Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brought Coco & Girl girl, Christyne's dog, to West Coast park yesterday, together wif her frens, Amelia & Jason. ;) we spent the whole afternoon wif them. Brought Girlgirl to the vet cos she was vomiting n having diaarhoea, got 2 jabs & some med.. that bitch is reali kinda anti social doggie.. kept on bullying my dear Coco, by barking @ him n chasing him whenever he's walking in front of her.. but Coco, he didnt even mind i think.. he let her walk in front of her n kept a distance of 1metre, tat was veri obvious, n he's reali veri funny.. although she's so fierce towards him, he still follows her ard.. ;D anyway, had a great time taking them out n hope ther are many more chances to do tat in the future. ;) then had dinner wif Aunty Mary & Katy @ the Big O @ wheelock plce.. ;) went salsa dancing after tat.. at least dun feel so guilty after having a sumptous dinner.. brought kety to union n think she did like the plce n she said she would wan to learn salsa too!! hope she's serious abt it!! then i'll have another fren to go wif, haha!! then had supper @ arkbar wif Christyne, who came to union to look for mi after her class, to go home together, Katy & Ruthie.. the 3 of us had a prata each n share a chicken mutarbak among the 4 of us.. sin sin sin!!!!!!!
Hope I wont put on any weight wif the rate & amt that im eating now though.. ;p
*frens will put their fist on my head if they hear this* :D

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Christyne's Doggie, Girl Girl..  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Had a super busy wk again tis wk.. (as usual), was workin nite shifts on the wkdays (mon-thurs) then fri.. had our 1st dance practice (wif fiona), @ nite then went for salsa dancing. din get to dance much cos was having bad headache frm 0130hrs onwards.. went for supper & reach home abt 3.. slept abt 4.. then woke up early on sat.. mit up wif fiona to shop for our costumes, then practice, practice n practice.. til 2230hrs, then headed dwn to Newasia bar. whom we went dwn to support her fren's cousin hip hop dance.. i can say tat its not up my standard.. but generally, i can say that its not happening enuff though.. anyway, slept late again, woke up veri early for sun as well, went for 0930hrs church service, then dance practice & wen to JB wif Sebaz, Jason & Joey ( a new fren!)

We had late lunch @ a Jap restaurant, wif nice ambience & gd food. Then had a veri light 'tea-time' @ Secret recipe.. happen to b ther cos joey ran into a fren of her's n we're askin him for directions to another plce wher we can watch the movie, The Myth. We actualy went to 3 diff plazas b4 we could get the movie tickets.. then we had dinner after gettin the tickets.. had caramel popcorn @ the show, then had supper.. oh my god.. im almost eatin the whole day!! so long since i'd done this.. eat the whole day through.. hahahaha ;D
was out of the hse for almost the whole day.. which is normal & usual for mi.. reach home abt 0100hr, we could hav been back to spore earlier, but due to our dear 'bobo' driver, we were almost on the highway to KL..!! which the 4 of us dun reali mind, but joey couldnt call up to take leave juz like tat, whereas im off tml, haha..anyway, when we're finally on the right track to be back home, we're like wishing tat we're not.. the whole day @ JB we felt like we're like on holiday.. the feeling was so GD!! for mi, even its for juz a day (like this) im contented!!

Anyway, when i was juz abt to stepped in my hse, i was thinking of my dear beloved Bro, my real bro, who was @ thailand for his army training.. was actualy tinking when is he coming back to spore.. feels like he's away from home for more than 2wks.. & Ta Da!! He's back @ 0245hrs...!!!!!!!! anyway, its 0300hrs now.. n tink i shld reali stop n get my rest now.. gotta wake up early tml morning to watch my korean show, Da Chang Jin!!
:) Am glad tat i dun hav to work tml in a way.. although practically i dun like to hav my off day on mon cos it means tat i'll hav to work for more than 8days in a row b4 my nex off day.. but tis one i tink is juz nice.. cos of the busy tight schedule tat i had for this wk.. :)

anyway, looking forward for my birthday, that is nex mth!! although i hav no plans on wat to do on my actualy bday, which is a wkday, but i juz wanna spend it wif my gd frens, :) wel, God wil hav the plans for mi.. ;) haha!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

this is the 2nd book tat i'd read this mth.. completed it within a wk.. this book is easy to read cos it conprises of 40 inspiring stories of Optimism, Hope & Faith.

