Monday, October 31, 2005

Have decided to mark the end of this FEASTING Month (instead of Fasting mth for the Muslims) wif these pictures of my family.. taken it on the 25th of Oct.. had dinner @ Bistro Delifrance @ JP for the celebration of my mum's bday!! Oct is the worst yet best month of the year.. cos there's a lot of bdays in the mth.. folks like both my parents.. Aunty Mary, Ruth,Doreen,Jamal,Joyce,Jocey,Varun,Chris,Sidney & so on..... of cos Not forgetting mine.. tat's y i'd said its worst yet the best too.. ;p But I've not mit up wif my JIEMEIs yet...!!! ARGH..!!! tat reali sucks big time eh... gotta co-ordinate christyne & my busy schedule.. kris is easier though.. its the both of us always dun seem to get the right day to mit up... hope we can mit up soon. if not.. it'll be XMAS!!! ;D This is when i feel tat working shift work sucks big time.. but.. i stil love my work.. ;p
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Had Dinner Wif my gd frens-colleagues frm the general ward where i gotta know them, although now we are all scattered in the hosp, workin in diff depts, but we still make it a point to go out for dinner.. ;) We were having dinner @ The Paddyfield, near Anchorpoint.. chose this plce to dine cos gotta get somewhere near the hosp as i am workin nite shift.. as it was my 1st nite.. after suntanning @ the beach in the morning.. The plce has a veri cosy ambience serving great food!! Can try out this plce if anyone who's into Thai food. ;)
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Finally had a chance to go suntanning on fri!! The day was Bright & Sunny wif burning sun!!! ;D Have not been tanning for @ least 2mths i think.. gosh, turning fair soon too.. ;p

Tribute to my Dear Salseros frens - Finally got a chance to wear the white bikini & Had taken pics of me wearing it so tat u folks, (actualy its crystal & glo onli) wont be pressing mi to wear it.. hahahahah ;D juz joking!! Anyway, Thanks a lot for the present my dearies.. i know its all teh way frm JB.. ;D

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Was @ Sentosa, Siloso beach for the Jazz by the Beach on the 22nd, Wif Hendra, Darren.. forgotten to take a pic wif Darren.. the nite was crowded unexpectantly.. saw a lot of salsa regulars there as well.. well.. the salsa circle is actually quite small.. :) The Band is reali great & had a few dances on the 'carpetted' dancefloor.. BAREFOOTED.. ;D didnt want to bring my dance heels or blochs as i tot it'll be funny if im wearin heels or shoes.. so onli went wif my slippers.. ;p but stil got a few dances.. wif hendra,clarence,jason,alan.. etc.. ;)
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Sunday, October 30, 2005

