Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its been awhile since i last post something but now i have such sudden urge to post something that my dearest brother had wrote in his blog. Here it goes, ;)

15 July
Can't seems to fall alseep on another restless night (Chin Family)
HAHAHAHA who is in the right mind to be so awake at 4.28AM! I could have fall asleep at 12am when I felt so tired, but now! I'm facing insomnia! -_-" all because of my stubborness to face tiredness! HAHAHAHAAnyway, it might be heaven's will to keep me awake so I can start blogging once again! LOL. There has been a couple of times when I wanted to "restart" a blog but I just couldn't bring myself to face it. LOL. *for many reasonssssss* Past is over! Lets look ahead! =D One of the reasons that I should blog/write down many things was that I cannot afford to loss any great memories in my life AGAIN! It is such a painful feeling that I would never want to face it once again...... Thankfully, most memories are still kept safely in my heart :) I'm blessed! :pHmmmmm, what should I blog? Ok! Let's start with my family! Hehehe, I seldom talk or discuss too much my relationship with my family, HAHAHA, maybe we are being brought up too independantly already, LOL. But! No matter what happens, I have the best parents ever, best sisters ever, BECAUSE, they are my ONE and ONLY family members that I love! I will only remember the great things they had done and slowly forgetting what they "might have done" :) Fate has brought this family together and giving each and everyone "tests" "obsticles" to overcome and End of the day, we are always 1, FAMILY...... *did i just forgot to mention Coko?

*Dad (The True Master Chin): A guy who has my utomost respect for being so tolerate and forgiving in the family. :) Suffering in silence most of the time...... maybe that is what it takes to be a dad, the person who works the most, pay the most and contribute the most to the Chin Family. Waking up almost everyday at 4am to get ready to work, taking care of Coko (our dog). :) Life has changed this man from a gangster to a family man, a man who makes mistakes in life but still faithfully carrying out his duties as the Head of Chin Family.

Mom (Guardian of the Chin Family): Woman are meant to be softer and more sensitive towards relationships and feelings, my mom is no different. She is always the one who gets worried and heartaches when any of the family members get hurts or suffers..... Of couse! She is also the one who take care of everyone in the family, do the dishes, clearing all our mess, maintaining this family. The person who is the saddest when my 2nd sister got married! LOL. Life has changed this woman from a princess to a empress, the straight forward nature and self centred person has given in to every single child she had.....

Eldest Sister (The free soul): A mature woman who knows how to really live her life to the fullest, not afraid to make mistakes and always daring enough to take the step that some guys would never be able to take. :) She is the free soul that I admire, the courage and independantness that I cannot afford to take. :) This woman had gone through alot to be who she is now, I can even see the difference she makes, the thinking and piority she had in life changes the day she left us to persue her dream...... She is ever changing! LOL. *wonder will I be able to see this woman get married, hahahaha* From a girl who is rebellious to a mature woman who lives overseas..... Life has made this woman more family like. =p Begin to appreciate this family more, loves this family more. :)

2nd Sister (The settled soul): A mother of 1 who always make family her piority in life. Studies is really not her cup of tea eventhough she might have done a lot better when we were all younger! LOL. Her family focus attitude is something that I will have to learn when the time comes by. She is always the one who makes the extra effort, go the extra mile to organize celebration for birthdays/special occasions. Currently having a family of her own and still learning to be a better married daughter, :p things are going smoothly for this young mother since she was born, LOL, maybe she is the most blessed person in this family (apart from me) :p From a young girl who is always being bullied to a lady who found true love and got married..... now becoming a true mom who is experiencing the happiness of building a family. May all good things fall upon this sister of mine~ Great health to Jaden and of course Mr Bond <---- U r the MAN!

Coko (precious): If there is someone who doesn't knows that I have a brother that lives with me, then I shall introduce this COKO of CHIN family! The dog who my family members adore so much and care so much (even more than me)..... He is also the most un-contributing member of the family! LOL. Ok! he did contribute by pretending to be pathetic and gel us together when he seeks attention, hahahaha. The dog who loves to sleep on my bed and make a mess out of it! keep following strangers who stepped in my house, without barking!!!!! The dog who doesn't bark or lick unless being forced..... -_-" sometimes I wonder whether is he a dog or pretending to be one. LOL. From a puppy to Hmmmmm, a puppy still! LOL. Really hope there wouldnt be a time to see off this brother of mine..... Wow! I haven been able to write about myself because I will surely leave this to my family members to do it! :) I love you all! There wouldn't be a better family in this whole world except for the Chin Family!

I was so touched & felt terribly heartache, missing my family so much after reading this. He had hit on all the facts & truth abt all of us, that we have never say it out due to the way we were brought up, but of cos im sure we all know this too, in our hearts.

So to add in to his post, this is for u bro!

Brother (the joker, slacker, most goodlooking in the family)
Since we were kids, i have always loved my brother more, and given that our similar personalities, i am closer to him too. Watching him growing frm a mischievious, happy chuckling little boy to this day of a mature, responsible young, goodlooking man, im really proud of him. ;)
This brother of mine is one who has always put our family 1st in place, one who has always love this family, no matter what happens, has proved that he is definitely will b a very good husband! :) prob just need a little more time to find the Ms Right, & of cos @ the right time too.
He is also one who will do sweet little things tat matters most, like the psotcard, sms texts tat he had sent to me.

Like you said, there is no other better family than the Chin family!
Thanks for all the understanding, support, love, strength that All of you had given me, i knw it deeply in my heart & i really appreciated it. Without you, i wouldnt have make it this far, realising, fulfilling my dream here in dublin.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! ;)