Friday, December 30, 2005

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You are a Buff Girl!

You've got a boomin' body and a fearless spirit.
Most guys have trouble keeping up with your energy and fitness level.
Competitve and fun loving, you're up for almost anything.
Make sure you pick a guy who doesn't mind getting beaten by a girl!

You Are a Retro Bikini!

You prefer a bikini that's flirty and feminine, not flashy.
You look sweet and sexy - a rarity on the beach these days!
okie okie.. this is the last test i gonna take for tonite.. ;p
What's your true color?
Results- Red.

Your color is RED, the color of racy sportscars, blushing cheeks, and luscious roses. Red symbolises Passion, Romance & Love. So, since you're ruled by Red, you probably trust your feelings more than your brain & you tend to act spontaneuosly. If you see something you want, you go for it without thinking twice - Impulsive is your middle name. You don't wait around for people to make decisions, either; you dive right in. Quite the romantic, you pay close attention to your emotions. In fact, if your heart isn't in what you're doing, you won't be satisfied. Of course, even when you do pour in all your energy into the projects you tackle, your impetuous nature means your passions can shift as frequently as the wind. That's why some REDs have problems with commitment. Our advice? Next time you're feeling fickle, think before you act, if possible. You might be surprised at the results. Overall, though, it's great to be RED. No one lives life more completely than you do.

Well, all i can say is that.... its abt 90% accurate!!!!!! hahahaha ;D
Becos' im not impulsive as b4 !! ;) i admit that it was like 99.99% accurate in the past.. but well, i've grown up ya.. ;p
okie.. i think its abt 95% rite.. talking abt passion.. commitment.. ;p
i can stil rem when i was in pri sch.. most of my stuffs are in red color.. my bag, watch.. ;) dun know when my fav color changes like the weather.. the season.. how i feel.. ;) from blue.. pastels colors like pink, purple.. then white.. im reali veri into green now...;p) So afterall, Red is my color!! :D
But im sure that im not goin to put myself up like a big red ang-bao (red packet).. esp chinese new yr..!! ;)

To whoever who is reading my blog.. Have fun taking the tests! Go n try it out!!
Anther test taken - So What's your thing?

Results - Classic Contemporary

You take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. In fact, that's exactly what everyone is hoping for from you. From basic baking to spur-of-the-moment brunches, no one cooks the classics quite like you.

;) Very interesting eh.. ;p
i have always love to do those IQ tests, personality tests.. i always find it very interesting to get to know myself more.. & juz testing to see how true/accurate the results are.. wel, had juz tried one juz now.. here's the results.. ;)

Test: What's your true talent? What are you really good at?

Your true talent is abstract reasoning. Your ability to look at information abstractly means you have a rich imagination. You're one of those rare people who can mix two unrelated ideas together to come up with a great new one. Most people aren't as skillfull as you are at applying knowledge outside of its usual context.

Your combination of strategic thinking and creativity can be an incredible value in both business and social environments.

Amazing isn't? ;)
Its quite true abt mi having a rich imagination.. ;p im always daydreaming of stuffs.. lots lots lots of stuffs actually.. ;)

Monday, December 26, 2005

im in the midst of my break time.. wel, im workin nite shift.. mon to wed nite.. my patients are stil the same ones whom i got slightly depressed recently.. they are stil the same.. like wat AhBang said.. pt is in unstable-stable condition.. well, its understood betw us, ;p

Had lots of thoughts runnin thru my mind, not onli today.. every min to b truthful.. but if i were to pen every thoughts down.. i tink the post is gonna be super long.. ;p

Yr 2005 is goin to an end soon.. & time passed super duper fast esp during the festive seasons.. am thinking of my new yr resolutions oreadi.. ;) i know i want to get my driving license by nex yr.. (hopefully).. & am looking forward to goin on a trip wif my 'Sisters' too.. we agreed to go to bangkok together in feb.. they wanna go shopping.. which wel, although tats not wat i reali wanna do.. but as long as im goin on a trip wif them, it doesnt reali matter wat we're goin to do.. cos im sure we'll be having a great time.. Although we've known one another for so long.. abt 11-12yrs.. we've not gone for an overseas trip yet.. its time to bring our friendship to another level ya..!! hahahha!!

tinking abt this yr xmas.. i didnt reali have time to shop for presents which i felt kinda guilty for not getting any presents for my family.. except my bro.. cos guys' stuffs are so much easier to get..i tink the party i had for my whole family @ my plce is oreadi gd enuff & tiring for mi.. i reward myself more than i shld.. but i dun care.. i tink this yr i had worked too hard, party too much.. ;D i bought myself a new digi cam..!! a portable speaker which i can use for my ipod mini.. a new dress which i can wear for dinner.. ;p (i reali love it the moment i see it on the mannuquin) & other stuffs which i dun reali rem.. which oso means it doesnt reali mean a lot or anyting special actualy.. ;p

