Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dun Laghoire, was ther for the multi-cultural festival.. didnt take any pics of the festival.. cos ther're too many pple, but it was a great day to b @ the festival... lots of food stall, and other stalls frm all over the world.. ;)

The harbour is the plce wher we settled dwn to chill out @ the end of our tour @ the festival.. wonderful plce and i realli missed being near to the sea.. with the sun!

That's Channey walking @ the harbour. ;)

One of the weirdest, worrying and kinda disgusting pond that i see yest @ Dun laghoire.. although it does look kinda beautiful bcos it turns out well in the pic of the green.. but, it is still kinda worrying for me... i dun know why is it like this, and what is tat... anyone who can help...?

Late post again - one of the dance clubs that we went the prev sat night with most of my team mates, Krystel. Very nice decor and space, but didnt go round taking pics as it was crowded.. didnt take too many pics as they didnt know that im one who loves to take pics.. lol
wel, mainly bcos im juz kinda lazy to take loads of pics on tat day as ther were too many pple..
like i mentioned, the place has veri detailed and nice decor but the music gets boring as the night gets going.. but stil, as usual, i was dancing to every almost music the DJ played.. ;p
that was my 1st time going to the dance club with the salsa pple, it was always juz wif channey, juz the 2 of us.. it was a reali nice night dancing in the club with them. ;) it is reali nice to get away frm salsa once in a little while, with the right company. ;)
It seems to be long time since i last update my blog.. not becos im very busy.. i honestly dun reali know what's i've been busy abt.. was having lots of thoughts and going through lots of emotions that i dun reali know why, how and what's going on.. was juz needin sometime to go thru with them and tink abt them.. its not all the bad negative stuffs, ther r some gd and happy news too..

lesson well learnt is that I CANT be nice to everyone, esp to Men, cos they would simply think that i am interested in them! Argh!! That reali pissed me off! why cant the both sexes be friends, juz friends? Men always read too much when gals are nice to them... but Joe, my housemate said, "women always send the wrong signals to men" .. .. wel, its simply bcos men always try to b smart and their huge ego, thinking that gals who r nice to them, must b interested in them..! Of cos, its true for some cases.. but not for me..!

next- i know i am in almost every network online.. but it doesnt reali mean that im active in every single one.. and that doesnt mean that i would add all the same pple in the network!
So gettin bored with those which im not reali interested in and not active in, i decided to cancel the acc.. so those who are tryin to add me in any network that they can find.. im NOT SORRY that im NOT INTERESTED in adding u if u dun received any addition frm me within 3days!
I dun mean to be rude or nasty or a biatch.. but i tink ther r certainly some pple that i dun reali want them to b so into my life.. ther r some pple whom i hav to keep my distance frm, so that they wont get the wrong idea for me stil remaining as friends with them.. til they reali get that into their mind, that we are onli going to remain as friends, and NOTHING else.

so much of whining and complaining abt these troubling thoughts. Now the gd news.. ;)
Im in one of the new salsa performance team and would b starting for the team practise twice weekly.. gettin ourselves ready for any performance chances that hellen would get us to..
i love (most) the pple in the team that Hellen had put up, and i seriously think that we would put up something really cool and great. i have always love helen's style and personality when i 1st saw her dance on the dancefloor here in dublin. she's the 1st great woman dancer here in dublin!

Then next gd news is that, I would b going to the UK salsa congress which would b held @ Bournemouth, in 12-14 Oct.. one of the biggest salsa event.. and of cos, some of the team members are going too, so i reali think its going to be reali fun and fabulous.

15 Oct - i would b @ NYC! my 1st trip to the states! Finaly! i have always wanted to go to the states, be it for holiday or for work.. oh wel.. actualy i juz wan to travel, get myself on the plane and be somewher else!! And i seriously think its one of the best present i ever give to myself for my bday! ;) every year, i always get myself a present on my bday, to reward myself on my special day. ;) i alwys believed that one always have to reward themselves with something reali nice, something that they want. Of cos, i like to receive presents frm my friends and family too, anything, but the present that i get for myself, is to achieve one of my dreams, things that i wanna do. that's the difference. No one else can achieve my dreams for me! ;) wel, i do have loads of dreams..! lol

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finally, i got all these pics uploaded... and to post them up...

This sexy lady here with me is, Edie the famous salsa freak. ;)
She was here in dublin for the salsa workshop, which i didnt attend bcos i was @ Glendalough, 'climbing' the mountain wif Ross... .... but luckily we made it back to dublin on sun, and as usual, went to the dance academy, and Edie was ther.. this pic was taken @ Samsara, one of the salsa club tats fully packed and crowded on sun, and we always go ther after dancing @ academy.. only dared to approach Edie after the whole night ended, and asked to have a pic taken.. ;p
was really happy tat she is really friendly and she even complimented me and said she really like my style too... ;D *blush blush* that really made my night, even though my legs & whole body was aching like hell tat night from the hiking..!! ;)

