Sunday, July 31, 2005

went to catch this show this evening wif frens.. ;) reali a cool show except wif a few rather dumb scenes/plots.. but overal, the sound effects, the scenes r reali veri cool!! i've always love tings tats r fast.. alwys wanted to try out tings like riding a bike.. (sports bike).. driving (speeding?? ;D) but so far i din get any of the license yet.. cos i couldnt even afford to get the vehicle.. tats y i dun bother to get any license yet.. until i can afford one or if there's anyone who willingly to get it for mi wif no conditions.. hey, i dun mind man!! :D *Dream Dream Dream*

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

watched this show if my bro in the late afternoon, after work.. gave him a treat to movies & nachos.. ;p cos he has not been to the movies for a while.. my poor bro! we both love horror movies & of cos comedies!! i've always njoyed my bro's company, he's sporty, fun loving, interesting, talkative, full of crap.. like mi.. hahaha!! tats y we can hit it off very well!! this show's not too bad, did have some scenes tat caught us by surprise, but of cos ther's a few of the 'classic' scenes frm jap movies, like the ring.. ;) catch it if u r tinking of stimulating yrself or yr frens.. i always find a gd horror movie is veri stimulating, makes mi more alert, with adrenaline pumping, heart pumping, haha!!

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today, did my 1st thing in my whole 25 years @ post office.. was to send a parcel to a friend in overseas.. got it done quite fast, didnt spend a long time to buy the 'box' n get it posted to U.S.. within 10mins.. i cant wait for my fren to receive the parcel.. & reali hope he'll like it.. its goin to be his birthday.. okie.. TOR.. the present's for u!! (wonder if he'll b reading tis though.. although i hope he didnt cos then he wont know tat im sending his present over.. but even if U r reading this, im not tellin wat's in it ya!! hahahah!!!) I Hope u'll like it!! ;p

Now i know how to send parcel to overseas.. i'll definitely do it again..!! ;) (not to u, tor.. i stil hav mary chapelle over @ U.K..!!) ;D

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Wonder wat's wrong with me lately.... I juz lost my EZ Link card!!! I sprained my ankle on sun, n now, lost my card.. its so weird.. im not one who's careless n clumsy.. but hell, in 2days..!! & have been sleeping more than 5hours too.. normally, i juz need 4hours.. wel, maybe its the cold & rainy weather.. :) but it kinda bothers me a bit.. being muddle-headed.. hmm.... i can be quite blur @ times.. but careless, am not.. anyway, wil watch out for myself.. (more) ;p

Monday, July 25, 2005

went to karaoke wif christyne (one of my closest fren) @ nite.. frm 9pm to 1am..!! Kris couldnt make due to women's prob.. so left the 2 of us but we stil had fun!! Tis sweetie bought a bracelet for mi frm bangkok. they went to bangkok wif other frens recently, i couldnt make it due to work.. i love it babe! 4hours of karaoke.. stil not eunff for us.. as usual, we stil a long list of songs tat we haven get a chance to sing.. time reali past u by veri fast!!  Posted by Picasa

got these 2 cds frm gramophone.. ;) gotta listen to it!! Posted by Picasa

bought this book frm borders.. ;) my dream of being a witch might come true one of these days!! will read up the book when im free though.. ;p Posted by Picasa

bought a cover for my ipod mini. ;) cute rite??!! Posted by Picasa

bought 2 bikinis.. on different day though.. the black one was on sat.. the other one got it frm mango today.. ;> Posted by Picasa

Got tis Fila Bag on sunday, after watching the island, the shop is abt to closed.. but we went in n take a look since ther's stil other shoppers in the store, n i bought tis! ;D

had a sprained on my left ankle on sunday.. b4 goin for the show, was abt to get on the bus.. but missed a step @ the bus stop..... veri unlucky!!