i do love the feeling of organising parties or gatherings i realised.. the party i had for my family.. the party for my workplce.. i love to see the happy faces the pple have, seeing them enjoying the food, the company.. although there're a lot of food @ the parties.. i didnt eat much.. was too busy making sure that everyone @ the party are eating & having a gd time.. i was not hungry although im suppose to be.. ;p i realised tat i have not been eating much these 2wks which i oso dun know why.. dun seem to get hungry.. even when i do get hungry, i'll juz ignore the grumbling of my stomach n cont with wat im doin & soon i'll forget abt the hunger i had.. im no longer eating cos i love to eat.. im eating bcos i have to eat.. tats pathetic isnt.. but wel, i tink i'll get over it soon.. Live to eat used to be my life motto..
there's another party coming up tis wk.. end of yr party wif my dear salseros frens.. @ watever plce it is.. im looking forward to it.. its another PPPAAARRRTTTTYYYY time!!! ;D by the way, i juz went for a gathering b4 i go for work juz now.. it was wif my grp of 'brothers' @ one of their plce, had steamboat dinner.. knew this grp of guys since sec sch time.. they're all my seniors.. i ate a lot @ the dinner.. wel, thats the onli meal i had for the whole day though.. ;p didnt take any pics wif them cos i know they wont want to have any..

well well well.. finally my blog did worth something eh.. tried on this website b4.. like few mths ago.. got it frm Todd's blogsite.. then my blog was worth nothing.. but now.. hahhaha.. ;)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Its Xmas day today & im actually sitting in front of my workplce's PC.. well, its not my workin hrs now eh.. so dun get mistaken that im blogging when @ work.. nope, im off duty oreadi.. goin for supper b4 goin for the show, The Promise @ PS.. ;)

Days had passed so fast since after the hse party i had that i dun even have time to reali shop for presents for my dear frens.. busy working & goin for parties.. have tons of photos taken n prob wil need time to put them all up.. ;p In short, It has been reali busy, but fun & enjoyable time even though its quite tiring to work, hang out, stay out & stay up... ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The pics turned out not too bad rite?? ;) We had a gd time bitching about.. & well, we would mit up soon i gues, the nex gatherin would be near Chinese New Yr!!!!!! tat'll b nex mth!! ;D
As u can see, the age difference betw us are reali quite big .. BUT... we get along reali veri well!!! Dun ask mi why.. but all i can say.. its Fate & Destiny that bring our friendship together, mutual understanding, tolerance that bonds us together.. Im truly blessed eh!! ;) Am looking forward for our nex gathering oreadi.. ;)

The Xchange gifts we get from each other!! Posted by Picasa

These pics are taken on Mon when we had our xmas gathering.. wat took mi so long to put all these up eh... wel, i was reali busy, schedule super duper tight that i could onli have 3-4hours of sleep frm mon to wed nite.. even til today.. thurs although it is my day off but wel, as usual.. i was out the whole day.. ;p

Anyway, we had dinner @ Out of the Pan, located @ the basement of Raffles City.. the gathering was kinda last min change.. as we suppose to mit on the 22nd.. but Doe wil b workin nite shift meaning she wil not b able to make it on 22nd.. so we gotta change it.. then we went to holland V to mit up wif Doe as she was workin til 8pm. so we had supper @ Swensons & had our gift Xchange over there.. ;p & wel, this is wat we got..!! ;) by the way, HL didnt get an alien tats growin out frm her shoulder.. its a massager tat FS got for her.. ;)

Then as usual, we would get a grp pic wif my digi cam.. this time.. my cam was plce on the glass of water.. ;)

@ Out of the Pan @ Raffles City Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Let's mit the rest of my family members who have seen mi grown from all these years.. ;) & wif my young cousins as well.. they are like so much younger than mi... but wel, my heart stil feel young ya!! & that is all it matters isnt? ;p
This is my 2nd Aunt.. Irene.. whom doted on us when we're young, always bought us presents ;) the last photo we had taken together was when i was 12yrs old.. gosh.. tat was yrs ago... it was her who brought mi out of the country for the 1st time.. we went to bangkok & hongkong wif my Granny.. wait til i get my scanner & printer.. then i'll load the pics tat were taken then.. haha ;D

This is my 1st Aunt.. whom i remembered tat she brought mi out for a show when i was reali veri young.. onli the 2 of us.. it was @ clementi i think.. ;p this is my 1st pic taken wif her ever since i can remember.... ;p

This is my 1st Aunt's Hubby.. whom oso doted on us.. a great father too as wat i observed.. a simple, responsible, homely man ;)

My Grandma, (mummy's mum) i tink tis is oso my 1st pic taken wif her..i mean juz the 2 of us.. ;)

One of my young cousin, Arena.. Sweet little young thing eh.. ;)

This is Arena's Sis, Annabelle... So sweet eh!!!!!!!!!! ;D

My Dear Granny..

