Wednesday, May 30, 2007

and of cos, how can i not put up my dear sister pic when i just did for my bro... this is my dear sis with her husband-to-be. ;) dun get mistaken.. this is not thier wedding. they were @ my sister's best fren's wedding dinner.
Its reali amazing tat pple do comment tat both of us look alike.. and the immediate response frm the both of us is disgust. neither of us like to b told tat we look alike cos we are so different frm each other, and to think back abt it.. i find it reali amusing.. mayb we are similar in some ways.. ;)
realli missed the days when the both of us are always arguing and being hard on each other.. but no matter wat happens, when either of us is goin thru a hard time or havin some difficulties.. we wil stand up for each other and support each other. that's wat sisters are for ya..
just like now.. me being away frm home.. it actualy makes the 3 of us miss one another.. actualy its more of they missing me and vice versa.. ;)
pretty sure tat my absence @ home.. does bring our relationship a little closer, in a way.. ;p

This is my dear Brother.. was looking @ his pics when he went to HK on a company trip.. then realised how much we had grown.. and honestly, i am realli proud of my siblings, and as now, im being away frm home.. i realy missed them a lot. ;)
Really like this pic of my bro.. it makes him look like a Star.. hahhahhahah.. i can see his head gettin bigger now..
Missed the times when we had so much fun back in spore.. @ home.. singing karaoke.. playing mahjong.. even juz squabbling..
has aways been closer to my bro than to my sis.. prob bcos of the similarity of our characters.. both of us are easy going and more outgoing.. both of our social lives are too colorful.. we hav too many diff grp of frens, likes outdoor activites..
I miss u brother!!!!
Officially frm today onwards, im on leave til 19th june!! Trips and hotels are all booked and cant wait to go out of dublin!!
Today, finally have the important issues dealt with. Went to the Spore Consulate in the morning to sign the form to notify spore abt the loss of my ID.. then to the immigration center to get my immigration card. Now, i felt so much relieved after gettin these 2 issues done.
Now i can go on my trip with a ease of mind, with my immigration card in hand. ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Finally, today is the day tat i'd been lookin forward to.. the arrival of Aunty Mary & Chermaine to Dublin!! WOOHOO!!

Although i got up early in the morning, i was stil late to arrive in the airport, all bcos of the late Aircoach bus to the airport.. was waiting @ the bus-stop for more than 30mins, when it was supposingly to be 15mins.. but anyway, fetched them frm the airport and took them to my plce in the cab. Was really surprised and happy to see all the stuffs tat they brought over frm spore for me... was really really touched!!!!
Took them to the Wine Cellar for lunch (the plce wher channey and i went for her bday) and walkin, shoppin ard in St Stephen's and city center..

Then, when we finally wanted to take the bus back home... i realised tat i was PICKPOCKETED!!
My big fat black wallet was missing frm my bag!!!!!!!!! Tracking back the route tat we took, stil no sign of my wallet.. so.. i resigned to my unlucky fate..
Went back home, got all the numbers to call to cancel all my cards.. for ireland & SIngapore!
Informed the embassy of spore as well, as my spore identity card was in my wallet as well... and my immigration card for ireland... so hav to report to the garda (police) station... @#*^@#$#@$

Now, i feel so empty.. with no identity card, no atm card, no credit card.. DARN!!!!!!! @$#@*#$&@*$*

but wel, not all is lost... considering tat i am stil quite lucky..
cos my hp, digital camera and housekeys are stil in my bag..
the amt of cash in my walet is abt 60-70euros..
No one was hurt..

I hope the cash would help this thief in most ways he/she wanted to have..
just return my identity card to the immigration/embassy/police.. tats wat im asking for..
although i would hav all these replaced soon enough.. but stil.. oh wel, cant b tat optimistic abt it though.. i know.. oh well..
lesson well learned. prob its a warning sign for me.. to b super duper careful wif my stuffs when im going on my trips... norway, paris and rome.
Im sensing the danger already..... ...... ...... ......

