Monday, August 29, 2005

This wk is actualy my leave.. but not goin anywhere cos no kaki to go out anywher.. & worse.. no $$ to go oversea as well, not even goin on my own.. had overspent for last month.. gosh..!! terrible, horrible me!! but anyway, i'll juz use this whole wk to relax, mit up wif frens, salsa dancing or watever i wan to do!! ;p

Although its my leave tis wk.. but today i stil woke up early in the morning, 7.30am.. went back to hosp.. cos gotta go for the annual staff screening.. & wanted to see my Dearest Dr Yim.. haha!! initially wanted to take pics wif him.. but i decided not to.. cos i looked & felt veri sleepy.. & he was post call.. so i dun want the pic to look bad.. anyway, we'll have a gathering tis wk.. then wil take pics with him.. heeheehehe ;>
We had breakfast, roti prata @ a coffeeshop somewher @ taglin halt.. then collected chocolate cakes.. he bought 3 4kg, 1 2kg & 2 ikg (i tink).. for the few depts he'd worked with.. We got the 4kg one.. it was veri nice.. chocolate is thick yet not too sweet.. left the ward abt 1230.. was feelin veri sleepy n tired oreadi.. but went to Watson's @ jurong point to do my monthly necessities topping up... haha!! had a 2hrs nap n now here i am updating my blog.. ;)
gotta call ruthie if dinner is stil on.. ;p

Sunday, August 28, 2005

special effects eh...? Posted by Picasa

Onli managed to take a few of the pics b4 the dance.  Posted by Picasa
Another wk of packed schedule has passed again.. ;p Was workin on nite shift on the wkdays.. & it was not one of the worst i had, neither it was the best.. we're veri occupied frm tues to thurs nite.. onli mon nite was gd.. but in wa way, was glad tat we were veri occupied, time passed faster n easier when u're doin stuffs. but did not hav enough sleep during the day..Wkends r my off days which i had spent it reali 'fulfilling'.. ;D
Fri- Had a 'performance' @ Zouk, theme of event, Veri Xotic.. the party was great, crowd was fantastic, we had a great time, @ least i know i did.. although it was reali veri tiring by the time we finally can get off the dance stage.. the choreographed dance tat Linna & grp put up was reali veri cool & Great!! Then went to Union Sq for salsa after hanging around @ Zouk with our group for a while.. cos had decided tat i cant dance anymore with the house music, tats goin to b played thru out the nite.. cos had enough of it when i was up on the stage.. ;p
after salsaing @ union, went to played pool wif frens, so got to know some new frens, they are a grp of veri nice, sweet, cheerful & easy goin folks,, didnt wan to take pics yet, cos they might mind if i post the pics here..
Sat.. oh, yes, i remembered.. went to watch a performance tat's put up by this Faith methodist church, its called 'The Spooky Show' but its a magic show actualy, it was not too bad, not great cos i can actualy point out some flaws, haha!! then went Union Sq for salsa again..!! had supper n chatted til late, as usual, but it was wif suman, sebaz n grp.. used to hang out late @ arkbar wif lily, glo, varun & gang.. i reali missed the times i had with them.. ;)

Monday, August 22, 2005

went to watch this show juz now wif my bro, woah, tis show is reali not bad, for a local horror movie tat is.. ;) but the ending, its predictable.. but wel, can catch this show on a wkday like tis, not too bad.. they did hav some scary scenes & i can say the actress, Alessandra De Rossi, is reali gd. *thumbs up for her* & Benny Soh, shld b the one who acts the retarded son, Ah Soon.. he's veri gd too!

well, cant blog too much now, cos gotta get ready for work.. on nite shift this wkdays again.. ;)

Bewitched.. one of the classics that i'd always enjoyed watchin when i was young.. finally now its out in the movies theatre.. went to catch it with sebaz & jason last nite.. ;) my new movies kaki.. haha.. glad they're hard core movies lover, juz like mi.. this show is reali comical & i had totally enjoyed myself watching this show.. addition to the fact tat one of my fantasy is being a witch.. hahahahaha..!!
i wondered if ther's reali one tat exists in this world, u never know.. ;P
A sweet natured witch who's trying to lead a normal life.. seeking for true love.. finally found him, a actor who's trying to get his fame back by casting in the 'bewitched' tv series.. the show is reali funny & kinda sweet & 'romantic'.. ;) reali love it!!

