Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i remembered how eager i was for my webcam to be send over, so that my family and friends can see me thru it via the internet.. but on the other side, i was kinda upset that i have it too.. . cos the 1st thing that my parents saw me thru the cam on Sat.. they said i had put on weight!! argh!!! pple who had known me frm home know how much i hate it when i do put on weight.. this is bcos the 1st plce i would put on weight is on my face!!! shucks!!!
how can i not put on any weight when i almost eat rice everyday over here? i avoid rice when i was in spore! although i used to love having rice, and i must have rice for at least one of the meals, but ever since i started work, and less exercise.. the onli form of exercise tat i have is salsa dancing and occasional netball games. and furthermore, when i was @ work, if the ICU is busy, i can forgo my meals, was so used to havin irregular meals due to shift work and the workload.. i can sometimes onli hav 1meal in a day.. yah, i know it sounds veri scary, but i was so used to tat back in spore, that honestly i dun tink ther's any wrong wif it cos i reali dun feel hungry when i am kept busy.
Over here, its so different.. even when the ward is busy, pple stil go for their break, i hav to go as wel.. and the weather here is freaking cold that always making me hungry.. and thirsty.. i dun eat and drink as much back in spore.. oh man!! and over here, i get so health conscious tat im having fruits and veggies, honey drink, puttin lemon in my water jug, yoghurt, everyday!! wel, tink this is a much normal eating habit yah! ;D

so i am not goin to be affected by the comment of me putting on weight.. cos i hav decided to put on a little bit of weight for the coming WINTER!! hahahha!! ;D when Summer comes, then i will start my exercise regime of Running!

i wanted so much to go jogging when i came over here, but it is reali too cold to run.. prob i am juz finding excuses but reali, i cant stand the temp.. my dear friends know how sensitive i am to cold.. i cant even stand the aircondition temp of 21degrees.. imagine here, its 2-8degrees.. gggrrrrrrhhhhh.... and imagine that when i was sharing room with gloria when we 1st came here, i cant have the warmer in the room on as she cant stand heat.. so everynite i hav to wear my sweaters in the bed wif the covers, with socks and gloves on too!! and stil it was cold for me!! it was worse when i get up in the morning to get my shower.. in the wee hours of half past 4.. even when i hav the thermal wear on, i would stil feel cold. i am like a walkin ghost, always cold upon touch.

so i was veri happy that i can move to a room on my own, when we hav to start payin for the rent of the hosp hostel.. heater on in the room and the bathroom too, and now in the hostel, i can wear my normal t shirts, and to sleep. i am much more warmer person now!! hahhaha!! so much for this post.. ;p time for me to go and sleep, tml's goin to b long busy day for moi!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

had a long tiring day today @ work, and was ventilating to glo abt today's work.. tolerate gal.. anyway, this post is not goin to be anything abt work or any frustrating stuffs.. its about a tv show tat i happen to switch on to that channel..

This is strictly for folks above 21yrs old and those with an open mind!! im serious!!

it is about nowadays how men are into a surgery for themselves.. Penis Enlargement (PE).. and it is not uncommon, but honestly, i am surprised to hear abt this surgery.. showing the surgery abt how it is done, interviews of men who had these operations done, and one of the men who had a long manhood.. and one who had his penis longer by his own means, and did get it longer and now he's selling dvds worldwidely about how he had done it without any surgery.. gosh!! that man said in his interview that he wan his manhood to be thick as his wrist and as long as his arm... this man is simply CARZY!! and one cute guy who wanted to get the operation done, interviewing him why he wan the surgery.. and one who had the op done and became a posterboy for one of the mag.. and the voiceover said somethinglike, when u tink u had the longest and biggest, u might find someone else even bigger and longer than yrs.. and the posterboy did verified that he did saw someone who has a 22cm big, in circumference..! OMG..
this posterboy showed the camera his big manhood, it is reali big (and the testicles) but reali i find it reali disgusting.. y would any guy wan to hav something like tat hanging?? frm the tv, the size of his testicles are like a melon.. honeydew melon! of cos wif such huge manhood, this man cant have any sex anymore.. but to him, having tat is far more better than having sex.. this man is OBSESSED! he had silicone injected into his manhood!! this is wat i can say! so the cute guy tat the show is 'focusing' has decided to go for the op and it shows the whole surgery procedure.. and after the op, he is having a 6.1inch penis, unerected.