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Went to watch Pirates today, and totally enjoyed the 170mins movie!! always love to watch this type of movie. ;) fabulous show! Cant miss this block buster!!

Im not watchin this juz bcos of Orlando Bloom / Johnny Depp.. its bcos i reali love to the movie, Pirates of the Carribean.. frm the 1st one til now.. ;)

Have always wonder how do they make these kind of movies.. like Narnia, Harry Potter.. So much of imagination..

Pirates.. is ther stil any of them out there in this world??

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finally, the strike is over, Work to rule ends.. this is the latest report of the Irish nurses organisation strike...

Nurses vote in favour of settlement Wednesday, 23 May 2007 21:20
Nurses have voted in favour of accepting proposals to end their work-to-rule.
The result of the ballot of over 35,000 members of the Irish Nurses Organisation was 54% in favour and 46% against.
Their work-to-rule will be lifted tomorrow morning at 8am.
Nurses voted on settlement proposals to end their 52-day dispute over pay and working hours.
Nurses and midwives were offered a 37.5-hour week by June next year, as well as an independent commission to examine how and when a 35-hour week can be achieved.
Under the settlement, the main pay issues must be dealt with through benchmarking.
The result of a ballot of members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association on the deal will not be available until 5 June.
The Minister for Health, Mary Harney, welcomed the result of the vote.
She said the outcome is 'very encouraging'. She added: 'Together we can deliver changes for patients that do not involve reduction in services or new cost for taxpayers.'

Worldwide Healthcare services are having almost the same problems.. Although facing worldwide shortage of nurses.. we are still not being treated equally compared to other professionals.. and to think that they said that nursing is a profession.. i have heard this frm my lecturer in NYP, we r not working under the doctors, we r workin hand in hand with them.. we r professionals too.. but y is tat we not paid 'professionally' then?

Anyway, nothing much left to say.. .. ..
have come to my own conclusion though.. ;)


hahhahaha.. crappy i know.. ;p
tats me!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Watched this show on mon, thinking it was a animated movie. wel, its not. but stil i like the storyline of the show.. Keep an open mind, wide open. u wil never know wat u wil see.
totally agree wif it!

Just went to watch this in the afternoon. always loved to watch nicholas cage movies.
pretty good show !

imagine yrself being able to see/know wat's goin to happen 2mins earlier.. not reali able to see the whole future.. would u stil wanna change yr moves / decisions?
wat would u do if u can see the future? would u really wanna change yr future?
i dun reali wanna see my future, im more interested in my past life though..
the future, we will get to it one day. its the past tat we cant go back and change anything. the future is wat we wan it to be, by the decisions we have made.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Went to watch SPIDEY yest wif Channey, and reali liked this one! the black outfit is reali cool!!
Well, like the concept about a HERO can oso lose himself.
Its true when people who are gettin too full of themselves, their head are gettin too big, over confident.. they will lose themselves in their own mighty world, they think..
Hatred is another word, tat is so strong to be used and to feel, that it would change one's character, personality, everything abt a person.
One wil never find happiness or be happy if he hates a person. Hatred is a total negative feeling that one shld never ever have it.. that my philosophy of life..
i hav never hated a person b4 so far.. wel, basically, i dun wanna waste my time in my life to do tat.. no matter how hurt i am.. i just forget everything abt it and moved on. ;)
There are always better things or pple coming along.. just keep on moving.
Think i shld start reading some philosophy books.. =p i have so many philosophies for myself oreadi!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Its been more than 1week since i have moved into my current plce.. but honestly, i didnt reali spend a lot of time to connect with the house and my room yet... will try to spend more time @ home..

some pics taken b4 moving out of the hostel.. didnt realise that i have accumulated so many stuffs until i hav to pack to move out.. i'd onli been for abt 7mths!!
i came here with 1 pair of sport shoes, 2 pairs of slippers, 1 pair of 'boots' and my pair of dancing heels. keekekekekke.

