Sunday, October 29, 2006

this is St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, has a veri beautiful architecture design inside the building, juz like the takashimaya back in spore, things inside here are not cheap.. but wel, ther r a few exceptions tat Gloria n i both found a shop which sells gd n reasonable price for their jackets. needless to say, i bought one, and glo got 3. ;) i love the pic which has the art pieces on the wall, they had lots of art pieces on the wall, they r simply beautiful.

these were taken 1 day after my bday @ the Ranelagh Garden ,which is juz located beside the place wher im stayin rite now. ;) a big pond with ducks swimming in it.. the pink jacket was wat i bought for myself for my 1st oversea birthday present, i bought another one which is in green, ;) guess the price for each jacket... its onli 4euro! which is S$8. ;) things over here can b real expensive n of cos ther r cheap ones too, luckily got valerie who brought us ard n tell us wher to get cheap n gd stuffs, ;) Valerie is my roommate, gloria's veri close fren, who has been here for past 6mths.. ;) a super nice lady.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

to my dear folks back in spore, this is the cabfare over here in Dublin.. i know its not gettin cheap in gettin a cab nowadays back home but see.. its not cheap here either.. ;<
Hope the weather & haze over in spore is getting better.. although ther's no haze over here, but the weather is gettin cold.. yesterday was raining the whole day!!!!!! now, its starting to rain on alternate days.. soon, it will start to rain everyday..!! (that's wat my colleagues said....)

My 1st week in the ward was not too bad, getting on well with the pple & the routine here.. oh, by the way, last night i have the 2 shocks of my life here in Dublin... u folks would never guess it..

1st shock - more pertaining to the work .. - its the nurses who have to clean the bed after every discharge of pt!! although we dun have to order stocks, supplies, serve meals, count equipments, charge pts, by the way, dressings over here is free.. and allevyn & mepore is almost used for every dressings

2nd shock - while i was waiting for the bus to go home near the hosp, within 30mins, there were 17 LIMOSINES coming out frm one of the lanes near to wher im waiting for the bus..!! and there were 4 different types of limo!! so after waited for @ least 40mins (Argh..!!) the bus number 18 finally came.. ;) @ least counting the limos did kept us entertained for that 40mins of waiting..!! ;D

It is goin to be a long weekend for me, as Mon is a Bank holiday = public holiday, we as the pre-registered nurses dun hav to work on bank holidays.. & the wkends.. so no work for me on sat, sun & mon!! will get ard the plces and take more pics!! ;)

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Create Your Own!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

for the 1st time in my 27 year of life that i have to be on my own in another plce for my birthday, n honestly, it was not as bad as what u folks said.. i wasnt lonely or miserable.. i had the company of my new frens over here, & the sweetest thing i'd got, is that the class sang me a birthday song @ the end of our orientation class, actualy it was realli a gd way to end the session eh!! ;p
but of cos i still missed the company of all my family & friends back in spore!!!!! & the presents too..!! hahahhahaha.. save a bigger one for me when i come back for it yah!!!

Just wanna Say a Big Thank You to all my friends back in Spore for all the best wishes & greetings that u folks had sent me & I know im not forgotten by u folks, i am truly realli blessed to have known u folks!! I was realli touched to receive all the sms & emails on my special day. ;) (from the bottom of my heart) although i was hopin to receive presents... kekekekeeke...