How weird the world has become..
Women go for breast enlargement surgeries cos they think that men loves bigger boobs.. and now, Men go for penis enlargement operations thinking women like men with bigger, longer penis.. Of cos ther r some who had these operations for themselves, not for their partners.. but still.. .. .. ..

wel, it wil b a reali veri interesting topic for a psychologic or social science subject,, abt how pple think, why they feel and think like tat, and why they do things like tat.. human minds are reali veri interesting, challenging & intriguing.. ;)

all i can say and conclude is tat, the only person tat is benefiting from all these operations are the surgeons, esp the one who is performing the PE surgery..

men, fyi.. this surgeon is stationed @ US. :>

Sunday, November 26, 2006

this week wil b the evaluation week.. although i know that i am giong to pass this probation and get the full registration, but still, i still a little nervous and excited, ;p
its juz like being a student.. waiting for the examination results..
there was a few times that i wished that i am here as a student, goin to school and i am pretty sure that i will definitely have a gd time here, not saying that i am not havin a gd time now, but its different.. being here to study, and being here to work.. but wel, i hav no complaints afterall i am here. ;D

this trip abroad make me realise how much i love my family and friends, more than i thought.. too much i tink.. this trip has make my bond wif my family closer. its not as if that we are not close then, but it juz make it closer.. i like this feeling. although i am far away frm home, but stil, i know that we miss & love one another a lot!! ;)

its kinda acceptable that the philipinos called me "A baby" when we 1st came here... but when darren's fren (who's @ belfast), whom he introduced me thru msn and after some chattin.. he also said that im stil like a big baby... WEIRD!!! wel, mayb i am.. its okie though.. i am learning and growing.. i feel that i am even more disciplined now, and organised. its not as if that i am not when i was in spore.
wel, although i hav been here for abt 2mths.. i have not check out the pubs, clubs and even my love, Salsa yet! hmm, its only during this adaptation period that im restraining myself from goin out and checkin out the fun that i can have. wait till i get my registration, hehehhehehe!!! its a gd time for a break as well. i had worked hard and played too hard back in spore. now, im working hard & having gd rest during my off days and wkends. i am not pushing myself too hard cos i dun wanna fall sick in this new plce and cold weather, its not goin to b any fun then. ;)

although everything has been goin on smoothly for me over here, but it is not the same for some pple whom i care and love. was reali surprised to hear some bad news frm aunty mary abt her family.. and reali felt veri sad that it has happened to the family, and that i am not there.. its not that i can change things or anything like tat, but at least i hope to b ther for any support that i can give to their family.. all i can do now is to pray for uncle terence and his family that things will become better for them.. and for anna's grandma too.. sorry babe, that i couldnt b there, but i stil care,

i know my entry into my blog is gettin longer, but ther're stil so many things that i wanna put down, :D wil try to update more often so tat i dun hav to write so many stuffs in one entry.. ;)

Friday, November 24, 2006

New song that i love!! The lyrics of the song has fully describes one part of me, ;)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November is coming to an end, drawing near to Xmas, drawing near to winter..
It is starting to rain almost everday, sometimes its juz get windy
such strong wind that almost swept me of my feet
leaves turning from green, to red and yellow, falling off from the trees,
signs of winter approaching, and everyone warns me that it will be even colder as time passes by..
i have always wanted to have a white xmas, but it doesnt snow in dublin though.. but still i will have to go through the freezing temperature.. checkin the weather everyday online has been a habit of mine.. not onli tat, i have become more health conscious than i was in spore since i came here.. i am eating more than wat i usualy hav when im @ home.. here, the amount of wat im eating here in 1day is more than wat i had for 2 (or mayb 3) days in spore....!!
Breakfast, tea, lunch, tea, dinner. and sometimes supper.. im like a growing teen with such gd appetite that i am almost always hungry every 2-3hours.. and another 3 must-have stuffs are, Orange, yogurt and milk. i have them almost everyday, and im not tired of any of them. i have to keep myself healthy so that i wont fall sick.. as it is not cheap to fall sick here, gotta pay for the registeration to a GP.. wil defnitely keep myself away frm being sick!! An apple(orange) a day, keep the doctor away. but if the doctor is cute and handsome, i'll keep the apple away!!! ;D

