Monday, February 23, 2009

Someone had reminded me of myself (in the past) recently and has made me appreciate, love & treasure my BEST FRIENDS!! (u knw who u r)

Her hyperactive, overly-intense character had become too much for me to bear, that i had to really withdraw frm her for awhile, even for just a couple of hours.
I love her for who she is, she is definitely a really very sweet, great gal. I have always enjoy her company & seriously, one of my good friends here in dublin. Someone whom i know i can depend on as well.
But, being with her continously for 3-4days, tat was really getting too much for me.. .. Too hyper!!

It reminds me of hw i have 'tortured' my best friends, especially those who have knwn me for the last 15years.. Nw, i understood when they kept sayin that i was too hyper, and i didnt really thought they really meant it.. and prob that's y i hav so many different grp of friends, cos i am simply all over the plce..

Nw, being here in dublin, has made me more grounded, laid back, and wel, i have learned hw to channel my hyper energy to something else, and not onto someone else!

To my best friends - Thanks for all the support, care, love & patience that u have showered on me for all these years. Just a little note here in my personal blog to say my heartfelt gratitude to you, my dearest friends who have come a long way with me, who have helped me to b a better me. ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And finally, the video of our performance in london SOS anniversary

Almost done wif all the uploads & update nw!! gotta get all done b4 i go on my finland trip!

Nw, its the pics of Poland, we were at this touristic little ski resort / town called Zakopane. ;) 1st time meetin up wif Ting's friends, 1st time @ a ski resort,
1st time gettin my snowboarding class, 1st time takin pics of a wild fox.. .. and 1st time for finishing reading a book, Revolutionary road. ;) hav never read a book tat fast, its reali a great book.

i've always wanted to b in a plce wif real snow, and yes, finally i had experienced it n i loved it. ;)

only took few pics when in london wif my salsa grp. the main purpose for this trip is for salsa, and i did have loads of great dances wif the guys in london. it was unforgettable! esp the spicy, intimate & sexy bachata dance wif one of the guys who r in one of the performing grp for the night. hahahhahahaha.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sis was askin me when i called her last wkend to wish her a hapy birthday, "So where are u nw? stil in london?" " No, im back in dublin already", so i said. "Y didnt u update yr blog? I Dun knw where u r at nw, only knew tat u r traveling n traveling."

Sorry!! ;) Just realised tat i hav kinda stop updating blog wif all the trash, nonsense stuffs that's goin on my wandering mind & heart.

The beginning of the new 2009, has indeed made one of my dreams come true. Snow experience. This time, it was gettin a little too much though.. lol
1st wkend was at poland, then following wkend @ london, then in dublin!

It was great to have the snow in poland, zakopane, as i need the snow in order to get my 1st snowboarding class.
2nd time was in london, wif my salsa team. We were ther to hav our 'debut' performance in london. Snowed on Sunday, then our flight on monday early morning 0625hrs, was cancelled due to the heavy snow. We were already sitting in the plane, tinking we could b lucky to b able to b back in dublin by mon, as few of us were suppose to go to work after tat. Announcement were made after 30mins sitting in the plane saying that the flight is cancelled and we hav to go bk to the arrival hall. When we had finally rebooked our ticket back to dublin, it was already in the noon. By the time when we got back into the hotel, i fell asleep once my head touched the pillow. i was totally wrecked, cos we didnt have any decent sleep for the whole wkend while in london, as we were dancing n stayin up late, wakin up early. But stil, it is beautiful in london with the snow.
Then back in dublin, there were Not much snOw left when we got back on tues evening. it was a pity not being able to see the snow in dublin, as it has not been snowing for AGES! But, it was snow storming on Sun early morning! woke up at 8am on sunday and saw the snow blizzard, called mum n got her online, and was showing her the snowing scene via the webcam LOL
i was having my PJs on, and was takin my mini laptop to my balcony to show her the view, it was FREEZING!! !!

So for 3 consecutive weeks, i have seen & experienced Snow. I have come to the conclusion, tat i do prefer Snow than Rain. but of cos, Sun is stil my best friend. ;)

Nw, 2more weeks to go, and i'll b goin to finland. Another Snowy plce. there wil stil b snow ther (i tink)
Have to start readin up the plces tat i want to go, see and plan my initerary ;)

So long nw then (Sis), wil try to upload some pics soon here