Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally received the DVD of my sis's wedding day yesterday, n watched the whole dvd today. Although it was abt 2mths ago.. but it seems like it was only yesterday! Everything is still so fresh in my mind! to tink tat i am actualy rather absent minded person.. can b quite 'blur' at times..

Honestly, i am reali proud of my sister as when im tinking abt her while watchin the dvd.
Im happy for her that she has finaly found someone who loves her, her happiness. im reali glad that at least both my parents n my grandmas, get to attend to one of our wedding dinner.
When i looked at our family photo, and as my brother & me are so similar in many ways, and knowing our characters.. the both of us wont get hitched in these near coming yrs. LOL

And to see all the smiles on all my family members' faces, juz made me very contented, and missed home even more.. .. i cant believe tat i am already looking forward to july, as my mum, aunt irene n uncle are coming over for visit!! !! and of cos to Nov, to my vacation back home again.. wel, tat wil need some sorting out of the holidays as well.. gotta speak to my manager asap!!
Have been tinkin wat to write abt.. ther has been so much goin on since im back in dublin from spore.. other than the fact tat i am stil coughin my lungs out for almost 2weeks, the rest are goin on pretty wel, i would say.. this damn cough has been reali botherin me a lot for these 2weeks. and honestly, i would even sometimes wonder if i'll die frm it.. damn! i reali dun wan to go on antibiotics, n tats the main reason y i didnt see my GP. cos i was on antibiotics 2weeks b4 tat, when i was @ berlin! hopefully i can recover by the end of this wk.. if not, i would reali need to go back to my GP.. shucks.. i hate medicines!!

YES, i HATE MEDICINES!! Ever heard of the sayin..? 'The worst patient in the world is Doctors (& Nurses to actualy)
Recently have one pt, surprisingly who is a psychologist n counsellor in one of the colleges, who is also havin panic attacks & anxiety disorder..

i often wonder, how ironic can life be? wel, it does happen most of the times in life.
Tats mainly bcos, NO ONE IS PERFECT.

was havin another pt, who happened to b (was) a nurse, like more than 20yrs ago.. but seems like she kinda lost touch wif it as she bcame a hsewife. anyway,to cut the story short, she's simply not one of the most pleasant pt to hav.

So Since ther's no one perfect, nothing is perfect in this world.. but y is there pple out there, seeking for perfection??
Wat is perfection then??

my mind tonite is totally running wild, which i dun know y, one min i was tinkin of something, and the nex min it changed.. and my headache is comin into me.. prob i am juz too tired.. always talk/think a lot of nonsense when im in the 'trance state of mind'..

i shld go to sleep n not tinkin of when am i goin to die.. sometimes i do wonder if it is the med condition tat i hav tat is causing me to fall sick easier now..
i dun usualy fall sick when i was back in spore.. honestly, i reali totally blame on the freaky cold weather in dublin! but im goin to stay in this freaky dublin for mayb 1-2more yrs.. we've decided to stay, giving the r/s a chance to see how far can we both go.. we both dun like to stay here, but hav chosen to stay..

See.. How ironic life can be?? weird isnt??

Monday, February 18, 2008

1st time baking on my own, without anyone assistance, and wel, i must say i am pretty proud of myself with the results! lol
i stil can remember my 1st time baking in spore, choc chip cookies, for xmas to my colleagues, of cos with my sister's help. and tat was reali so long ago!

wel, i have decided to bake cookies for this Valentines.. bcos.. chris loves cookies. ;p
so was looking thru the internet for some recipes for cookies, and voila! found this fabulous website and got my hands on it!


1st round of baking, the cookies turned out fine, and i brought it to work for my colleagues to try.. and wel, i was waokin on V day itself.. so thought, bringin the cookies for those who r wokrin with me would b reali sweet n nice.. and everyone like it.
So on Fri morning, woke up very early to start baking the cookies for Chris , Channey n Rebecca. ;) and so this time the cookies turn out even better!! ;)

This is the difficult part when this part is very delicate.. when it is stil in the dough form of cos..

Had the mini hearts as well... ;)
wel, had some remaining dough.. so made one big heart.. ;)
Chris bought this frm japan.. REALLI beautiful!!!!!!!
& my Valentines presents ;)
He was very happy to get the cookies.. wel, i lied to him tat i gave all the cookies to my colleagues, took no pictures as i was busy baking n tired frm it, forgot to take pics.. & he really believed tat! lol
wel, he got the 1st surprise when i gave him the mini ones, then the last surprise is the beautiful ones. ;)

On sat nite, we had dinner @ this reali nice restaurant & we're so glad tat we did dressed up for the dinner. cos it is reali quite a posh plce.. check out the website!
so bcos of tat, i didnt dare to take many pics with flash.. juz didnt wan to embarrass ourselves, u know wat i mean... dun reali want the ang mohs to tink tat im so suah ku! GRIN
this is our dessert.. tiramisu
our side order, mash potato
chris's main dish, Baked Loin of Rabbit Stuffed with Prawns
wel, i had the market special, fish... very fresh!! n delicious!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This yr CNY has been one of the best times i ever had in Ireland, & frankly speaking, im reali glad tat i got to know all these fellow singaporeans frm the internet, www.meetup.com

This CNY house gathering @ Joyce's residence, is such a heartwarming event, and im sure tat everyone of us had a really great time & it does make me forget abt how much i wish i shld b back in spore for CNY..

Friday, February 01, 2008

one piece of gd news frm my sister.. ;)
check out this website!


And for me. im feeling much better now..
The best therapy for me. RETAIL THERAPY!!
i believe thats every gals best therapy too ;)
But thats not the onli therapy tat works for me..

The impt thing is tat i can find myself breathing again.. Gues monotonous lifestyle wif dreadful freezing weather & gloomy sky is definitely the KILLER for me!!
Being back into the salsa scene oso helps alot too! Gosh, i miss dancing!! I find myself smiling, happy (really happy) once again.

So now, everything is back on track.. gotta focus on wat i really want, on my resolution, on my goals. ;)

Yeah!! Happy Gal again!!