Now, this is another thing that i had done to make my arms ached like hell (again).. finally bought my little cupboard last week.. it was 10.8kg.. .. .. the walk home frm the luas usually takes abt 5mins.. but i took abt 10mins on that day.. it was not tat easy to carry it bcos of its long body..
I felt Good after finally gettin it and carried it home all by myself.. it felt like being back in singapore.. i always love to go to IKEA, and always buy a lot of stuffs frm ther to furnish my room.. and i always do tat on my own.. i like to assembly stuffs.. the bookshelves, cupboard, computer table (these are in my room in singapore).. i assembly them all by myself. ;)
Although im not really interested in cooking, at least i can help to build things ard for the house! ;)

I realli missed shopping in IKEA.. too bad they didnt hav a store over in dublin... or else it will most likely to b my nex fav plce to hang out, other than the cinema & salsa clubs .. ;p

i spend abt 1 and a half hour to complete the work and went to meet up with a new friend whom i got to know frm myspace. had a gd dinner and watched a great show, Evan Almighty. ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Being here in dublin, away frm home for the past 10mths, this is the 2nd time that i had cried so hard.. Its not because life was hard or any difficult for me over here.. oh well..

The 1st time was when my sister 1st told me about my lovely doggie, Coco, who was missing me since im gone, how he would always stayed in my room, hiding under my bed.. tat was like abt 1-2mths after i came to dublin, after i had my own internet broadband..

And today the 2nd time.. is after one of my closest friend, Christyne, told me about what she has been going through for the last few months.. one of her most difficult and tough times.. Depression.. and how she wished that i was around.. it realy hit me hard.. very hard.. we were chattin on msn for more than an hour.. and i was really crying for prob more than 30mins frm the moment she told me abt the depression..

It is already hard for me that i wasnt there for Kris's wedding & through her pregnancy.. and now when she told me abt what she'd gone through.. my heart was really shattered.. Guilt and Shame were overpowering.. This 13yrs old friendship which we still treasure and hold on dearly, is sure having a more longer way to go.

But i am glad that she has got out of the depression stage and had learned a very impt lesson in her life, knowing she had grown & having her special one by her side, i know she's in good hands. I always have no doubts abt her fiance because i know he really loves her, as i told her that she is the one that i am worried abt, because of her stubborness. Thank GOD that she has learned the way and she can finally understand what i had told her before. About loving someone, is not about possession. It is about seeing that someone whom u love being happy and you are being a bystander. Im glad that she can now see the point.

I felt really lousy and guilty when my closest friends are going through their impt stages in their life and i am missing it.. just like kris's wedding, and christyne's tough time.. but like christyne said, i am not missing any part of it, im juz late.. tat was pretty good eh.. and i am still in their lives, juz like they are still in mine. They know i have not forgotten abt them cos im always sending them letters, pics, sometimes a little presents frm the plces tat i travel to..

Chemistry between us & the understanding that we have of one another, is something that is really hard to find. We will always be there for one another, no matter what we do, or wherever we are..

We are actually talking about the next 10yrs to come.. the 1st 10yrs was about school, partying, gettin heart broken, graduating and getting our 1st fulltime jobs, searching for the Mr Right..
upcoming 10yrs will be, gettin married, well, both of them had found their Mr Right, and of cos the small little new member of the grp.. we sure have a long way to go!

Its been such a long time since i last cried so hard.. my eyes are so tired.. there are still quite a lot to update.. but gues the happy news, i can leave it to later then..

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

One of my closest friend's wedding that i'd obviously missed and would very much want to be there, but bcos i am *#^*#$* far far away frm home, flight ticket is f*** expensive....

Oh wel, although i wasnt back in time for her wedding, i did sent her a small wedding gift for her ROM day, which was 1week before the wedding dinner itself.. guess i hav to get her another wedding gift for the big day itself when i get back in spore.. cos i didnt know that she's having her big day the following weekend.. wel, as it may already sound.. this is not planned at all.. that is why i couldnt make it home for her wedding..
i always need to be informed at least 3months in advance if any of my friends want to invite me for a wedding or even a gathering.. when i was in spore, bcos of my busy schedule and work.
even now, im here in dublin, far away from home.. i definitely need to be informed @ least 6mths ahead!! so tat i can get the ticket early @ the cheaper price!

The lovely beautiful bride, all ready for the big day of her life. ;)

The tests that the groom has to go through to prove his love for his lovely wife.. it will be much more worse if i were to be ther.. lol

Finally, the couple get together. ;)

Wedding dinner @ Amara Hotel, the same hotel that christyne had her ROM last yr (before i left spore ;> )

And of cos, the group of friends @ the wedding dinner.. and i should b there too...............
but luckily i wasnt there... cos i would be the only one who is single... lol
in this grp, judy is already a mummy, christyne and peiqi have already ROM with their partner, now awaiting for zhendi & her partner & joyce with hers.. ;)

I simply LOVE to attend my friends' wedding to be honest. Cos im happy to see them being happy and loved. ;)
I know my friends would love to see me finding my own partner soon too.. but wel, they also know that i am happy with what im doing now and enjoying, having the best time.. they just let me be. Wel, that's wat friends are for, to me.. i dun need them to worry abt me, to pressurise me to do something that i dun like to, eg setting me up with a guy.. i juz need them standing by my side, giving me their support watever i do, wherever i am..
Gues, its reali easy to be my friend eh..? lol
But actualy its not tat easy though.. cos ther r some pple who juz cant do tat..

The simplest task it seems.. the more difficult it is to achieve..