My birthday of cos wont miss out hanging out wif my best fren!! ;) We had dinner @ TCC & she got mi a Black Wallet..! ;) Thank you babe for gettin one of my item off frm my wishlist.. ;D Thank you for all the years of support, love, encouragement, tolerance, staying by, standing by my side.. okie, enough of all the mushy mushy stuffs.. but juz to let u know that i reali treasure the frenship tat we have & reali appreciate for everyting!! Although we dun spend a lot of time together nowadays but im sure tat our frenship is not affected in any other way, rite..?! ;p U're forever my Best fren & thanks for standing by my side!! ;)
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:) Tor, Tis is frm u!! ;) travelled all the way frm US!! :D Thank You veri much for the present.. & Reali appreciate it!!!!!!! ;) couldnt say thanks to u personally cos hav not been able to be online cos im on nite shift.. hope u're reading this!! ;p This candle reali smells veri nice. but one sad thing is that when i opened up yr present.. the candle jar has a crack on it.. so i couldnt burn the candle yet.. but even if i couldnt burn it yet.. the smell is stil veri strong & i reali love it!! ;)
This lovely present is frm Sylvastian.. a fren whom i gotta know @ the vet clinic.. well, its a long story how we know each other & if i didnt rem wrongly.. i did mentioned abt him in one of my posts veri much earlier.. ;D Anyway, he got this great lookin bag frm MILAN!!! He was having his Honeymoon @ Europe & Swizterland. ;) Reali reali touched tat he rem my birthday & tat he got this bag for moi!! Anyway, he cant forget my bday cos his sis's bday oso veri near mine.. ;) :D We had dinner on wed, b4 my bday, & had a drink @ the pub @ mount faber wher he showed mi his wedding pics & the photos @ the wedding dinner. Reali veri Veri Sweet, lovely & loving Couple! I didnt go to his wedding dinner although he did invite mi.. cos im too shy to attend a dinner on my own.. & i was workin pm shift on his wedding day.. which is on the Children's Day, 1st Oct ;) But i did sent my best regards & wishes to him & his beautiful wifey on the day. ;)
This present is frm Joey, a new gal fren whom i gotta know thru sebaz, who oso salsaing.. this present is all the way frm Turkey!! Reali appreciate her sweet thoughts.. the 'blue eye' on the bracelet.. is meant for gd luck.. ;) in case u're wondering wat's inside the plastic bag.. that's a pair of earrings..! wil wear it one of these days!! ;) Thank you Joey!! U're reali a darling!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Beautiful pic with Sweet memories.. which i can onli keep it to myself. ;)
Used this pic to mark the entry of my birthday this yr ;)
Proud to say tat this yr birthday, on the actualy day of my bday, 20 Oct.. the best thing i had done for myself is tat i have 3 proper meals on my special day!! Had the day off on the day.. so had breakfast wif mum @ 8+, b4 she go to work. then had lunch wif Shaowei @ 1+pm. then had dinner wif Aunty Mary @ Tao's Restaurant.. ;) I'd never felt so gd abt having 3 meals in a day!! :D well, due to my shift work schedule.. i've not been able to have my meals regularly ever since i started work.. tats like abt 5yrs ago..! ;D
In Fact, This whole month.. i've been kinda celebrating my birthday..!! ;P cos i didnt make any plans for my bday.. as i reali cant think of thing to do on my bday..(tats bcos im single..?!) i decided to mit up wif frens who wan to mit mi & celebrate my bday for mi.. so this month i have been eating reali quite a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feasting Month eh...!! Ther'll b more pics n words to put dwn.. but cant do it now as im reali veri sleepy oreadi... :)

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Celebrated Hendra's & my bday @ Union on the 19 Oct wif lots of frens.. but unfortunately onli had these few pics cos i forgot to take my digi cam.. ;( but stil luckily, Trudy took a few.. ;) Juz Wanna Say THANX to all these lovely, Sweet, Kind souls who had made tat day so Special, unforgettable & Warm! Definitely had a fabulous time @ Union tat night although my knees were hurt in the later part while dancing.. but stil I Dun CARE!! hahahah!! anyway, knees wil hurt after dancing every now & then.. after resting.. it felt much better.. so guys, dun worry abt it! When im having the pain, i will stop n rest for awhile.. so when i 'reject' yr invitaton to dance.. its not bcos i dun like to dance wif u ya.. juz giv my poor knees a short break.. & frm now on, i'll wear my knee guards b4 dancing..!!!!!!!!! ;p
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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Although we have known Todd ever since we started Salsa.. abt 2yrs ago.. we realised that we have not taken any pic wif him b4..!! So finally, we took a few @ Union..!! ;D too bad, another partner in crime of Todd was not able to make it yest.. Arun.. wil take pic wif him the nex time we mit them @ Union.. ;) Have always enjoyed dancing wif Todd & Arun.. they were the ones who danced wif us when we were stil beginners.. got to know them @ Lesly classes.. they were helping out in Lesly's classes.. They are reali gd dancers with great personalities!! also learned a lot frm Todd & Arun abt life & other stuffs too.. not onli dancing.. they offer gd advise, great company!! :)

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these are taken b4 the buffet dinner even started.. we were there early.. with no reservations made.. due to our forgetfulness.. we're @ the plce @ 6.15pm.. but the dinner start @ 6.30pm.. so the whole plce was so empty, onli the 2 of us.. so took pics.. & the one wif the beautiful painting.. ;)
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Reali love the painting frm the Garden Cafe.. looks so real rite?? ;p like we were @ outdoor.. paradise eh... ;)
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Went to have buffet dinner @ Hotel Phoenix yest wif Ruthie, it is a treat for the both of us for our birthdays.. ;) The meal was reali quite a spread.. had a veri super full dinner!! Can go to this plce again.. the food, ambience & price are reali not too bad!! After dinner, we went to Union for Salsa.. wif Todd & Dareen. ;) Nex time, i wont eat so much b4 goin to dance again.. felt so full tat i didnt reali couldnt dance much.. but anyway, i dun reali feel like dancing much as well.. cos my calf muscles are stil aching frm the #hours fitness thingy.. ;p whole body aching as well, but not too bad though..
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