Wel, had a busy wkend again, as usual.. ;p sun morning was workin, then went for dance practice..which i din noe it is a practice, so din bring dancing shoes n wore appropriate clothes, tot it'll b a discussion on abt the fri performance tingy.. but luckily, the jeans tat i wore is a reali veri stretchable one, tat @ least i can do my stretching & practice a bit, better than none. ;p & went for the movie after tat.. had late but veri filling dinner @ Mr. Bean wif the two guys.
Busy, tight & tiring week for mi, but i love it this way!! ;p

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Grand Feast for N.O. Sin's farewell Dinner Posted by Picasa
Had a long day today, frm morning.. went for a spa wif aunty mary, she had a voucher, $45 each for a whole body scrub & massage, 1 1/2hr session.. so woke up late as i reached home abt 3.30am n slept ard 4am.. luckily, we were not late for the spa.. it was @ holland V.. the plce is called aFond.. quite a nice plce.. forgotten to take pics of the plce.. the reception of the plce is not veri impressive.. but the inside, the plce wher we had our therapy done was veri cool, spacious & reali beautiful.. the whole session was reali great, had ginger body scrub & body massage wif lavender oil.. reali veri relaxing.. but funny thing is tat i din not fall asleep throughout the whole session.. even the last time i had the whole body massage @ Contours, i didnt as well.. i used to fall asleep every time i had massges or facial.. anyway, had the day off as well.. cos ther isn't many patients in the ICU.. but stil gotta be in the hosp as we're having a farewell aprty for our N.O.. Had a fantastic feast!!! although its a farewell party & we reali had a great time, it doesn't mean tat we're happy for Sin to leave us.. however, all of us sincerely wishing her all the best in her future endeavours, & of cos we'll definitely miss her a lot a lot.. her nagging, black face, stressed up expression, everyting abt her.. :)

EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD WILL COME TO AN END. Isn't it? Is ther anything that wil last forever.. do let me know if u tink ther's..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Off on a wkday (like today) can b a luxury.. cos the beach wont b crowded, others are workin & im not, & sometimes i can have the time for myself, be a loner for once & juz letting go of everyting in the mind & juz relax!!! :)

Oooh la la.. today spent almost the whole day @ the beach, the sun was delightfully bright & sunny, wel, i was not ther alone.. was wif a fren, W.. ;) we had a great time swimming, tanning & playin volleyball.. always enjoyed his company, no matter wat or wher we were or do. ;) Its the company tat counts. ;p anyway, we actualy took quite a no of pictures.. but its all in his digital cam.. mine onli took these pics.. haha!!
Tues- Went for my orthopaedic follow up appt after work.. Met my Mentor, Rajam @ the clinic. She had a fracture of her elbow frm the fall @ the market.. Poor Thing!! we talked & talked like ther's no tomorrow & ther's so much to catch up wif her!! Im so happy tat she's doin & coping well @ CTSICU over the other hosp (better dun reveal too much here.. ;p) Anyway, i brought her back to SICU to c our new renovated ICU & do some catchin up wif my other colleagues.. We reali had a great time chatting!! I missed her so much..! missed workin wif her & the 'original' gang of SICU.. we're such a great team!! she kept telling mi, "When r u coming over?" , "Juz giv mi a call if u wan to come over as well", "it shldn't b a prob if u wanna come over. i can inform the sister over ther"......... this is so tempting....!!!!!! i've always wanted to transfer over ever since im over my hosp, cos since my training times as a student nurse, i've been training over the hosp she's @ now.. but over here now, i stil hav my dear, close colleagues & workin over here has not been reali too much for mi to bear yet.. right now.. im stil able to tolerate the 'nonsense', crap.. til one day when i cant bear it anymore.. then i'll move over. ;) yap, tats one of the plans i have in mind. ;p

