Monday, April 30, 2007

Time has flies so fast that i have not realise that i've been here in dublin for more than 6mths.. Not too sure if this is good.. Was looking through the pics in my friendster page, and i really missed the times i had in spore.. i am always surrounded by my family & friends, all the time.. wel, most of the times, onli when im asleep in my bedroom, on my bed, im alone of cos. ;p

Im gettin slightly depressed as well, when looking through the pics tat i'd took.. i am gettin FAT!! DARN!! Realli gotta work hard to get back to my old shape!!! !!! !!!

I think i might start to lose my memory as well.. i hav almost forget that i do have a medical problem that i had onli knew abt it when doing all the health medical checkup for coming over here.. or prob i am just avoiding it and pretending tat it is not ther @ all.. but when recently, i realised that i started to get bruises reali easily.. even if it is onli a light bump on the wall or anything.. the followin nex day, the bruise wil appear.. it wasnt like this b4 honestly..
or prob i hav turn so fair now that i can see the bruises real easily now than b4 when i was so tanned.. im not sure.. oh wel, its juz me crapping again.. this is the effect that im talking abt.. talkin nonsense..

my brain is always so full of stuffs, so packed, that i think my brain cells might die sooner than they shld.. but i juz cant help it.. mayb bcos i kept having this @ the back of my head that i might not hav so much time left.. i dun know why.. its juz abt life is real short, we never know when we'll leave this world..

Finally, going to move out from the hostel, and tomorrow is the big day!! have got most of my stuffs move over to my new home-to-be on sat.. with the help of my housemate-to-be.. ;) wil post the pics up soon with the stuffs that i have accumulated over these few mths here.. im reali in a shock myself when i was packing my stuffs on my own and come to realise how much things i have here.. im pretty amazed with myself too, cos i did all the packin all by myself!! hehehe

Went to the movies and did some shopping as well.. ;) the show is reali kinda bad, but did had a few gd laugh while watchin it.. Reno 911: Miami.. thank God i had the unlimited pass. Bought a few tops for Summer!! nice colorful tops for my Portugal Trip, Paris Trip!! kekekkeke!! cant wait to wear them and take some cool pics!!

And now i hav a new hobby.. or prob a new addiction.. i am addicted to buying books, Travel Books!! Im buying travel books of those plces that i am going.. so excited!! I've always been a book lover anyway.. always love to read.. ;)
hereby i declare my new love..!! TRAVEL BOOKS!! = TRAVELLING

Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This is realli not a gd time to post anything as i should b back in bed trying to get as much sleep but .. ;p
working on night shift for a week is not a bad thing but neither its a gd thing to do too.. cos no salsa dancing for the week for me.. and of cos supposingly not going anywher or doin anything for the whole week too..
but wel, today is an exception, although i onli get an hour and a half sleep before going for lunch wif the gals.. its still worth it.. as its a 'farewell' lunch for Martina.. who is leaving dublin to States, San Diego.. and she's leaving on this sat.. so had an hour lunch wif the gals, and supposingly to go straight back home to sleep.. but was 'shopping' ard @ grafton for an hour and spent another hour @ H&F bookshop.. finally back home, and stil not sleepin..

Shucks.. reali gotta get a nap.. starting to have migraine now..

Will post the pics soon!! Lots of photos to put up!!
Was @ CORK last wkend wif Channey & Rebecca, and had a great time!!
And photos @ lunch today!!

Looking forward to May and June!! It is going to be really packed and tight 2 months!!
I LOVE to be kept busy!! ;p


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

watched this show on monday morning, and it is reali good!
i think it does reali feel good to be real good @ shooting.. its a form of being in control.. ;)
The world is never fair and just.. ther's always injustice in this world that even the law can do nothing abt it. So somebody, someone, anyone will have to bring the law into his hands..
so actualy when someone does commit a crime.. ther might b a story behind his motives.. Right?
now i have the sudden keen interest of Criminology.. ;p
wel, its oso kinda psychology stuff..
Human mind are indeed complicated.. we can never fully predict or understand each other.. there is always more than one side of a person, when we thought we know this person, he might change into someone whom we dont know.. not reali changed to another person. its just another side of him being surfaced.. Every different type of circumstances in life will bring out a side of us which we might never realised that we will be..