These are onli the 1st part of my stuffs that i moved over on Saturday..

Before and after.. the pile of clothes i have now..
My double bed.. new duvet, new duvet cover and pillows.. and of cos the teddies bears tat i have here.. ;)
This is the living room.. small but i like it.
my fav space of the house.. the balcony. have not taken any pics from the balcony yet.. didnt have the time..
the kitchen. ;) small but sufficiently equipped.

Late posting of last thurs dinner @ MEXICO TO ROME, due to my busy packed schedule.. Went to the restaurant wif Bubbles, my new buddy, had a really nice and full dinner!
Our Seafood Salad!! !!

My salmon.. ;)
The food we had and our side dishes.. healthy eating.. with vegetables and of cos.. mashed potatoes.. the irish cant live without potatoes..
and of cos, not forgetting our Desserts.. Mudpie!! and with a shot of B52 for each of us. ;p

Friday, May 04, 2007

Wedding Planner Organiser!! !! !!
Not for me though!! its for my precious Sister, Kaifang, Maydeline.
Finally had sent it over to Singapore to her and can only post it up in my blog until she receives it. kekekkekek..
I really like this organiser when i first saw it @ Hodges Figgins, my fav bookshop.
Dun think they hav it in Spore cos i hav never saw it b4 in spore..

Thursday, May 03, 2007

2nd May - Channey's bday! Think this shld b her 1st bday in dublin!! Right babe? ;)
Anyway, we had dinner @ Fallon & Byrne @ Exchequer Street. Nice wine cellar restaurant wif nice food and cute server. ;) of cos had a glass of wine to go with our food as we were surrounded wif lots and lots of wine!!
Just a simple dinner bday for Channey..
just like wat Ainah wil do for me, or had done for me all these yrs on my bday and vice versa.. ;)

Our half a dozen oysters! real fresh and GOOD!! the cute server thought im the onli one having the oysters.. so funny.. when we told him that we're sharin the food, then he smiled and understood.. i like his smile.. ;) both of us thought he's cute..
The prawn sandwich we ordered. Where's the sandwich?? the brown stuff under the prawn.. that's the bread.. hahahaah... but honestly, it taste real good!!

Our deserts for the night. Fruit salad and the mousse cakes.. ;)

My routine of taking pictures wif the food we having. ;) just love takin pics with food!!

I was mistaken as a Japanese by one of the 'customers' and he said i am beautiful.. hahahahha so freaky!! not bcos he is old, but just tat he behaves so weird!! prob if he is more normal.. i wil talk to him more.. but hell no, if a man, or even a woman, gives me the feelin of freakyness..!! no way!! i trust my intuition!!
i tink i do look like a bit japanese now cos im Darn Freaking FAIR!!!! !!!!
when im real tanned, pple mistaken me as a philipino.. LOL
i think i would prefer to b mistaken as a japanese!
was once mistaken as a korean too.. WTH...
tats y i said to someone b4 tat i hav an international and common face.. ;)
It feels good to be mistaken to be someone else sometimes.. kekekekekek
Finally have the chance and time to post the pics up for Martina's farewell lunch @ Maloti's !! it was taken last thurs, when i had only 1 and a hlaf hours of sleep from my night shift, and went for lunch wif the gals... but stil i think i look real fresh!! ;p

This is the card we got for her!! 4 gals jumpin into the water, and Rebecca wrote each of our names to the gals in the pic, so much symbolising the 4 of us!! reali cool card!!

Martina & me ;)
Martina wif Rebecca
And of cos Martina's best buddy - Channey ;)
The waitress took another pic for us again although we didnt wan to.. kekekeke

our sumptous lunch @ Maloti's ;) its worthwhile for the lost hours of sleep!!

The chocolate cake frm Marks & Spencers for Martina, chocolate lover.. like me.. kekkekee

Rebecca's plate of curries!
yummy, chocolate cake always works for me! ;)
channey's choco cake!! we simply juz love the chocolate cake tat Rebecca bought!