Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Although One can change for the better, but there is always something that One cant change.
No matter how much One tries to change or to hide, One can never change the nature of One has born with.

When One is born to be a fighter, One is Always a fighter, for One is not born to be a follower.
Even when one tries to suppress the competitive nature, there will b a day when the competitive nature will surface once again.

Just be what you are, without hurting anyone or yourself.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walking down the memory lane

It has been awhile since i have the time to sit down n do some reflection..
so now, being away frm dublin, away frm all the buzz in the city, im now in belfast over a friend's plce for couple days. this is one place that i have subconsciously trying to avoid to visit. im not avoiding my friend & his sweet family. i was avoiding to remember the times that i had in belfast with chris, bcos the train that i have to take frm dublin to belfast will b passing by newry & portadown, that was where he stayed.

No matter how long one try to avoid to face the demon deep inside, one still has to face it one day.

As when i had promised to visit keith & his family for xmas, when we met up when we were all in singapore, i knew i couldnt run away from it anymore.

When i was on the train, everything came back to me. The good thing is that all the memories that we had left, are the sweet, lovely, loving ones. right now, i couldnt even really remember wat didnt work out. It was all so beautiful, especially when the train passed by newry & portadown, it was actually snowing. A really beautiful sight. Gues this is one of God's way to tell me how beautiful the relationship was. :) i wasnt upset or emotional, just felt peaceful. i do still miss him, gues it is one fact tat i cant deny. :) and im all good.

Although i know i will remember alot more tomorrow when i hit the town, but im looking forward to it though. Because the last time when i came to belfast, was with lily. so there wil b a mixture of memories, but all is good. :)

Being in belfast, and hopefully can take nice pictures, gues it is one of the best way to end my 'travels' for the year of 2009. i would still consider being in belfast is being away on my travel, bcos it is under UK! we're using pounds over here! LOL

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

it has been 3weeks since im back in dublin from singapore, and geez.. not a day tat i was free.. wel, i had always been very good at keeping myself occupied anyways..
Had been really disciplined about hitting the gym for the threadmill on all my rest days ;) Mainly because wanting to maintain my fitness & weight of cos. The main goal is not to put on any weight especially during the winter time!!

Something happened when i 1st went to sauna after my holidays, i actually had a episode of syncope, just straight after coming out from the sauna :(
i dun know how long i was passed out, but thank god that i didnt hit my head or hurt myself in anyway. i dun want any more incidents anymore!

christmas is round the corner, and for this year, wont have to spend alot of money to buy any gifts, as i will be spending my xmas in dublin ;) i will see this as a good thing to be, as by right i should try to save as much as possible, as the stupid irish government is going to have a paycut across the country for the public sectors... ....

the increase of the tax, since the recession has started in the early months of the yr.. and now another paycut.... this is really not looking too good.. :( gotta hang on there for as long as i can!!