my conversation wif my ortho dr..
Doc: R u feelin any better now?
Me: No... my knees hurting again.. i did some sports last 2 wks.. & the pain is back again..
Doc: did u go for yr physiotherapy??
Me: hmm....... no........ i need another memo frm u.. i'll definitely go for the physio tis time..
Doc: huh? u stil haven go for yr physio yet??
Me: *grinning* nope... but this time i reali want to go..
Doc: y?? so wat do u wan me to do with you now?
Me: cos im planning to try out other sports.. so this time i reali wil go physio 1st..
Doc: Wat sports do u wanna do now.....? *questioning look*
Me: im goin to do wakeboarding & diving..... *Smiling*
Doc: Wat...?? (HAHAHA) then yr CMP (my diagnosis for my knee prob..) wil never get well liao loh..
Me: *smiling..* nvm.. as long as it don't hurt tat much can oreadi..
Doc: okie.. so do u want any painkillers?
Me: Nah, i dun need it, i can bear wif it..
Doc: Wat abt yr glucosamine? do u need it?
Me: hmm, nah.. i stil hav..
Doc: Stil hav, means u hav not been taking it loh..???
Me: eh.... *grinning*
Doc: Pls rem to take yr glucosamines & go for yr physio ah....
Me: okie okie.. tis time i'll b a veri gd patient..
Doc: okie. then i'll c u in 2mths times la. i hope i wont be writing dwn " stil haven't go for her physiotherapy yet" again..
Me: okie okie.. *smiling*

Monday, August 15, 2005

some other nice pics taken for Pulau Ubin Posted by Picasa

@ Changi Village Hotel.. cant believe that the washroom is so beautiful eh..!! ;D Posted by Picasa

taken @ Changi Beach club. forgot to take wif Todd!!!  Posted by Picasa

wif Chin (long lost bro??), Wah Tze & My close fren, Ruth (ruthie) Posted by Picasa

i love this plce!!!  Posted by Picasa

A day @ ubin & changi beach club Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005

had a busy, packed wkends which had now drained all my energy.. haha!! but reali had a great time doin all the stuffs..!! tis wk had the whole wkends off bcos i was doin nite shifts frm mon to thurs nite.. ;)

Fri - brought my dear Coco to the vet for his annual vacinnation in the morning, after work.. ;) met a veri nice man wif his terrier @ the vet, n he offered to send mi n coco home when we met on the road.. after chatting in the car, we realised that he's actualy the son of one of our patients in the ICU.. i vaguely rem his dad's name n had taken care of him during his stay in ICU.. Wat a Small small world.. had 5hrs of sleep & went to PS for dinner.. had a dinner appt wif this new french guy whom i got to noe frm the net.. this 1st date is the worst i'd ever had.. he was late for 1 & a half hour..!!!! luckily we're mitin @ PS.. i juz go round shoppin & actualy b4 i realise it.. i had oreadi waited for tat long.. in the past, i wont b tat patient n waited for so long, but i dun noe y.. lately, i seem to b more tolerant of all this nonsense.. but ther wont b 2nd time man!! although explanation had been given, but hell, the world is reali changing eh.. being late for 1st date is a big big taboo!!!!!!!!!!!!! to mi, being 30mins late is oreadi kinda rude.. so 1 1/2 hours late.. tis is reali too much ya! anyway, if reali wan to talk abt the date, i tink it's reali goin to b a veri long essay.. so cut it short, the onli gd ting tat happened on fri is tat, i went to union square after the dinner, & met up wif Izan, another gd fren of mine, & manage to @ least catch up a little bit..!! its been a veri long time since i saw her.. abt 5-6mths!! so had gd dances on fri nite & had supper til 3am..