went to watch this show ' The island" on sunday.. quite impressed wif the creativity & imagination tat the script writer has upon this show.. its not reali like harry potter or lord of the rings stuffs like tat.. its abt how advanced medical science can get to.. human cloning.. yes, pple r doin it now, but in the show, the clones r oreadi in adult sized when its finish.. they showed how the clones r 'born' too.. juz like a normal delievery of babies.. breaking the 'waterbag', cutting the umbilical cord, clone taking his 1st breath.. its reali amazing how they shoot this movie.. i reali hope tat ther'll b one day tat i can c how they shoot movies.. its reali amazing.. Ewan McGregor is charming too.. charming eyes.. wif a beautiful, sexy Scarlett Johansson.. (whistles) i quite like the outfit/uniform they're wearing in the show too, White in color.. ;) but is reali kinda freaky if everyday u've to wear the same outfit.. n messages on the wall panel.. even in the toilet.. testing yr urine.. everyting is under control.. the institution they're in.. its juz like a prison.. but not reali like one.. cos stil has nice swimming pool, pub, wine bar.. haha.. anyway, this show is reali cool & nice!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Its a gloomy,rainy tuesday.. its reali one of the best reason to stay home n snuggle in bed, watch tv, practically juz laze & do noting @ home.. ;p
its a miracle that i'd slept for 12hours.. frm 1am-1pm.. without me knowing it.. if not bcos of meifern's msg.. i tink i would have been stil sleepin!! but dun reali noe if i shld thank her for waking mi up or ... :)anyhow, took coco dwn for a walk, watch tv, cook korean maggie mee for late brunch,& now, am here ;p initially wanted to go for a run in the morning (tat was last nite plans, tinking mum wil wake mi up for breakfast) but hell, it was raining heavily.. i did woke up @ 7.30am though, seeing the gd weather, ignored the other 2 ladies in the hse (mum & sis) & went back to bed. ;) What a perfect weather!!

But come to tink of it.. why has it been raining consistently for these few days?? It doesnt reali look gd eh.. its july.. i stil prefer sunny warm weather.. ;) rainy days always makes mi feel lazy.. although my frens do tel mi tat i need to rest, be lazy but gues its juz not mi!! haha ;p
cant go for salsa tonite as i gotta work.. on nite shift.. but wel, i do hope tat the auditors wont come @ nite... dun they have to sleep..?? Its so creepy.. i tink i would rather have the gd spirits as company then to have the auditors.. dun tink the auditors will b on any gd mood if they're coming @ nite.. rite? missing on the sleep.. hmm.. or shld i pray tat the weather to continue to be this gloomy.. everyone's lazy n hope to be in bed in such gloomy weather rite..? haha!! then i definitely wont mind such weather for this 4days!! ;D

Monday, July 18, 2005

today's the 1st day of the JCI audit.. every1 of us were anxious, stressed abt it.. cos we dun noe wat time is the auditor coming.. although the schedule was oreadi planned @ 3pm-5pm.. but we wont reali noe if they'll keep to the schedule.. tats y we're kinda stressed abt it.. but.. eventualy, HE did walked into the ICU @ 3pm.. by then the morning staffs were oreadi being shuffed into the staff room n we started to 'chase' the juniors to go back.. the last few remaining.. was ruth n mi.. ;) wel, by the time we manage to get ourselves out of the ICU was oreadi ard4.30pm.. initialy, we wanted to go back home.. then she asked if im goin anywher.. so in the end, we went to anchorpoint supposingly for coffee.. but we had our late lunch cum early dinner @ KFC.. chatted, frustration & grievances vented.. it was ard 6.30.. then i said.. shall we go back n take a look n c how the audit goes.. so back to the ICU.. chatted wif S.A & B.K & Ah bang.. so got updated with how the audit goes.. everyting's pretty okie.. but.. ther's stil 3 more days to go.. ther'r 2 more auditors whom might juz pop in n audit again.. anytime.. even @ 3am!! gosh,, crazy isn't??!! by the time we left the ICU, it was abt 8.15pm.. we practically had the whole day spent in the hosp (minus the time @ anchorpoint) but we dun mind it @ all though. ;)

3 more days for this whole JCI tingy to end.. tml i'll b on nite shift.. hope the super onz auditors wont come in the middle of nite to audit man..!! cos' in the nite, we're totally on our own!! so scary!! but wel, i'll b on nite shift wif Ruth.. hehehehe.. shldn't be a prob!! stil hav her!! ;p
may god bless & hope this horrifying audit will get over soon & most importantly, pass the audit so that we wont need to go through it again in 3/6mths time..!!!! (if its 6mths time.. tat'll b Xmas period!!!??)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Make a guess where is this plce......
This is taken @ Clarke Quay Mrt control station.. cool!! ;)
A Painting tat caught my eyes when walking ard @ Suntec!! The painting is actually inside the showcase.. ;)

My dear coco.. who juz had his grooming done tis afternoon!! He's such a darling!!! ;) Posted by Picasa

went to watch Sin City today wif samson, one of my ex, the movie is rather cool.. like the way the movie was being shoot.. buce willis is stil as cool as ever, jaime king's cool too.. in the sexy outfit n the character she played.. cool, sexy, love the way jesica alba shake her booty in the show.. (Im not lesbian ya!! im totally straight!!)

