Monday, May 29, 2006

here i am, putting my last entry for the month of May, b4 i go on the mission trip to indonesia, ;) suppose to be sleepin, gettin my rest, but i cant sleep.. excited.. prob i'll juz get a short nap later after this.. a veri short one.. cos i'll need to report to the hosp by 5am.. & i juz finished packing my bag.. borrowed a big backpack frm jason.. i know its kinda last min thingy but i cant help it.. my own backpack is not big enuff.. so went to have porridge wif jason & gang after passing over the Dior makeover voucher to Rachel.. wel, @ least the voucher is not wasted.. & she'll help me to claim the Dior perfume for me.. ;) Addiction 2 i tink.. Rach.. in case i said the name wrongly.. its a transparent pink bottle.. with a squarish top.. veri nice bottle.. ;p
this is one of my dreams come true.. goin on a mission trip.. not onli once, i would love to be in a voluntary organisation wher they send pple on a mission trip.. on a longer term basis.. something like tat.. tat is wat i wanna do eventually.. so this wil be a veri gd experience for me. ;)
So, for the nex 10-14 days i wont be able to access to this page.. so yap, this is my last entry for May. the nex one wil be when im back!! ;)
to all my frens, i love you!! dance my part for me!! eat my portion for me!! ;p

*im leaving on a jet plane, dun know when i'll be back again...* ;)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

reali dun know wat to say abt wat a fucking day it had been for me.. tings juz went wrong.. veri of my patient passed away.. although it is predicted.. but stil.. im not realli happy abt it.. tings @ work is not as bad as wat had happen @ home.. i dun know if its bcos of the weariness in me that triggered my outburst to my Dad when he tried to use my honey.. i reali fucking dun know why i did tat.. anyway.. wat's done cannot be undone.. im realli upset.. not onli me.. both my parents as well.. they are now super upset, angry wif me, but i dun realli wanna do anything abt it too.. juz not in the mood for anything now.. 3 angry people with 1 pissed person(sis) in the house right now.. i juz wanna get out of this plce rite now..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Got my high last night as well @ Hard Rock Cafe..!!! There was this guy all the way frm NY .. ooohh.. he was so GOOD!!!!!!!!! I didnt realised his presence until Hendra signalled me after my dance.. woah..!! He really caught my eyes & my soul...!! but not onli me.. most of the salsa pple are practically watching him dance!!!!!!!! Needless to say, i did asked him for a dance.. & wel.. the 1st dance we had, i tink it was horrible cos i cant realli get his lead & he is On2.. im stil learning, picking up On2.. but stil it was realli good, & he is really veri nice, as he knows that im not an On2 dancer.. he tried to teach me while we're dancing. I really Appreciate tat, u know.. i tink it was veri nice & sweet of him. of cos, given my fast learning pick up skills.. (Ahem.. ahem..), i did picked up the pointers frm him. ;D
then surprisingly, he asked me for the 2nd dance.. ;P so i had 2 dances with him continously, & i REalli enjoyed myself dancing with him, although stil cant realli get his lead @ times, but im sure, give me a few more times with him, im sure to get it right!!!! :D :D :D I cant wait to see him again!!
now, im starting to enjoy dancing On2.. there's Jimmy, Clarence, Darren, Biaoda to dance wif me On2.. & of cos, this NY guy & not forgotten our Professor of Salsa.. gosh.. i've been getting so high from dancing salsa..!! Its juz like having a night of wild,superb sex!! ;D
Feeling High today..!!! Reasons... Causes...
1- IELTS exams finally over... juz finished the oral examinations in the morning.. ;p i tink i shld have done a gd job.. dun dare to say im gd, but not too bad i can say.. ;D dun have too much expectations of myself.. dun overestimate myself.. tats one of my principles actualy.. its not tat i dun have confidence in myself, but wel.. juz being modest.. hhahahahhaha..!!! okie.. enuff of the exams.. dun realli wanna to tink abt it anymore cos its OVER.. & all i can do now is to wait for the results to send to me mailbox.. ;) im COUNTING DOWN oreadi..!! 14 days to go!!!!
So after the exams, we went to have breakfast @ TCC.. oohhh.. the feeling of being there @ 10+am, having a sumptous breakfast.. feeling of being so free... GOSH, it was superb!! we felt like we are having holiday.. juz woke up frm the hotel.. having breakfast.. juz bumming ard.. tat was cool!! of cos it is only for today... but heck.. juz enjoyed the moment!!
Then we went shopping @ cineleisure, was looking ard for Alice's present, couldnt find anything.. so down to Takashimaya.. frm level 4 to basement.. we spent abt an hour @ basement 1, & guess wat.. i have even bought the presents for the June's babies in the ICU..!! I am the Genius!!! ;D bought the presents that we liked & we're sure that they would love their presents as well..!! Then to Tangs, we bought the voucher from Dior, for they're having the makeover promotion.. so we'll be having our makeup makeover nex wk, yeah..!!! check out the newspaper for the promotion, we happen to see the promo on the straits time while we're @ TCC.. ;P
Came back home to rest my poor feet & to put dwn all the stuffs tat i'd bought.. it was abt 100bucks for the presents for 4 of our colleagues!! woo hoo..!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