Monday, April 23, 2007

1st time going to a gathering wif my colleagues over here. ;p
it was for maricel's bday. it was reali good gathering, good food and gd company.
was planning to go for salsa, but was feelin real tired after a hard long day @ work, so stayed home for the rest of the night. ;)
cos going to cork on the nex day! woohoo!!
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Watched The Messengers & Perfect Stranger on thurs morning. ;) Good shows. I really liked Perfect Stranger. the plot is really pretty good.
The Messengers, is actualy kinda predictable, but still not bad.

Honestly, ther has been really quite a lot of things tat has happened and many pics taken but not uploaded.. busy busy busy.. 24hours a day has always been not enough for me.. and right now, i am really tired.. but stil has so much things to do..!! Just gotta hav this a short post, so that i can do the other stuffs.. ;)
wil post up the pics soon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Attended a private screening yest wif bubbles.. my 1st time goin for a private screening, it is for the unlimited members, and we can bring a guest along.. we get to watch a movie for free, a movie tat is not screened yet, and we wont know wat show we'll b watchin til we are in the theatre. all we have to do is to watch the movie and fill up a questionnaire @ the end of the show, rating the show. cool eh?

so how abt the show? the show is reali good. was reali surprised tat we get to watch it 1st b4 anybody else!! justin timberlake is in it.. cool.. ;)
would watch it again if ther's anyone who ask me to. ;)
Movies that i had watched recently. ;)

I like the costumes, settings, but honestly not the story. like wat my sis had said b4 in her blog.. i agreed wif her too. anyway, i know it was screened in spore last yr. but wel, i dun know y, it had juz start showing here.. and although i oreadi knew tat it might not b as good wat i expect.. hey, this is the 1st Chinese, Mandarin, movie showing over here since im here!! ;) so of cos i have to stil watch it!!

Then its Mr Bean's holiday. as usual he is hilarious! although i watched it on my own, i was still laughing out loud! ;D

Watched Sunshine Wif Yago, a new guy in salsa scene here, from the canaries island, i enjoyed the show, but not him, cos he couldnt understand the english.. wel, he couldnt speak english very well, although bubbles had told me not to watch it, but wel, i watched it bcos it has michelle yeoh in it. not reali her fan but juz wanna support chinese in a hollywood movie, u know.. ;)
Then its Blades of glory. ;) reali funny show but the ending reali sucks! stil watched it bcos it is a movie abt ice skating. not tat im into ice skating, juz tryin to get some inspirations abt dance moves.. for my salsa of cos... kekekkeke.. wel, if u r looking a gd laugh @ the movie, this is quite a catch! ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

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last day in dublin for Satomi, b4 goin back to the states. we gals had a great dinner @ a spanish restaurant.
Good food, Great company wif a bottle of red wine and dessert wine which were on the house!
Wat can we say? ;)
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Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The whole of last wk was totally fabulous, cos i was not working (After working 1 whole week of 12hours of night shifts) and furthermore it was the good friday and easter week, so yeap, wkends = party, dancing time!!

Onli thurs was a day that i wished that i wasnt ther @ Y's plce and to witness the whole game of flirting.. i did left being hurt, but i had realised and learned abt wat i reali want, and in the end, i was thankful tat it had happened.

Honestly, i have never wanted to have anything serious, any r/s commitment ever since after breaking up from my longest r/s. It is not bcos im not over the r/s. Breaking up from it had definitely made me stronger and realise what my dreams and goals are and i am actualising them right now. ;)

So, No more Time for dating cos i do hav lots of things in my To-Do-List!!

Was out on a sunday morning wif Barbara, a German nurse-hostelmate, after having onli 2hours of sleep. It was my 1st time goin out wif her cos we had always onli see each other in the kitchen, but the morning was reali grand! had a filling breakfast and desserts.. was out in the city for abt 4hours b4 we headed home to start our revision together.