Sat- slept for 2 1/2 hrs.. went to Pulau Ubin for cycling!! the last time i went ther was like abt 8-9yrs back!! but this is my 1st time goin ther to cycle!! the plce has some reali cool, beautiful sceneries!!! would go back ther again soon!! after cycling, went to Changi beach club wif Todd. Todd & ruth both were swimming.. todd covered 5km.. i tink so.. ruthie @ least she did 20laps.. oh my god!! luckily im not competitive in swimming., i've never been. they swam, i was sunbathing, wel, @ lest i did 2laps b4 we left the plce.. i could swim longer n do more laps, but as for my ankle stil hurt, even in the water as well.. tats y didnt wan to make it worse.. then had dinner @ subway.. & went back home to change... n off to club momo!! had a better time dancing @ momo compared to the 1st time ther. but the plce is reali too crowded.. left @ 1am n headed to arab street for supper n shisah (hope the spelling is correct.. :P) the plce is reali cool & we had a great time shisha-ing, hahahaha!! the word that Suman & Sebaz kept using.. sucking.. we r all big suckers..!! hahahaha!! sounds reali crude but its kinda funny too! anyway, party's ended ard 3.30am.. by the time i reached home, it was 4am..

Sun- Went to sentosa for suntanning wif serene.. had 4hours of sleep.. the sun was fantastic.. luckily we went ther early.. 10am.. had 2hrs of the burning sun, then it started to drizzle.. n we got out of the plce juz in time, like we always do.. ;D Had lunch @ harbourfront.. then i went to Wheelock plce to get a Ipod shuffle for my dear brother.. it's his 22nd bithday on monday.. 15 Aug.. ;) but too bad, he couldnt receive it b4 his bday, cos he had went back camp in the morning.. so have to wait til he's back frm camp then. ;) gd ting tat i'd called home after i bought his present.. almost forgot tat i've to go to grandma's plce for dinner, almost had fixed another appt wif another fren for dinner & show. ;p so spent the evening @ grandma''s plce.. slept from 4-6pm.. was reali too tired frm the busy schedule.. anyway, spent a nice evening wif family & relatives.. ;) i tink its been a long time since i went ther & catch up wif my relatives... ;p tat reali sucks eh..

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

forgotten to update abt the movie tat i'd caught last wk.. the nite b4 jason & sebaz, each left for aust for snowboarding & the other to his hometown, KL.. ;) wedding crashers.. reali wonder if ther're such pple ard here.. its seems tat the caucasians are having lots of weird pple wif interesting jobs or hobbies.. this movie is hilarious, esp wif Owen Wilson in this movie, the combination wif Vince Vaughn is reali a combo!! Its realy a wonder how they can mingle wif the guests, wedding couples, gettin gals in bed wif, whom they dun even noe & they're having so much fun. of cos i know its juz a show, but hey, ever wonder if it is true, happening, @ somewhere, to someone in this whole wide world? i always believe tat if one can tink of tis in the movie.. im sure one day, or somewher, it'll definitely happen to anyone of us. tats y i love movies.. they can be fiction or non fiction, it might juz happen, which none of us wil noe when.. hahaha..!!

anyway, tis show's pretty gd, & no harm watchin it.. i quite like it when both eligible bachelors, wedding crashers, fell in love wif the gal they got to know frm one of the wedding they crashed.. the process of falling in love, realising how much they love the woman, pursuing their love & finally be with the woman they love.. although the ending is kinda expected.. but wel, its the process it matters to mi. ;P

it gets mi tinking.. how, when, wher, who wil i fall in love wif.. its kinda exciting to tink abt it.. haha!!somehow, i missed the feeling of falling in love & being in love.. but im not reali 'craving' for it.. mayb im juz bored, i dun noe.. i believe in fate n destiny for relationship.. wat'll come, wil come, wat's mine, wil b mine.. love wil come, & i'll know when it comes.. tats wat Anna said too.. cos' i'd asked her b4.. how do u know if this is the rite man for u.. u'll noe when it happens to u when the rite time is here.. well, tis kind of stuffs,, yah, nobody noe & no one can explain it.. *sings* Onli heaven knows... :)

gotta hit on my bed now.. on nite shift tis wkdays, 2 more nite shifts to go.. cant wait for it to end, then i can hav the wkends off!! yeah!! i wanna dance!!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