we spent almost the whole day out.. n whenever im wif him.. i realised we r always walkin to diff plces.. juz like today.. we met up @ city hall mrt, then we walked to marina sq for the show (tat was ok & normal) frm marina, we went to suntec.. then bugis.. had dinner @ a restaurant where we used to hav.. the plce where i brought him on our so-call 1st date (i tink) & his birthday (last yr) .. then we walked dwn all teh way to chinatown.. we initially wanted to go to MOMO club.. but last min his frens stood him out, luckily we hav not enter the club yet.. then we decided to call it a day.. so walked to outram mrt.. onli when goin out wif him, i get the chance to walk for so long.. wel, im not complaining ya.. cos he seems to know almost all the road, the plces to go, to walk.. hahaha.. he brought mi to plces which i'd never been to all this time although im a singaporean.. sometimes, i do wonder if i belong here.. honestly, i dun tink i do..

anyhow, reali gotta thank him for keepin mi company today.. n gettin my mind off abt the audit.. actualy wanted to go back hosp in the morning toread up the policies.. woke up @ 8am but went back to sleep again cos it was raining, i din wan to waste such a gd weather!! slept til 1230..!! so.. mit up wif him straight frm home.. cos i noe if i stil make my way back to hosp.. i dun tink i'll ever get out of the plce @ all.. ;p

Friday, July 15, 2005

2 more days to the JCI audit.. reali driving all of us crazy.. making all of us feelin tired, stressed & fed up with it.. i believe everyone of us cant wait for it to be over.. anyway, all of us hope tat we can get through wif it successfully.. but reali wonder if we can reali do it..

mind's rather empty now, as i cant put in any other info.. cant tink of anyting else but the policies.. the JCI.. hope i wont fumble like wat i did yest for the day when the actual auditors come.. gosh.. but i believe i can do it better.. i know i can though ;) gotta remember to take deep breaths, stay cool & calm... ;) mon- i'll b on AM shift.. officially, the auditors suppose to come to our ICU on monday afternoon but they might come earlyier than the time they gav us.. tues to thurs wil b on nite shift wif ruth.. but the auditors most prob wil come on nite shift to audit. tats wat reali happen to the other hosp tat they hav visited before, so cant let my hair dwn man..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

love how the pics were taken.. i like tis kind of pics..  Posted by Picasa

A Lot Like Love Posted by Picasa
Went to watch "A lot like love" by Aston kutcher & Amanda Peet.. it was a pretty gd show i can say.. after the show went for salsa dancing for flat3hrs!! felt veri good after the dances! while on the way to Union Sq.. am juz tinking "What is Love??"

Stephen Packer wrote this quote: Love is strong yet delicate, it can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this.

Love is more than a feeling, it's a state of mind.. written by Lisa Grude. (I put my hands up to this in agreement!!!)

Love.. is unexplainable, unpredictable feelings U can have towards a person n it must be mutual too.. There're some pple who dun noe what's love is.. but will hurt themselves in whatever manner they can.. ther are..

To mi, 1st, one must know how to love themselves 1st.. if U dun noe how to love yrself, ther's no one who can loves u more than U yrself.. that's wat i personally feel.. tats one of my life principles too.. ;)

I believe Love @ 1st sight.. cos i'd experienced it b4.. it's a mutual attraction but we didnt go any further than juz being frens & buddies.. i dun noe why too, i din wan to ask him n he oso kept quiet abt it.. ;) anyway, he's seeing somebody rite now, so the more i wont talk abt it. i like the way we r now anyway.

anyway, these r the few pictures taken from the internet tat i like for the movie. " A Lot Like Love"

Monday, July 11, 2005

7 more days to go.. for the JCI audit..joint commission international.. "journey of continous improvement"....tats wat my hosp administrators said.. everyone is in a uptight mood, but wel mayb not all, but most of them i believe.. cant wait for it to b over.. but not too sure of we r ready for the auditors to come too.. juz hope tat we can pass tis hurdle & hopes life will b easier for us.. cant reali tink if wat to put dwn.. as my head's spinning.. tellin mi tat i shld b in bed rite now.. gotta go.....

