car plate no.. the whole stretch of cars on this parkin lot, they have the same car plate no!!  Posted by Picasa

milo mascot!! notice the pple bhind us? there're clowns.. pple on the stents.. ther'r performances as well.. it was a bustling plce.. b4 we enter the stadium..  Posted by Picasa

the flowers we got!!  Posted by Picasa

Thanks to all these young sweet folks whom make the flowers for us!! Realli admire them for able to do tat wif the balloons.. i definitely cant do tat.. cos im scared of the bursting of the balloons.. i get the creeps down my spine when i see them twisting, turning the balloons...  Posted by Picasa

NDP 2006 Preview!! went to Peishi, jason & Liling!!! Realli thanks to PS for giving the extra 2 tickets that she got, to me..!! LOVE YA BABE!!  Posted by Picasa

Went to Z POP Concert wif my Bro & Lena!! Got the free tickets from my dear Pauline! Glad that she had given me the tickets & the concert was realli veri blasting!! 4 superb singers!!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bright Beuatiful SunFlower!! I like Sunflower!! like their vibrant color!! this was selected by meifern & me for our dear new mummy, huili when we visited her @ KK ;)  Posted by Picasa

Our Dear New Proud MuMmY, Huili & her baby boy, Jonathon Philip Peterson!!!!  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

We had dinner @ Villa Bali after the event @ the glass museum. ;)  Posted by Picasa

@ the Glass Museum Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 21, 2006

had a tiring but fruitful day today.. ;) as i'd said in the earlier post, today suppoingly to have the sparrowhawk exercise.. & wel, it went pretty well over my side.. although ther r some hiccups along the way, wel, stil tings stil went on rather smoothly.. i was the designated one to be the one receiving the Pt & sayin tat, meaning i would need to don on my whole PPE & the PAPR..with all the workflow, procedures & bearing in mind of the infection control measures @ the back of my head.. im glad that i didnt screw up anything.. hmm.. wel, not tat i know of @ least.. ;D its realli a gd experience of gettin into this kind of 'play' & realli feel what is it goin to feel like, & wat to do any case of suspected bird flu.. ;) in case of emergency.. tink i had handle it pretty well.. ;p
Of cos, there're always room for improvement.. to brush up the little details tat we'd missed.. im glad to have gone through this honestly..

then we went to the Z Pop concert in the evening.. onli got to know that Pauline has 3 free tickets after the debriefing session for the sparrowhawk ecercise.. luckily, my dear bro & Lena managed to come for the concert & although we're tired from our work n stuffs.. im pretty sure tat none of us felt tat the trip is wasted trip.. hahaha.. wel, wil post the videos/pics soon. ;)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

boy am i feelin kinda stressed up oreadi now.. for this Fri Ex-SparrowHawk exercise.. its a nationwide exercise.. those pple who read newspaper & watched the news should know what'll be goin on.. initially, i thought its onli goin to b on Sat.. & wel, Sat it's my off day.. so woah, i thought i could escape it.. but heck, i realised its goin to b a 2day exercise.. fri & sat.. shucks..!! im on am on fri.. sigh.. wel, actualy i kinda expected myself to b on duty for these kind of exercises.. so.. anyway, juz gotta get familiar wif all the workflow.. make sure everyone of us know the proper way of donning n degowning the PPE.. suddenly felt the overwhelming duties, responsibilities.. kinda feel excited too actualy.. hahaha.. crazy i know.. but i reali juz love to feel the Adrenaline pumping in my blood, in my body.. ;D

So folks, pls do not visit any hospital on fri & sat.. in fact, it'll be good to stay home the whole day.. take it as a chance to bum & relax @ home.. watch some vcds, tv shows.. watever.. ;)