juz tryin to backdate the pics taken over the last few days.. or mayb wks.. almost forgotten all abt them.. ;p
These are taken few wks back i tink.. was having dinner wif Aunty Mary & Katy @ the Hongkong cafe.. @ east coast road.. we all love this bread.. veri nice..!! Katy introduced us to this cafe as she loves the bread & its one of her fav hangout plce wif her inline kaki frens.. would love to go there again..!! ;)

Now, these are taken on sat when i was @ Sentosa wif grp of co-colleagues ;) didnt take a lot of pics cos was not realli in the mood for it.. this kiddo here, bears the same surname wif me, but he's aint my bro/cousin.. he's one of dr's kid, his name is Jack.. isnt he cute..!! then there's his sister, lily.. i hope the spellin's right.. anyway, the 2 kiddos are really adorable, fun & quite well behaved. ;) & the last pic here, of cos is their mummy ;) had a great time @ the beach wif them & wif the gang of adults of cos.. there were Mei, Chelsea, ganesh, melvin, chin, ruth, bernard.. although i dun reali know mei & chelsea well, but well, we gals wil never run out of topics to talk abt.. so, wel, u know..

Then it was Sunday.. went to church in the morning then to Sakura, @ the Omni theatre, for their lunch buffet wif my family.. for post mothers' day celebration.. indulge myself wif the food over there.. its been a long time since i have such full meal.. im not realli dieting, i juz wanna maintain as wat it is now.. ;D

ps- i hate it when my face is round as tat's the 1st plce tat u can see if im putting on weight.. i dun wan a hamburger face!!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

my all time fav song.. sorry seems to be the hardest word. ;)
love the song for the lyrics & of cos the music.. especially the paino part. ;)
the lyrics frm the song speaks a lot, very meaningful.. enjoy.. .. ..
its juz another blue blue monday.. im like a garfield today.. i know its juz another lame excuse to be lazy for the start of the week.. but i juz cant help it.. ever since from the time when i woke up, i juz feel so tired.. didnt drag myself to work though, juz tired..
had a really bad stomach upset yest after the buffet lunch @ Sakura wif my family.. not food poisoning, dun wory my frens, juz tummy upset.. luckily it onli got veri upset after a round of mahjong wif my family.. of cos, i lose @ the table cos couldnt concentrate @ all.. wif my tummy turning upside dwn.. me burbing almost thru' out the whole game.. so after spending abt 15mins on the toilet bowl.. have to leave the house to meet a fren for a movie..
we watched 'Over the hedge' @ T.B., the show is realli very cute & funny!! I love the character of Hammie.. innocent, cute, loving guy.. catch the show n u'll know.. ;) luckily by then, my tummy was feelin quite okie.. not angry anymore, but no appetite to have my usual popcorn during movies.. so all i had for the rest of the evening were, a bottle of gree tea, some grapes, dried mango, papaya & guava..
i tink tats y i felt so lethargic today.. i tink i shld rest early tonite.. i tink its my burn out body callin out to me.. take a break, honey.. take a break..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Am feeling great!! its been a long time since i had felt so good..nope, im not falling in love wif anyone (yet).. but im really having fun with my life as it is now.. last night i got my high on the salsa dancefloor once again!! i really love this feeling.. i was dancing almost non-stop for 5hours.. gosh!! it really felt so good when the ball of my both feet hurts, my calf muscles tired.. almost cant feel them.. for continous 2 days of salsa high, i hope this can last me for a long time..!! without salsa, i tink my life will b a complete bore.. to my salsa frens, i love u folks!!