anyway, tomorrow will be the actual day i'll be starting work in the ward.. so im praying hard tat everything will go on smoothly.. kekkee.. i'll be workin in the liver unit, which is the main specialty of the hosp, but wil start in the ward, HD 1st, prob will then go to the ICU after the adaptation period.. well, wil c how it goes then.. cos the ward seems pretty okie for me too.. but of cos, if i can go back to ICU wil then be the best thing for me, so as not to waste my experience mah.. hehhehe..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This post is actually more for pauline, i know u'll be reading this.. ;)
I juz had the refresher course of Basic life support for healthcare providers.. ;) im not sure if ther's any new videos frm SGH over spore, but the one that was shown here is the latest, with the ratio of 30:2 compression. their videos are diff from the one we had back hm, videos are played n has pausing moments when we wil hav to do the practice, its gd u know.. the instructors dun reali hav to do much, juz play the video n pause it when the video say so, supervised the students abt their practical, n move on with the video. they oso practised with the face mask, we didnt do alot wif the mouth to mouth wif the manikin. same goes for the infant. they oso taught us how to put dwn the choking patient who turned unresponsive.. even for those pple who wil b bigger size than us. tat's realli gd u know. its reali easy. then the way they put the victims in recovery position is slightly different as well.. but i tink both way are quite fine as it is. ;) oh one more thing is that, as for the 2man CPR, there's no command for the changeover. each rescuer has to complete the 2mins cycle. its actualy not tat tiring to do the 30compressions:2breathe. ;) the whole session is not boring as we watch the video n do the practical as n when it prompt to, @ least i dun hav the chance to sit down for too long to get my sleepy.. ;D
wel, think that's all for the day!! hehehhehehe.. cant wait to put it all dwn here as im afraid tat i'd forget to put it dwn for u here. ;)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Create Your Own!

Create Your Own!

Create Your Own!

Create Your Own!

Thanks to everyone who were ther n to those who are not ther due to personal reasons, its okie, & i realli appreciate & thankful for all the fond memories!! !! !!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

got this from YC's blog.. hahaha.. thanks handsome.. ;)
hehehe.. got this from my sis's blog.. the pic we took b4 i fly off to dublin, ;)
wkend's gonna end soon & tml its the start of the orientation program.. its goin to be 2wks of classroom orientation, then 4wks of ward attachment.. hope everything'll go juz fine. ;)

its been rainy almost the whole day for a Sunday, but it doesnt realli bother me much.. its cold, chilly but im doin juz fine. i was thinking.. i can keep my whole body warm with all the clothes that i have but only one area that i cant.. gues wat.. its the face.. i wonder if ther's anyone who wil wear a mask to cover the face when its cold out ther.. hahahha.. imagine everyone in the streets wear masks.. ohh.. its like a masks party.. ;D

Realli, its not realli that tough as what i had imagine but well, mayb its bcos i have not started work yet.. it still feels like havin a holiday right now.. roaming ard the streets, taking pics..
cant wait for work to start actualy, bcos u know, once its started, then prob i can start looking for my own plce then gettin paid then life will reali start from ther.. yap.. i tink so.. ;)
#so far, i have not seen any singaporeans ard.. ther r lots of philipinos around that im sure.. cos the pple that im hangin out wif, they hav frens almost all over hte plce & these few days we went over to their plces.. & ther r chinese too, but the ones that i saw. .they r all from china.. no sporean.. except me.. hmm.. ther shld b i tink..
oh, when im more settle.. i'll look ard for plce to salsa.. so far, din see any plce yet to even dance.. ;)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hi pple, this is my 1st post from dublin..!! ;)
Its beautiful here although the weather is cold but im having fun here as i hav the chance to wear the furry coats, the scarfs that u folks hav got for me.. dressing up in the cold weather is realli cool too!! i like this plce the moment i was abt to land.. bcos u noe why.. bcos before the plane landed.. i saw a beautiful rainbow!! a big one!! from the plane!! i know this is goin to b a realli gd experience for me & many more to come!!
sorry for not being able to put up the pics yet cos i hav to use the pc frm the cafe.. but wil definitely put them all up once i got the chance to do it!!

this coming 2 wks wil b having the orientation prgm so wont b in the ward yet.. so u folks dun wory abt me yah, i'll be juz fine!! i pray for that too! ;D

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One of my Fav Songs too.. & in my list of my funeral songs to be played.. ;)
Very Soothing song