Saturday, April 17, 2010

It doesnt take me long to know if i can get along with a person,
and it also doesnt take much for me to dislike a person either.
I had one of the greatest time today spending with some fellow singaporeans friends.
I think this is one of my greatest forte, being with people, other than dogs ;)
Im going to miss all the friends that i had made in dublin here.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My heart actualy skipped a beat, felt a little sore, and eyes were about to get teary, when i saw my sister put up pictures of my parents & my siblings..
At that moment, i wished how much i was there with them..
I cant help myself but to look through the pictures over and over again
and to realised how much my parents have aged,
and of cos my dear sister and brother too, have both grown up.. so much
Why do i have a kind of feeling that i am the only one who seems to have stopped growing..
Or Maybe i should put it this way,
that i have grown up too, but not together with my family,
especially for the last 4years for being away from home.
This time, it has really striked me that i really do miss home, and i want to be with my family.
Although it is not going to be easy to leave this place that i have grown to love, having my own life here, but somehow deep inside, i know that i have made the right decision.
And definitely, i still have a reason to come back here again anyway.
somehow or another, i believe it is so.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Was going through some of my schoolmates pictures on their FB page, and realised how times had passed and how almost eveyrone has changed over these years.

Come to think of it, most of my classmates, and even most of my friends are already married, most of them with kids, even for my little sister too! But honestly, i still don't even feel any pressure about getting married, or even having my own kids! ;)

Now, feeling that i could be different from the rest of my friends.. ;)
well, its not something that i am ashamed of, because i have always wanted to be different from others anyway.

I always dont like to just follow what is on the trend, follow peoples' track..
I always been the one who doesnt conform to rules. ;)
Wel, rules that doesnt make sense, or those which i think that can be bended (at least)