Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its been a long time since i had last had movie review on my blog! Wel, went to watch this today, and i do like this movie, mainly because of the diving, treasure hunt theme, and of cos the crew, Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey. ;)

It reminds me hw much i missed being @ the beach, @ the sea, with my bikini, suntanning.
And it also reminds me of my scuba diving experience, which i totally had a fantastic, unforgettable time.. which i really missed it too!!

But im glad that at least today, we did get a little bit of sun during the day, and i was really lucky that i was home by afternoon, that i can put on my shorts, and sit by the balcony, tryin to get as much sun as possible.. im really in need of tat!! !!

Being back in dublin for the past 4mths+, with the winter, and super cold spring, havin to wear all the layers of clothes to keep myself warm, i am also gettin fairer n fairer.. definitely not bcos i want to be 'compatible' wif chris.. and furthermore, i wont spend the money on the sunbeds as well, waste of money & increasing the risk of skin cancer.. wel, its not as though that i wont get skin cancer by suntanning.. but what i really want or need is to feel the warmth of the sunshine, that makes me feeling alive, recharged & of cos, happy. ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life & Death is inevitable, everyone of us know that, especially for me, when i have seen so many of it happened in front of my eyes.. and although i have tried hard not to be emotionally effected by it like i used to be, but this time round, it is different.. because, this time, it is not any of my patients who had passed away.. but she's a friend, a colleague, a very very sweet, soft spoken lady.. who had (has) a bright, promising & loving future ahead of her, but everything is gone now..

Still cant believe that this is all true... that she & her husband are both in heaven now.. newly married for 3mths.. knowing each other & had gone through hardships & had maintained their long distance relationship for more than 1yr & finally tied the knot early this yr... out of the sudden, he fell sick with chicken pox & developed complications & then multi-organ failure.. and passed away on sun, the next day when she arrived to the hospital in Dubai.. all within a week.. he expired on last sunday morning.. and she.. died exactly 1week after that..

That sets me or prob everyone of us thinking.. and prob hoping.. that both of them are at least together now.. in heaven.. in their world..

I have heard and seen these kind of cases before.. in old couples.. like one passed away & the other gone as well, after the death of their very loved one.. could it be when one is emotionally, physically totally drained.. totally gone.. n when one's heart is dead.. there's nothing left in the soul.. in the body to continue one's life.. and everything just shut down..

& now. i have another thing to add in my list when i die.. i wanna die in the season of summer...
Not in the winter because its damn too cold. although i love white & snow..
Not in spring.. because i dont personally love flowers..
Not in autumn.. because all the lleaves are falling.. which will also reminds me of death...
Summer.. will be the best season for me to go.. even if not, the best 2nd choice would be winter then.. at least white is my favourite color, and it would go very well with my theme for my funeral..

So.. lesson of the day.....
(look at the title of my blog)...

"Live life to the fullest"

Because no one knows, when its yr time to leave this beautiful place..
although sometimes it can be very ugly too..

Treasure the people in yr life.. treasure what you have in yr hands..
Look around you.. open yr eyes, open yr heart & listen & feel..
the wonder of life.. breathe it in into yr body.. & be grateful that you are still alive..
make a diferrence in yr life, in other's life.. do yr part to make this world a better place to be in..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally went to look for this restaurant, Jo Burger, which is recommended by Rebecca months ago.. went there wif Chris, after we get back frm scotland n his plce.. ;) HUGE BURGER!! Definitely worth the money & the whole restaurant is totally cool too! the menu is on a old comic mag, the whole wall of the plce is painted wif cool graffitti like pics.. reali a nice plce!

Seems like we are like restaurant , food critic, who goes round tryin out plces.. which we both reali enjoy together. ;) juz hope i wont get fat wif all these!!

our 1st trip together, after my 1week of night shift, we were off to scotland for abt 3days.
although glasgow is reali kinda small city, it does make me feel im a local already, bcos the whole plce is easily accessible. ;) and furthermore, there's a cineworld in the city as wel, and tat i was havin my unlimited card along, we went for movies, ;) juz felt like we were back in dublin, in a way.. kekkeke

We took the train for abt 1 1/2 hrs to edinburgh, apparently it was the slowest train! cos when we took the train back to glasgow, it was only abt an hour!
both of us like edinburgh more than glasgow.. wel, ther's much more things to do n see in edinburgh, compared to glasgow.. it is a little more touristic.. but hey! We'r tourists!! lol

nevertheless, it was a great trip still, despite that the weather is colder than dublin.. but, spending time wif each other is more impt! ;)