one more heartlifting thing when i reached home.. i received my 2nd letter from mongolia, from my 3yrs old kiddo.. ;) my sponsored kid actualy.. ;p received his annual progress report, from the picture, he did looked grown up a little.. so cute!! but i haven replied yet.. hmmm.. i tink i shld write to him.. soon.. ;p i dun know what shld i write..

i'll be heading to the beach later.. gotta soak myself up in the sun!! yeah!! tomorrow wil be having lunch @ Sakura wif my family for post celebration on Mummy's day.. couldnt have it last wk as what we initially planned as my poor mummy had fallen sick wif her swollen gum.. it got so swollen that u can see it from the face.. she cant even eat for the 1st 2 days.. well, tml wil be pay back time!! ;D

gosh.. tats how im goin to spend my off days for this wk..!! its really super duper fanstatic!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

i had totally enjoyed last night of salsa dancing, i dun know why.. but gues its partly bcos i have not been sals-ing much lately.. & of cos with the right gang of frens, & guys.. so last nite.. it was a blast!!! ;D I got my high back on the dancefloor!!!!!

went to watch the korean movie - Addicted Attraction, wif pauline.. chose this show bcos pauline wanted to watch it.. bcos of the male lead actor.. the guy frm 'Da Chang Jin'..
wel wel wel.. he is realli veri attractive, charming, cute.. aww.. noticed tat he has gd physique.. i shld check him out in the net when i have the time..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Are You High Maintenance?
destiny1020, you're a Total Middle!
Personal Upkeep Material Upkeep Emotional Upkeep

Material Upkeep- Maybe you're self-sufficient and practical, or maybe you're just slightly unkempt. Either way, you tend to think that top-of-the-line products are unnecessary and excessive, and you don't indulge yourself with more than you need. We think it's safe to say that you don't put much emphasis on the how trendy or high-quality your products and possessions are. You're a firm believer in the philosophy of "less is more."

Emotional Upkeep- You like being a top priority in your partner's life, but you also respect his/her independence — good for you! Sure, it's important for you to feel valued and appreciated in your relationship, but your expectations for your significant other tend to be realistic and attainable. You definitely know how you want to be treated, but you don't think the only fulfilling relationship is one filled with constant doting.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

stil holding on, i know i am,
holdin on to the hope that we would be together,
but do i really have to wait for so long
sometimes i ask myself, i ask HIM
why do u have to put me to this test
i always take up to all the tests that u have put me through
& i know that i have passed through those
but this one .. i have no confidence, no more faith if i can anymore
the angel in me told me to hang on there..
u will be with this man u love if u can hang on there longer
but the devil in me told me to give it up
give up the belief, the faith, the love that i have
what should i do, where should i head to
i dont realli know..
i dun know how long i can hold on to, how long more i can wait
i tink.. i should go where my heart goes..
i tink.. i should let my heart takes over my head once.. just once more..
im still waiting.. waiting for you..

I thought i could forget everything abt us if i stop contacting you.. i really thought time will make all the sweet memories of us fade away.. but hell was i wrong.. i saw a picture of you in the newspaper early in the morning & the sight of you take my breath away.. setting my heart rate racing, butterflies in my stomach.. when, why, how can i stop myself frm feeling all these for you...