It has been a long tiring week.. felt like detaching myself from my body rite now as it is in a reali bad shape.. with a sprained ankle.. (not fully recovered yet) went for a jazz dance class on tuesday n salsa dancing for the rest of the night, woke up the next day with very tight muscles on both legs.. my thighs n calfs.. bought a new pair on ankle guards n wore them faithfully, to prevent further injury to them, felt the muscles on my legs were in spasm for the rest of the week til sat.. did not have any good rest for my ankle or my body @ all.. ;p

finally my rest day which is today.. had worked consecutively 13 days for this pathetic 1 rest day.. woke up veri early in the morning for netball @ kallang, onli had 3 1/2 hours of sleep cos went to Club Momo with frens n slept ard 2am.. Then got muscle pulled on my left thigh, which is hurting til now & whenever i tried to stretch a little, & 'sprained' my 4th finger on my left as well.. gosh!! it was hurting reali very bad when my dad was trying to massage for me juz now, tat i was tearing.. it is swollen.. look like a big fat sausage on the hand.. cant even bend it or grasp it.. tat reali sucks man.. tomorrow workin on night shift.. cant get MC now.. hopefully after the massage by my dad, it'll be better by then.. then my knees are giving me problems again.. this time round, i think i really need to get the physiotherapy appointment.. have been putting it off since april.. this really sucks big time.. n gotta get new ankle guard as well..

really feel like getting out of this full of damage, crap body of mine.. how cool will it be if we can never get injured, sick, or old as we age.. im not afraid of getting old, cos i would want to age gracefully.. & i want to experience every stage of life which we suppose to have, but getting injured or sick is the worse thing of all.. to me @ least.. people like us who loves sports & outdoor games, our body tend to be in a worse shape than those who don't.. our knees, ankles.. hands.. back.. but hell, we still go ahead doing what we love.. that's the price that we'd paid but hell we still love it! Although am feeling burnt, tired & aching now, but am glad that i stil had went ahead with the netball games today, cos it has been quite a long time since i had 'exercise' & played. ;) It is realy a veri good sports. ;p

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Had a gathering wif my gd frens-colleagues when i was in the general ward.. had the usual bitchin session.. n then a topic brought up by Sim.. my fav Senior staff whom i learned lots of tings frm her.. WHAT IS LIFE? WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR?... She shared a few cases that she had.. she's a palliative nurse now.. pple are afraid to die.. they wonder.. what's after when i died? am i goin to heaven or hell? Sim dropped this questions to us, "do u knoe wat's the purpose of yr life?" "Do u tink u wil go to heaven or hell when u die?" "hav u ever ponder abt wat's goin to b nex after u die?"
Everyone's life purposes are different. What my purpose in life is tat i could go round the world n understand the pple, the history, the cultures, n share wif them wif wat i've learned, what i know.. making a difference in pple's life, to my life as well. i do hav many dreams n wishes.. if i can, i wish tat i could explore as many plces if i could..

Monday, August 01, 2005

1st of august.. NURSES DAY!! time passed real fast.. didnt reali feel anyting special today although its the birthday for all nurses..
saw this article on newspaper.. it kinda touched my heart.. ;)
No matter how old we are,
it's always nice to be looked after
in times of illness and injury.
We need someone to comfort us,
to ease our pains and give us hope to heal.
That is the important role that nurses play.
They are counsellors, caregivers, selfless beacons of light and,
to some like Brianne, a role model.

i tink the image of nurses are slowly gettin better.. improving.. pple are slowly recognising us, nurses, respecting, appreciating us in a way or another.. :) of cos, ther r stil a handful who stil treat the nurses like maid, like shit.. but wel, as long as our conscience are clear, n our (my) focus is my patient.. i dun reali care.. as long as i noe tat am delivering safe care to my patients, tats wat i care abt. haha!! anyway, to the nurses out ther.. HAPPY NURSES DAY!!! ;)