Sunday, July 10, 2005

took a few pictures ard the hotel compound after the dinner.. like the painting of the walls.. the ballet dancers.. the forest like painting.. i love the white roses on the dining table.. its so romantic.. her shann was askin ruth & mi.. "Do u know wat's the main dish for the nite?" Both of us looked into the menu on the table.. & he said "A bouquest of White roses!!" It was so funny!! :D
@ the Raffles hotel Posted by Picasa

@ Dr Yim & Yulin's Wedding Dinner @ Raffles Hotel Posted by Picasa
Had a busy Sunday although its my off day.. early in the morning, went for Walk-a-Jog for the president challenge.. dun rem the full name for the event, but knew tat it was organise by Singhealth, prior to tat, i onli had abt an hour of sleep.. reached home @ 3+am after Salsa dancing @ union & supper. ;P wasn't tat tired @ all after the walk-a-jog.. went for dim sum breakfast wif frens after the event, reached home abt 1130am.. tried to sleep b4 attending Dr Yim's wedding.. but eventually i was waking up almost every hr.. finally, left my hse @ 6pm to mit up my frens for the wedding.. as usual, ruth's late.. & pauline (but not usual for P)

The dinner was great, but not filling.. cos its fine dining.. they served small portion of the food.. the dinner was @ Raffles Hotel..!! Thank God tat we're actually sitting wif a grp of anaesthetists tat we work wif n were actualy having a gd time wif them!!

To my Dear Dr Yim,
Thank U for everyting tat u've done for our SICU, our staffs, & of cos, our hosp. We're all happy for U tat finally U've found yr Miss Right, & wishing U & Yulin a Happy Marriage, n may God bless this newly wed couple wif love, happiness & gd health!! Its certainly my honour to be able to work wif u in AH, SICU & hav learned a lot of tings frm u.. although u've been harassing mi n some other nurses in a way or two.. but we'll definitely miss u!! hahaha!!

having attending these weddings in the last 2 mths.. it makes mi wanting to get married too..!! hahaha.. but, hav not mit my Mr Right yet. One day, somewher, i believe i'll. ;) im not in a rush to gettin into relationship, as for right now, i like the way i lead my carefree life, & i believ in fate & destiny. i like to take tings easy & let tings happen naturally. ;)

gosh, its goin to b 3am..!! reali gotta get my peaceful sleep soon..

Thursday, July 07, 2005

nice pics Posted by Picasa
am actualy feelin better now, esp after goin to union sq for salsa after work.. felt so gd after sweating it out!! i was stil wondering how can i face the pple @ my workplce after my trust in them was gone.. (not all of my colleagues of cos) so i wore all black today to work.. initially i was reali veri cold towards most of them, those who came to ICU after mi.. these r the pple whom i cant fully trust.. but after a while, im back talkin to them.. sigh.. tats mi.. cant get angry wif pple or over someting for long.. im not the one who wil waste time broodin over tings.. what's over is over..
actualy ther's stil lots of thoughts i hav abt the stealing.. but i know tat's goin to b a long writing again.. so, i've decided not to put it dwn (for the time being).. cos its late already.. i gotta get my beauty sleep.. ;)
til now, i stil cant believe wat i'd been thru yesterday is true... actualy, the whole day of yesterday hav not been gd for mi.. (when i tink abt it...) i was late for work in the 1st plce.. woke up @ 7am when i suppose to start work @ 7am..!!?? i was feeling veri gorgy the previous nite cos i had the flu vaciination jab after work.. thru out my shift, i was not reali on the ball to work.. kinda floating but stil manage to keep my legs on the ground.. then my hp got stolen in betw 3-4pm.. reali cant believe my eyes when i discover my hp was not in my bag.. cos i last check my hp was @ 3pm!!!! i asked myself if i had misplced it somewher.. i traced back my steps.. i couldnt find it.. i called my colleagues who had left the plce to check if i had misplced my hp in their bag too.. WHICH I NOE TAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!! nope, noting.. its gone.. one of the colleagues whom i'd called, i noe she was angry wif mi abt tat & she had misunderstood the meaning.. but wat the heck, i would like to care but honestly, i dun!! @ tat point of time, i onli wan to noe if i had misplced it!! not suspecting her or pointing my finger tat she's the thief!!! after making the police report, i went home, thinking tat i can use my 2nd line wif my old hp so tat i can stil contact my frens whom im suppose to mit up for a show @ nite.. but hell!!!!!!!!! the sim card of my 2nd line.. is not the one tat i tot it is!!!! i tink i had accidentally threw it away!! mistaking the one tat i had now is the one tat i actualy wanted to throw.. oh man!!! so for the whole of last nite, i was without hp.. nobody can contact mi.. including the police.. im like a illegal immigrant, wif no identity.. luckily, i managed to find my frens in the big foodcourt of Plaza singapura.. n wel, i stil went for the show of cos.. although yesterday was reali an unlucky day.. but @ lest ther's one gd ting tat happened last nite was tat the show i'd watched, Initial D, was gd!! @ least someting gd & comforting ya..