Barbara, is the same age as my mummy.. but as she was realli having a tough, rough sailing @ work, she was a reali sad, unhappy, miserable, depressed person. so was trying to help her in any way that i can.. and thankfully, it did helped in a way or two, and now, she's gettin better and feelin so much better and happy now @ work.. jus hopin tat things wil go right frm now on for her. ;)

It is really amazing to realise how much stronger i have been.. how much more i learned abt myself when i was tryin to help other pple, and.. i always learned something juz by lending pple my listening ear and being ther for them. be it that they might not b my close frens. ;p

Gotta hit the bed right now, cos tml wil b a long day for me! ;)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007


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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Within 2mths, i have went for a haircut again.. this is kinda serious!! prob ainah wil know wat i mean.. i go for a haircut when im depressed with myself, when im bored.. when im sick of lookin @ myself in the mirror. (signs of depression).. .. .. actualy, its also another way for me to ventilate it out.. i do feel better after having the new look.. but gettin a haircut is not enough for me though..

Then, I have always wanted to get my tongue pierced, way back when i was in spore.. after i had my navel pierced.. but didnt have the courage to go for it.. and now, when i finally picked myself to go the the piercing shop to get my tongue pierced.. the guy couldnt do it for me!!!!!! bcos my vein in the tongue is right in the middle!!!!!! i was kinda disappointed.. but wel, @ least i tried..
couldnt pierce the tongue when the vein is in the middle cos it wil bleed and of cos i wil die from the bleeding..

So i had my tragus pierced instead.. ;p
its not tat tough to get it pierced.. juz like having an ear piercing.. was actualy thinking of gettin a nose piercing.. but the guy was tellin us (channey and me) that the nose wil b red and swollen after the piercing.. so we didnt do it.. =p mayb nex time when we realli want to get it...

Then we went to a plce for dinner.. the plce is realli cool and realli love the plce.. the food is pretty good too and affordable!! !! so this is wat we had for dinner yest.. the seafood chowder soup is fabulous!! definitely wil go back ther again!

wel, i wanted to get my tongue pierced bcos i want to lose weigh tfast.. cos if after i get my tongue pierced, i wont b able to eat proper meals.. but luckily i couldnt get it done.. or else i wont b having a nice dinner last nite.. .. and when i told Yan abt the tongue piercing.. he was asking.. wont it b weird when we kissed if u have the tongue piercing.. hahahhahaha ;D
yah, i wonder how would it feel like though.. hmmm.. prob i shld look for one who has the tongue pierced and kiss him and see how it feels like.. IM JOKING!! !!

okie, other than gettin a haircut, tragus pierced.. i did lots of shooping too.. spent abt 300euro in total now, in onli 2days!! Wat the hell!! im too dangerous to b going out alone in the streets!!!!

bought 2 new boots from river island, bought clothes, lingeries, and books!! i would buy the whole bookshop if i can afford!!
i love this bookshop tat im going to now.. Hodges Figgis. cos this is th eonli bookshop so far, tat have nursing books. they have the whole variety of books. realli big bookshop with everything in store!! mayb by the time i come back spore for holiday, i can bring the whole bookshop wif me!! ;D i know my mum wil faint if she gets to know abt this!! prob not onli my mum, tink i might b kicked out frm the house!! ;D

Monday, April 02, 2007 is your One Stop Shop
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Finally, i've completed my 1st 1 whole wk of night shift.. It wasnt tat tough actualy. :)
Back in spore, every each time after working on night shifts, i would ead to the beach in sentosa on my sleeping day, spend the whole morning @ the beach, suntanning. Obviously i cant do the same over here in dublin.. so i went to the gym instead. finaly get my lazy bum into the YMCA gym over here, did abt an hour of workout and went for a sauna.. and fell asleep in the sauna.. prob abt 30mins.. then did a little of shopping and went back home.. wanting to take a shower and head to the salon.. but instead, i was stuck in the kitchen with barbara, a german nurse, chatting with her and helping her with her presentation of hypovolemic shock.

Anyway, it was really a good refreshing opportunity for me.. she is working in the ICU, but due to her poor english, she has huge prob adjusting to the icu and pple are not giving her an easy time too.. so i was helping her with the presentation that she has to do on thurs. this makes me miss working in the icu..

then went to meet channey for dinner.. had not met up with her since after paddy's day, as she was travelling with satomi to amsterdam and prague.. then when she's back in town, i've to work on nite shift.. so we were both busy updating with each other's updates, abt her trips.. gosh.. how i wish i had went with them too...
oh wel, we'll b going to portugal nex mth.. so yap, really looking forward to the trip!!

There's stil a lot of stuffs for me to do right now.. but, i decided to have an early nite, cos my head is throbbing now, really need to catch up with the sleep that i had lost on sat and today.. ;p