Monday, May 15, 2006

lately i noticed there was a trend of Qns that my frens or even my regular hairdresser are asking me.. "Do uou have a boyfriend?" / "Are you attached?" They were quite surprised to hear that im single, which i dun know why as i have been in this status for quite sometime.. they assumed that i have a boyfriend, & they never ask me either.. well, who would ask this Qn when u juz know someone.. anyway.. well, im glad that this trend, which has lasted over 2wks, has stopped.. ;)

Juz yesterday when Ruth & I were having a casual chat while working..As usual, we talked about everything under the sun, until she said something that caught my surprise.. "all of us thought an Ang moh would juz suits you perfectly" i was like.. what..?? she said.. well, all of us did talked abt u & stuffs.. yr character, yr likes, yr dreams, etc etc.. we all agreed that an angmoh would actually suits u perfectly.. our conversation ended juz like tat.. didnt have time to ask her, who are the 'all of us'.. cos we have to attend to our patients.. & it juz slipped my mind to probe her for the rest of the shift until now.. honestly i have no idea, have no preference whether my future partner is goin to be an asian/angmoh.. it doesnt matter.. i prefer to leave this to God, to Fate & Destiny.. ;)

Was sorting out all the pics in my pc & browsing through all the pics that i have taken all these times.. wif my family, close frens, colleagues, salsa frens.. all.. everyone that i know.. all the memories came flashing back @ the back of my mind.. i really thank god for all these beautiful memories, experiences that i have wif them.. ;) im not going to forget any of them..
that is the reason why im always taking my digi cam wherever i go.. juz like wat Aina, crystal said.. Angie is always bringing her camera.. she's always taking pic.. my dear frens.. without the pictures.. i can tell u that i would not be able to recall or rem any of them.. the pictures are all i have to help me to remember.. so if there's one day if im losing my memory due to watever reasons.. these pics will definitely come to usefulness!! ;D It can be use as an evidence too.. like wat pauline is doing wif her hp cam.. ;p that i totally agree!!! ;D

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back to reality.. to Spore.. away frm peacefulness..  Posted by Picasa

My most proud pic tat I have taken myself...!! I LOVE IT VERI MUCHie.!!! ;D Posted by Picasa

Supper time..!!! BARBEQUE!!!!!!!!!!  Posted by Picasa

Group Picture, all looking sweet,happy, handsome, in the camera.. ;D

Then we tried to take some candid shots.. set the camera to take 3 shots @ a time..
look on our right

then to our left.. obviously mei, darren & desmond couldnt get the timing right.. ;D
!st time trying on this game of TWISTER!! !! !! See how we did entangled up with one another, it was really hilarious!!!

This is a battle between the 2 couples in the group, Marco & Janet VS Darren & XiaoMin

Wayne & Andy, 'fighting' with each other

Xiaomin & Crystal, friendliest match of the game actually

Another fierce game betw the guys.. Darren & Jason!

Rachel & moi.. the most Awkward positions among the rest!!

Lena & Angus fighting out!! ;D

the most 'trained' player of Twister, Mei .. wif poor desmond.. ;>

Trudy in the most 'sticky' situation.. stuck below other 3 pple.. A Fighter babe!!

The 4 of them fighting against one another..

gd weather Posted by Picasa

kepo-ing on how they captured the food tat we r goin to have for lunch & dinner Posted by Picasa

the kelong that we stayed in ;)  Posted by Picasa

Chilling out on the boat.. gettin some sun.. stil veri much active.. ;) Posted by Picasa

Setting off to kelong!! ;D Posted by Picasa

to the kelong we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6th May 06' Which is oso the polling day!!! ;)  Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 08, 2006

stil not having enuff of lilian's wedding... ;p
somemore pics..
Fri was spent wif Ruth & 3 of our doctors frens who had been always treating us to dinner.. this time we did it wif a little bit of diff.. instead of having dinner @ some restaurants.. we always wanted to treat them back & both of us tot the best idea would be that we invite them to ruthie's plce & we prepare the dinner... ;D but as both of us are not very gd chefs.. the easiest way to prepare dinenr is.... SteamBoat..!! hheheheheh.. although we dun realli have to cook.. but the preparation.. the shopping for the food.. hey.. that realli takes a lot...!! ;D we reali enjoyed the preparration phase!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

The theme of the Night- Roses.... !!! Romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Posted by Picasa

Babes Posted by Picasa