Another young cousin of mine, Weijie.. my uncle's son.. (my dad's younger bro)
Well, another limelight of the night is of cos my Dearest Doggie, Coco..!! He was busy wif the kiddos.. he love kids.. no, i would say he love pple!! he was so happy tat there were so many pple tat day.. i tink he oreadi knew tat we're expecting party earlier on when my mum & i were busy tidying up the house, cleaning up.. cos @ one point of time when we're arranging the tables for the food.. he looked like he was smiling.. he was excited too!! but well, he was well behaved tat nite though.. Annabelle initially was kinda afraid of him but in the end, after much coaxing, demonstrating frm my dear dad.. she finally plucked up her courage n touch him.. took pic wif him.. ;)
Another main focus of the party... wif the kiddos Posted by Picasa

Opening up their pressents! ;)  Posted by Picasa

Family of Chin, Wong & Qiu  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Xmas Home Party 17 Dec 2005 Posted by Picasa
Went to attend Avina's Church wedding on Sat morning, 10am.. so needless to say, i onli had abt 5hrs of sleep.. cos slept ard 3+ by the time i reached home after the midnite show.. ;) wel, thisis my 1st time attending a church wedding.. wel, it reali kinda feel different frm the traditional or the chinese style of wedding.. it is warmly.. loving.. sweet.. didnt take a lot of pics then cos was kinda shy to take pics in the church.. as i dun reali know the pple there.. onli saw 2-3 familiar faces.. well, luckily i attended the wedding wif Ruth.. ;) the whole ceremony lasted abt 1hr.. which i tot tat was pretty fast as Ruthie told mi tat the ceremony usualy last abt 1 1/2 hr.. well, then had a light brunch after the ceremony, they had buffet reception.. ;) then shopped a little @ Plaza Sing.. as i was searchin for the Ritz Strudel.. wanted to get it for my home party which is later in the evening.. in the end, i bought 2 table top cloths frm Carrefour.. & a top @ Bysi.. then both of us headed dwn to bugis to get the strudel.. got the apple & of cos the durian strudel!! then rushed back home n started to get busy wif the preparation for the party..!!
Church Wedding Posted by Picasa

Went to watch AEON FLUX on friday nite wif fren, whom i cant reveal his name as this is our agreement.. ;) Anyway, this movie is reali veri cool...!!! Charlize Theron is reali super cool, Sexy & simply great!!! Look @ the pics below & u'll know why i tink she's cool.. ;D
I Love the painting of this Character for the show.. Traver (Marton Csokas).. i wish i could have a painting of me in this way...!! ;D

This move is similar to Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible..

The poster of the show.. i like it!!

hmm... i dun remember which part of the show did she wore tat sexy outfit.. wif the stylo hairdo.. ;l

Another stylo- malo character in the show.. whom i dun knw her name.. but the character she's acting in.. she has 4pairs of hands.. she's not having 4arms. as well, its pretty obvious frm the pic.. well, the other pair of hands.. or i would say more specifically is actualy the palms & of cos wif 5 fingers.. are actualy her feet..!! Gross..??!! wel, i dun tink so.. ;p juz felt tat it is reali fascinating.. ;p

I reali feel tat her hairstlye is reali veri stylish... ;)

Fri.. it was the opening nite for MOS (Ministry of Sound).. & actually i did have the sms in my phone for the free entry.. & I did went to the MOS... but well.. im juz onli outside of MOS.. met Darren, Jimmy, Rachel.. & the rest outside MOS.. & when i reached there.. the sight of the queue for MOS was reali Unbelievable!!!! It was super duper reali veri long....!!!!!!!!! we're like... hmm.... reali dun tink we can make it to b inside of MOS.. & worse.. i oreadi have a date for the Aeon Flux show @ midnite wif my fren.. so in the end.. we took some pics wif Rachel's Cam.. & had dinner @ Mac.. wel, onli Jimmy & i ate.. then headed down to Union for a short while of Salsa-ing.. then went to watch the show.. ;p i could onli have 3 dances @ Union tat nite.. ;/ Anyway, Fri. oh i was attending a course on both Thurs & Fri .. then went back home & met my parents for dinner then went to get presents for the kiddos for the Sat Xmas home party.. ;) then rushed home to get changed to go to MOS.. in the end.. didnt get in.. but well, luckily this movie is great..!! ;)

wel, the setting of the show is of abt 400yrs in the future.. in a city/state which is 'protected' or governed by a group of scientists.. Aeon Flux is one of the top 'assasins' in the the underground 'Monican' rebellion.. she was sent to kill the leader whom she tot he had killed her sister.. & the show goes on.. the show was kinda abt Human Cloning.. can u imagine yrself being cloned & u trained yrself to take over yr plce.. juz like Traver.. he cloned himself & his bro for decades of yrs.. so in other words, he has been the governor for abt more than 100yrs..!! U r in a way.. living eternally.. forever.. would u wan it to be tat way? Well, not for mi.. i dun wan to live forever!! i juz wanna live once & make this life worthwhile.. I dun reali care if human cloning wil b successful in the near future.. but y r there pple who reali wan to live forever.. i would rather the scientist cloning of the soon-to-b-extinct animals.. tat wil b even more meaningful than juz cloning yself.. ;) anyway, this show can watch it!! catch if b4 it stop showing.. ;p