Sunday, November 19, 2006

its been a busy week for me in the ward, and a little frustrating at times.. but wel, thankfully its over and luckily i dun hav to work on the wkends. i reali love it when its coming to the wkends, i can juz rest @ home, in the room, gettin online for the whole day and catch up wif frens n my family, esp on sat.. ;p despite of the busy week, the god thing that has happen is that i had received the package that Charlie had helped to send my things over, with my webcam!! finally, my family and frens can see mi, well, actualy, although ther's nothing much to see cos i haven changed a bit at all.. but hey, it stil feel different when u can see pple thru the screen of yr pc instead of the real person standing in front u! juz like when i can see my dog on my screen but he couldnt see me when i haven receive my webcam yet.. he was terrified to hear my voice coming out frm the pc!! but when on Sat, my family saw me thru my webcam, and when my dear coco heard my voice nad saw me from the pc,,,, he was looking @ the pc screen and he was wagging his furry tail!! he juz kept looking @ the screen, argh...!!! i know he missed me lots lots n lots..!!! ;D i almost cried!! honestly, the thought of coco would juz bring tears to my eyes.. my sis was tellin me that he kept on coming up to my bed and stay on my bed... i missed him terribly too! okie, i dun juz miss my coco.. i juz missed everyone back home, back in spore.. everyone !!! !!!

xmas is coming near.. and it did make me miss home much more, cos i would b busy gettin presents for almost everyone, organise xmas party for my family.. ahhh.. although its stil a little early early for xmas, but in the supermarkets, shops here, they are oreadi selling the decors for xmas, lights are up in the streets.. although i wont b in spore for xmas this yr.. but im stil looking forward to spend my 1st xmas in dublin, i wonder how would it b like.. ;>

juz like wat my sis was telling, this yr prob it wil b a quiet xmas for my family cos im not ard to do all the organising for the party.. wel, at least it does make them miss me more!! hahahha!! when i come back, i'll definitely make a big grand xmas party!! ;D

i hav onli been here for a mth+, and yet im oreadi tinking of the nex 2yr.. when i go back, wat am i goin to do, stufs like tat... gosh.. its so like me.. always have plans in my mind, knowing wat i wan.. hehehehe.. ;p right now, i juz wanna get thru the probation period (they called the adaptaion period over here), then i will start checkin out the plces, salsa.. and prob take my driving license here, wil see how it goes.. ;p

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Was passing by the Dublin Castle today after attending mass, had a different view of the DC frm another side, thus got a beautiful pic taken of the DC. ;)

This is the building of the Dublin tourist Centre.

This is the Christ Church Cathedral.. very big church..

This is connected to the Christ Church Cathedral which i dun know what is tat, but i like the design of it.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

To my dear folks, presenting my 1st meal that i'd prepared all by myself with no help!! I actualy did this last sat when i had stayed home the whole day so when i went to the kitchen wif my slightly rumbling stomach, ther was no one in the kitchen, suddenly felt the urge of tryin to whip up my own dinner with wat's remaining in the fridge. So, i had pork chop wif sausages and pasta wif beef, cabbage and potatoes. ;D i know it doesnt look appetizing from the pics but hey, it was not bad okie!! i asked one of the indians to try it and she said it was gd and she took a small plate of it. and Lyn and Jo-Anne tried it too in the middle of the night as i had left it on our table, they took it without knowing it was me who had cooked it, and asked me in the morning when we saw each other inthe kitchen. they both said it was not bad, and its good for my 1st try!! :D

Monday, November 06, 2006

I've been here in Dublin, Ireland for a month without my realisation.. its not bcos i am having fun and enjoying myself over here.. its oso bcos i hav been busy adapting myself, gettin used to be here myself 'alone'.. n goin to work.. gettin to know the ward staffs, the routine.. but am gettin the hang of it.. never realised that i am actualy that pampered (in a way).. laundry, groceries shopping, thinking of what to buy in the supermarket, wat to prepare for meals.. actualy these are the only 2 things that i dun know to do.. .. but its enough that the kind phlippinos in the house to treat me like a little gal.. even the indians too..