"Life is enjoyed because we have faced our challenges head-on, with an attitude of gratitude and a constant belief that whatever is happening in our lives is for the best."

I totally agree with this quote in the introduction of this book.

I believe that everything happen for a reason, be it gd or bad, it depends on how i look on it. ;)
I can be happy/angry about something, its up to mi to choose.
Is yr life half-full or half-empty..? Only you can decide. ;)

"When the worst happens - and it always does, sooner or later - that worst possible thing often turns out to be a blessing in disguise."

Thursday, September 22, 2005

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3yr yr wif Ruthie @ D&D, & Ganesh!! :) Posted by Picasa

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finally, have the time n chance to post the D&D pics.. ;)
am workin on nite shifts this wkdays.. cant sleep today, which i dun noe why.. onli had 4hrs of sleep.. thus decided to post the pics up.. ;)
last Sat which we had our D&D @ Suntec ballroom, was a fun & 'scary' nite.. the theme we had this yr was "Moonstruck" wat i was wearing is suppose to be a vampire.. but it looked too pretty, so when pple asked mi what am i suppose to b.. i told them tat im a high class vampire.. hahaha.. its actualy more like a victorian vampire style.. this yr my costume was kinda conservative..am totally covered, no bare back, no short skirt.. which i was totally pleased with tat, cos the air-con in the ballroom was reali blasting like nobody business!! im glad tat i got the costume 1st b4 the rest of my colleagues decided to dress up in PJs, cos i would b wearing PJs like them n i would be freezing to ice!! ;D
this yr D&D was not involved in any of the performances which was my intention, but i was asked to help out to do make up for the performers, which i found out tat i can actually make out to b a gd make up artist!! ;) i thought this yr am not performing, can sit back @ the table & njoy the food, cos for the last 2yrs, i didnt get to reali eat the food as i have to run ard & perform.. but stil i din get to eat a lot n am sure tat i didnt eat the whole course of food @ the table..!! we're busy playing the games, mi moving ard in the hall.. well, gues its juz me.. restless, cant sit still.. ;p anyway, i stil had a gd time @ the D&D.. although it was not as gd as the prev yr.. but as long as i hav the chance to be wif my colleagues n hav fun other than workin.. im contented!! ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005




Its been rather quite a long time since I’d read a book, & had completed reading this book within 2wks despite of my busy schedule. ;p This is a true story of the author, Mdm Suzanne Schlosberg, of her 1001 nights without sex. ;)
This book is hilarious, poignant, honest & its so easy to relate to myself, or even to my friends, n I believe to anyone else out there.
A 34yrs old, smart, good looking free-lance writer has inexplicably crossed that dreaded line from Single… to Still SINGLE. She tried many ways outrageously to end her single-hood & her many sexless nights. She called it ‘the Streak’: 1001 nights without sex. ;D The ways & means that she tried to get herself out of this situation are rather common, like through the internet, dating with men who are introduced by friends, camping, volunteering etc… Of course, she did find her special one in the end. ;)

Quotes in her book:

"Love is the answer – but while you’re waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions."
– Woody Allen

"Some things are better than sex, and some things are worse, but there’s nothing exactly like it."
W. C. Fields

"Sex is like air; it’s not important unless you aren’t getting any.

"Sex is a short cut to everything."

Matter of facts:
In your twenties, you take your place at the singles table with optimism. You know there will be a decent crop of available guys at your table, and it’s not inconceivable that one of them might become your next fling, or maybe even your next boyfriend. At the very least, you’ll have someone to dance with.