im stil upset wif the fact tat my hp was stolen TWICE in the same fucking workplce of mine!! im veri disappointed wif the broken trust tat i hav for my fellow colleagues.. im workin in a hospital,, in the ward, an ICU dept, the trust i hav for my colleagues.. now is totally shattered!! the 1st time, i stil hav the cleaner as a suspect.. whom i stil tink tat she's the one.. n she's out of the ICU frm then on. . but tis time... i reali cant believ tat its gonna b one of us.. the angel side of me says tat its not, it couldnt b.. but the devilish angeline said tat it is, it must b one of us..!! when the police investigator asked mi if ther's any suspect in mind.. the angel said no.. couldnt tink of any.. its so heartbreaking to noe tat someone u trust actualy did someting bad to u.. its a betrayal...!!!!!!! i hate betrayal, lies..

sometimes, i do tink abt tis.. am i too trusting wif pple..? am i too naive?? but its so difficult to b wif pple if i hav to put on a fake smile, a mask in front of them.. isnt? i spent more time @ the workplce than i had @ home.. the worklpce is like a 2nd home.. to mi @ least.. but tis home.. i reali cant tolerate anymore.. how can i work wif pple whom i cant trust anymore.. esp when the work we r doin involves other pples' lives...?

sorry for those who r readin my blog rite now.. i noe tis is long.. im goin to stop now. cos gotta go to work.. which i hope i can manage, i noe i can..
to whoever who had stolen my hp.. i juz wanna say... ther'll b RETRIBUTION!! in a way or other.. dun ever let mi noe who the hell u r.. cos i wont forgive u no matter what reason u hav, i dun fucking care.. i noe u dun either.. fuck u! (veri pissed off)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

wat a f***king day!! my precious HP got stolen again in my workplce..!!!!!!!!!!! reali cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've got my digi cam, ipod mini in my bag too.. but heck, the person onli got the HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! tis is reali f***king irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am reali reali veri veri upset.. cant reali tink properly now.... no mood to do tat as well...................

Sunday, July 03, 2005

juz one of the days @ the beach suntanning.. but tis is the 1st time i had my backview taken.. all these while, im onli takin pics frm the front.. never know how does my backview looks like.. although, i like to look @ other pple's backview.. and i used to recognise pple frm their back.. ;) i stil do now.. (wat am i talkin abt??!!) anyway, now after i had it taken.. i tink my back looks pretty gd.. hahahahaha..!!! okie, im a bit offkey as now its abt 2am... its so tired to backdate stuffs tat i did over the wkend cos i've done lots of stuffs over the wkends.. n tats y i dun hav the energy to update the blog when i got home.. cos its always veri late by the time i reached home..
@ the beach, 2 July 2005 Posted by Picasa
tis is my dear sis's graduation.. finally, finished her sch n become a chinese teacher.. n i tink we hav not taken a family picture for a long long time.. ;) it was reali cool to have our pic taken after for so long.. since now we r in our twenties.. hahaha.. ;D anyway, juz hope tis dear gu-niang sister of mine will fully utilise of wat she had learned all tis time in NIE & be an outstanding Chinese teacher!! dun giv up no matter how hard it is okie?? (hope she's reading tis.. ?) unless u can find a rich guy to marry to n be a tai tai.. hahaha..!! anyhow, wishing her all the best in her teaching career, tats all i wanna say.. ;)
may's graduation Posted by Picasa
u wont realise how time flies when u r always busy n occupied wif stuffs.. its July now!! cant believ it.. half of year 2005 had juz passed by.. its time for some refletion on wat hav i done for the past 6mths.. hmm.. in the earlier part of the yr was busy wif rehearsing for the chingay performance, was doin kickboxing classes as well then but since after the chingay.. i hav not been doin much.. onli dancing, workin.. ooh.. wel, @ least i did spend some time wif close frens... okie.. tats quite gd for mi then.. cos sometimes i dun even mit up wif them for mths.. tat im reali guilty abt it.. its not i dun miss them @ all.. its juz tat, like i said earlier.. i dun realise time pass tat fast when everyday im occupied wif work n stuffs.. ;p hehehehe.. tats rather a dumb excuse.. but heck.. i can b real blur @ tings like tat.. & rem pple's names.. i might look smart.. but not @ all tings yah.. wel, nobody's perfect!! hahahah.. ;)