Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It is really disappointing to once again see n experienced how selfish one can be, especially when the selfish one is one of my colleagues. Being in the healthcare profession, maybe naively i thought all of us are kind of the same.. Giving unconditionally.. but of cos, the nature of humans.. sometimes it can be really disheartening..

After going through this ugly scene.. it confirms my decision to leave is right afterall.
Being in this profession, i think i have seen enough the good, the kind, and of cos the bad ones too..
And it is also because of this exposure of the real life, it only makes me even stronger than i thought i can be.

Someone once ask me, why do i love watching movies? Why live in the imagination of other's lives in the movies than being in my own?
That is because, mine is already full of adventures, stories, colors, than sometimes its better than see other's lives and imagine being in it, sometimes ordinary and simple is good too.. it helps me to slow down my pace & to appreciate the simple things in life.

Librans are always trying to find a balance.. indeed i am.

The time for me to take it slow is coming near, i can feel it already, and honestly, i am looking forward to it too. Maybe it is time to catch up with me soon, my dear friends. ;)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sometimes there are no reason why you want to do something,
no explanation to why you feel the way you do.
Sometimes you just know that you have to do it.
There are always things that happen in life around you that neither explanation or reason is needed.
Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart, feel it in your heart.

Maybe after this 2weeks of break from work, will help me to get over the dilemma that has been troubling me for the last week.
Hopefully, i will be able to get some answers in my heart.
I need to be able to feel it once again, before it drives me nuts.