In your thirties, the singles table is a very different place. Now, the population of this table resembles that of a war-torn nation: women, children, and sickly men. Typically, there are not enough bona fide singles to fill an entire table, since all the people you sat with in your twenties have found their mates. So the definition of ‘singles’ is stretched to include engaged couples, eleven-year-old nephews of the groom, and paunchy second cousins from Detroit who manage their father’s drywall business.

In your thirties, you dread taking your place at the singles table. Your singleness has started to feel like something more serious than the flu, something chronic, painful, and obscure – like diverticulitis. Deep down you know you haven’t done anything to cause your condition, but you know that other people suspect it’s your fault, and in your worst moments you start to wonder if they’re right.

There are many transitions to be endured once you’ve crossed the Great
Divide between under-thirty and over-thirty singleness, but none are more dreaded than the move from “single” to “still single”.

Just when your lack of marital status has turned into some sort of disease, the remedy becomes even more scarce. No longer can you assume that any cute guy you might bump into – at a coffee bar, in line with at the movies – is single. The only clue to help you deduce his eligibility is the presence of a wedding band, so you develop a habit of making a visual beeline from a guy’s face to the ring finger on his left hand.

So, get this book and read it! You’ll enjoy it too!
Am now reading another book… ;) halfway through it already.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

2004 Dinner & Dance Posted by Picasa

2003 Dinner&Dance Posted by Picasa
am counting dwn.. to our hosp D&D nite.. to my well deserving rest day.. :) felt a little bit drained out.. nursing has never been an easy job anyway, & i knew it ever since i started studyin the course, n tats actualy one of the reason why i love the job.. ;p wat a controversy eh.. :) anyway, 2 more days to go.. Sat.. cant wait for it to come.. this is goin to be the 3rd yr tat im goin for our hosp D&D.. can stil rem the 1st yr tat i went.. was 'performing'.. we did the rueda dance.. tat was when i was introduced to SALSA..!! & wel, i never look back then!! im very much into salsa dancing now.. gotta dance @ least once a wk.. reali missed those times when we hav to practise the rueda in the evening to late nite.. then had supper.. all those happy times!! then last yr, 'performed' again.. had another dance.. kinda cutey one we had.. the theme was star trek.. someting like tat.. i quite like to attend our hosp D&D cos we get the chance to dress up according to the theme of the nite.. this yr is MOONSTRUCK.. wanted to dress up as a witch.. which is also one of my dreams.. to b a witch.. haha ;D anyway, wil post the pics up after the D&D's over.. ;p

Sunday, September 11, 2005

finally.. SINGAPORE has WON the ASian Netball Championship after beating arch rivals Malaysia in the finals @ Toa Payoh Sports Hall.
The score - 53-39!!!!!!!!!! ;D
Singapore is thus qualified for next yr's COMMONWEALTH GAMES.. & a plce @ the WORLD NETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP in Fiji in 2007...!! Our team has done the nation proud!!!

I was @ the sports hall watchin the games wif serene, hwee ching & alicia.. we watched the game of SRI LANKA VS THAILAND, & of cos SINGAPORE VS MALAYSIA. ;>
The whole sports hall was filled with enthusiasiam.. cheering & the atmosphere was tight yet exciting. ;) The Malaysia team was not in their best form yest as their super sharp shooter (GS) was not in her usual form.. Singapore team.. the shooters are really gd!! Their teamwork in the circle.. was almost perfect..! & i was really veri proud of them,bcos 1 of them is my fren, Huiyan (GA), i can understand the pressure that the whole team has to go thru.. esp the shooters, cos im a shooter too.. n honestly, i cant perform well if im under such tremendous pressure frm the crowd.. *CHEERS & APPLAUSE TO SINGAPORE!!!*