I remembered the 1st time i was preparing to cook scrambler egg, the indians were standing bhind me, tryin to see, askin me wat im doin, luckily i stil know how to cook instant mee, eggs.. And when i tried to cook Rice, without the rice cooker, fyi there's no rice cooker in the kitchen.. i was washing the rice.. one of the indians, a senior one, asked me wat im trying to do.. so i told her abt it, bein my 1st time coking rice without the rice cooker, she eventualy helped me with it.. hahaha!! although it turned out to b a little wet, but stil it was my 1st time!! with the help of kind soul.. and my 1st time preparing pasta, i wanted to have carbonara pasta, so i was gettin the ingredients ready, and was abt to start, then one of the philipinos walked in and asked me wat im doin.. so after i told her, she helped me to prepare it..!! ;D i onli tried my hands in the kitchen after 2 wks i had been here, all these while, i was watching them cooking, and all of them knew tat i dun know how to cook, so that's y when i started to try cooking, they would come forward and asked me and helped me with it!! probably they are scared that i would accidentally burned the whole kitchen and house down!! ;D

Over here, its so different.. here, im being treated like a little gal, i am being looked after, actualy, it reali felt nice to be looked after in a way.. i remembered i told michael abt this.. ;D but of cos it does not always feel so good being treated like kid, cos i am not one.. esp when someone tries to act as if she knows everything and when wat i said is obviously right, she would stil insist on her way.. so no choice but to do it her way, and then when it cant work out, stil gotta do it my way.. ther're many times when i do feel frustrated with her, but stil i gotta keep my cool and tolerate her attitude, cos honestly it doesnt reali matter, and its not tat impt, juz do it her way n prove tat its wrong, then show her the right way, its tat simple. ;) but generally, she is stil a veri nice lady with strong character although a bit more self centered than i thought, but stil i believe there's always a reason and affinity that i got to know her when i reached dublin. ;p

now i know why varun called me kiddo.. sigh.. i wonder if that's a compliment or sarcasm.. of cos i often see things in a positive side.. ;p ther r times when i tink i do need someone to look after me.. ahahahaa!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saturday, November 04, 2006

one of the contestant in the singing competition for the Philippininos

Halloween night we went to a pub to support MILYN, who passed an audition for a singing competition. When i was in the pub, it reminded me when i was @ Indonesia for the mission relief trip, then, we went to one of the discos of a hotel on one of the nights, and it was full of Indonesia, and that night, i was in a Philippinos pub!! !! GOSH!! well, although Milyn didnt get throught to the finals, it was kinda unfair voting game, cos every cust who came, had a voting voucher to vote of their fav contestant, so obviously who had brought a lot of their friends, got into the finals. but of cos ther are few others who were realli good & i was truly impressed by their singing vocal. almost wanted to vote for one of the best singer, but bcos we were ther for milyn.. wel, needless to say, u know who i voted.. i told u that it was unfair voting contest... anyway, ther was an exotic dance opening as well.. but.. .. .. .. it was not any good from wat we have in spore, wat we had performed.. kekkekkekk.. surprisingly, the exotic dancers are not females, neither are they males... they're he-she... i tink i can open an exotic dance studio to teach them the proper exotic dance techniques..!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

This is Valeria, Gloria's Gd fren.. my Philippine's mummy.. ;D she's the one who brought us around, tellin us wher to get cheap god stuffs, etc etc.. a reali veri nice lady, i like her a lot!!

A meat platter ordered as all of us didnt had dinner that night. a huge plate, but costing 25euro, which is S$50, actualy, irish food is reali not too bad, their chips (fries) are gd, even better than the ones we had in Mac in spore. i had vodka cranberry tat night, the way they served it is diff as well.. they bring u a glass of vodka and a bottle of cranberry, i gotta pour the cranberry into the glass of vodka myself.. ;)