Monday, July 17, 2006

whole body aching.. worse than after a game of netball.. am i gettin old or am i juz gettin rusty cos i've not been workin out..?? shucks.. wel, it's all bcos of the ROCK CLIMBING class i went on Sun, wif michael.. ;) woah, its not easy @ all!!! & one more thing to add is.. dun drink alcohol after a day of strenous exercise/work out.. alcohol wil onli make the whole aching process worse..!! Last wk was one of the most sinnest wk of the month.. cos i was drinking alcohol on fri n sun.. 2 days in a wk.. fri nite was @ MOS wif frens i got to know frm the diving trip.. we met up & had dinner then to mos.. it has realli been a long time since i had drank so much.. in fact, i dun even rem when was the last time.. & i'd found my dead spot.. Tequila.. i realised that tequila gives me the high fast & a headache.. then sun after rock climbing, michael & i went to bugis n were shoppin for abt 3hours cos our dinner time was 7.30.. dinenr was wif my salsa grp.. it was meant to be a mini farewell dinenr for Darren.. he's goin to Aust.. but stil waiting for his visa.. anyway, we had steamboat dinner then we had a chit chat, talk cock session @ the Lounge, inter continental.. i tink we r the loudest grp of pple cos we were laughing reali hard & loud.. ;p we had a bottle of vodka.. wel, we had a great time altogether.. ;)forgotten to take any pics.. actualy, i was juz being lazy.. ;p

Friday, July 14, 2006

had quite a long talk yest after my nite shift wif my N.O. & i did felt much better.. the stress, blame that i'd been putting on myself, when things didnt go well in the workplce.. the frustration, unhappiness that i have wif the juniors.. all i can push the blame is to the SOCIETY!! It's goin to be a long story if im goin to put everything down in words.. so nah, im not.. anyway, she's not the onli person tat i'd spoken to lately.. n reali, the conclusion that we have.. IT IS the Damn Society!! so now, after finding the root cause of our agony, frustration & anger.. n knowing tat we cant do anything much abt it either.. we juz gotta resigned to our fate.. NO! i'll definitely tink of some way to buck them up.. i cant juz let them be this way.. it is reali veri infuriating sometimes.. ;(

then we oso talked abt other stuffs, not mine, but someone whom we reali concerned abt @ work.. then come to realise that the past impressions of the plans of taking her out are all juz wrong.. all those were actualy opportunities for her to prove to the management pple abt her leadership, management skills.. but wel, she had denied these chances unknowingly.. wel, i was reali quite sad abt it when i finaly realised n see the point from their view.. but it was too late.. juz hope things wil b better for her from now on.. after deciding to take the 1st step out of her comfort zone, to go & try for a change.

as for me, i am a restless person, for those who know me.. i am rather hyperactive.. i love changes, challenges, im not one who loves to stay in one plce.. im opposite of this gd fren of mine, i get uncomfortable when i know im goin to get into a comfort zone.. i'll get frustrated.. get upset wif small things, becoming critical of stuffs.. being bossy, i HATE tat.. i realli Hate tat!!
So im goin to move on to another stage of my life.. gettin out of this plce (not so fast but soon i hope) im looking forward to this actualy, which i dun know why.. i tink its juz me being me.. gettin excited over things tat i dun know what the heck it is.. hahaha.. ;p crazy i know.. but adventurous shld be a better word for tat, isnt?

anyway, i had prayed for the guidance to my future, n this is the way that HE had showed me, so i'll juz goin to follow his lead, my heart & i know tat all my frens, they will definitely support me in their own way too. ;p

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our signature pose.. hehehehe..  Posted by Picasa

yeah!! All of us graduated with the Diving Cert! Posted by Picasa

With our cool Instructors & Divemaster, Alex, Shafe & Kevin Posted by Picasa

Wif the bday boy, Brenden. ;) Posted by Picasa

Cheers to our friendship, from netball, to suntanning, to karaoke & now Scuba diving!!! Aren't we cool or wat..?? :D Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

in the water ;)  Posted by Picasa

Pulau Aur Posted by Picasa

grp pic taken after dinner, on Sat 8/7/06, after our 1st memorable dive Posted by Picasa

group pic taken on the way back to spore Posted by Picasa

in our wetsuit ;) Posted by Picasa

gettin out from our 2nd dive (i tink) ;D Posted by Picasa