as for the Sri lanka & thailand teams.. the game was kinda one sided game. The GS frm Sri lanka.. she's super duper tall!! the games got a little boring when the team keep scoring so easily bcos of her height.. but one thing i must say is tat.. SRI LANKA's defence is reali veri gd!!! they were all so tight wif their players.. n ther was one game when they replce another player with the GS, they played veri well too.. & of cos, the game turned to b more exciting cos the game was not tat easy anymore.. so, initially, the crowd was supporting the Sri lank team.. but after 1game.. most of the pple changed their mind n supported Thailand.. i take my hat off thailand's GK.. although she knows the height diff is a veri bad ting to her.. but she never give up.. kept on trying to intercept her ball.. :D *applause to thai's GK*

okie, gtg to sleep.. tml's another long day for mi..!! :>

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A nice view eh..? :D this was taken yest when i was having lunch wif my sis @ a foodcourt @ pioneer mall.. both of us were laughing our head off when i saw this after our meals, & i took the pic wif my hp..
well, if this person is a young pretty gal, i would definitely go over and told her abt it.. but hell it is not!! i dun tink anyone would believe it if i were to tell u tat this lady here is actually a 40-50yrs old lady.. n yes, she's not tat slim.. wearing thick big glasses too.. hahahaha!!!

Wat has the world change to...!!!?? it was quite a hip & in thing when hipster was popular.. but tat was reali quite sometime ago..!! & i remembered tat ther're articles talkin abt asses being shown like the above pic as VERI UNGLAM & nowadays, u dun get these kind of 'nice' views anymore.. but.. .. .. ..!!! anyway, we didnt tell the 'old enough to be our grandma' abt her ass being shown.. cos both of us deduced tat it was done on purpose.. cos the aircon was blowing directly on her direction as earlier on, we didnt get the table that she's @ now, bcos of the aircon.. she could have felt her ass was reali veri 'cooled' :D

ladies out ther.. do be beware..!! honestly, i do stil wear my hipster, n am always, stil veri cautious abt not letting my ass bein 'showed off' in such an unglam manner.. :)

Monday, September 05, 2005

What is love? I dun really know.. Someone asked me before, if i am in love with anyone, how do i know if i am.. Falling in love.. i actually do miss the feeling of falling in love.. i know it when im falling for someone.. it is when i will keep thinking of him, when i think of him, all troubles, sadness will go away, the thought of him will only bring a smile & make everything looks alright.. that was my reply to him, & i told him, i can fall in love with you too, but i cant, cause u are attached now, & i am not going to put myself through the misery, im too rational.. i don't want to hurt any people, including myself.. come to think about it.. its been about a year since i was last attached, time really flies!! Being rational is what i am now, can be a good thing too, but i think that's why i am single still, cos i know what i want, unlike my close frens, who don't really know what they want in a relationship, in life, it makes them so vulnerable.. causing hurt to themselves in a relationship tat they knew that it would not last.. anyway, its not been really a good weekend, i would say, cos hearing news that few couples who are my frens are splitting up/split.. kinda sad eh..
There is no guarantee in love.. sometimes even @ work. nothing in the world last forever.. i just wish that all my friends, my best friends, people whom i know will be happy, healthy, free from worries.

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@ clarke quay b4 goin for buffet dinner @ merchant court Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cant believe tat is Sunday.. n my 1 wk leave is gone in a flash..!!! although din hav a chance to go out of the country, but tis whole wk, i had it spent in quite meaningfully stil.. ;) throughout the whole wk, 7days.. my dinner hav been a filling dinner.. with ruth, anna,linna & babes, chikfoo, kenneth,edward (frm frenster).. gosh, gotta restart my diet again.. somehow im happy tat i'll b goin back to work now.. so tat i can control my diet better.. ;p
dinner- jap restaurant twice, billy bombers, merchant court hotel Ellenborough market cafe, TCC & new western restaurant @ marina sq.. memory failing mi.. i cant even recall what i had for 1wk..! well, @ least i rem how many times did i go dwn to union sq for salsa tis whole wk..!! Tues, thurs, fri & sat!! ;D REali had lots of fun tis whole wk.. as long as i dun hav to go back hosp n work, im oreadi contented wif the current situation.. ;)