Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leaving the buzz in singapore, i was kinda glad that i was back in dublin, but nw thinking back, i brought the buzz back with me though!
Have been busy, and didnt reali hav much rest that i wanted to have, but prob bcos knowing that my time in europe is ticking away, makes me want to do everything at the same time.. back to my own self.. tryin to squeeze everything in a day..

but the 1st thing that i wanna do when i was back in dublin, is to watch all the movies! had to compensate the lost 1mth of no movies when in spore!! wel, only watched 1 movie, the bolt, with my cousin when in spore.. ;)

then it was work, meetin up wif frens, dancing, the usual stuffs.. n of cos, planning n booking tickets for holiday(s).. nw, almost my whole yr of 2009 is kinda planned out, hoping everything wil go smoothly for me (fingers crossed) ;)

wil b heading out to krakow, poland on thurs morning, and this is my 1st trip for this yr!
honestly, im feeling excited, but nervous at the same time.. cos this is not the usual type of travel trip tat i always hav.. this time round, wil b just stayin at a ski resort at zakopane, i wil b havin my ever 1st snowboarding class!! excited bcos of tat, cos snowboarding is one of the things that i wanted to try since 2006! nervous, bcos i dun reali knw wat to expect / do when at the resort.. reali feel like goin into krakow town for a day, to at least see the city.. but reali looking forward to b in the snow!

and this is goin to b my 1st White Chinese New Year!! although all i hav been dreaming, is to have a white xmas....... LOL

No breaking of any part of me, cos wil b goin to london for salsa on the wkend after poland!! !!
No Funny stunts n no herioc acts please, Angie!!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

This is for one of my very good fren frm secondary sch, Jen (Yongxian)

Realy sorry for being away, not keeping close contact as i shld have..
Bad things happened a yr ago for u, but i only got to knw it just nw.. it just makes me feel really bad n guilty abt not being ther for u, when u needed someone most

the trip home for 2008.. i didnt hav the chance to meet up wif my sec sch frens who were once close to me.. i feel so bad nw...

Im goin to write up a list of frens to meet up when im goin back to spore this OCt
mayb i shld look into hw long annual leave can i get for goin bk to spore for holiday..

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Unbelievably, its 2009 already, and i did not update my blog for the past few mths!
Its not tat i hav totally given up on my blog, its just tat i had kept myself really busy since the break up, and having really tough times to really get over it, too many things on my mind, too many things goin on ard me, and of cos, the trip back home in singapore, geez, it was really overwhelming!! !!

Honestly, i was kinda lost, for quite sometime, and having to sacrifice my digital camera, tat was like a kick in the butt to tell me that i have to get on, get over & wake up. Things went on pretty well, thats wat i thought, but when Lee passed away in the car accident, tats when i realised tat i stil do love n miss him, but wel, sometimes ther r things in life that we cant say to the person whom we reali love / care, bcos for them not knowing the truth, it could b the best for them.

The solo trip in vietnam for a week, has totally freshen me, makes me realised hw many close friends i have met n made in my life, hw my family has shown their love, care n support for me in the most subtle way, made me realised hw lucky n loved i am.

All the time that i had spent in singapore in 2008, will be enough for me to get goin in the cold dublin. In fact, it is starting to get a little easy to b in the cold nw, bcos over here in dublin, i too have some close frens to keep me goin here.

I knw, in my heart, i will b totally missin this plce when i leave Dublin someday.