Thursday, August 13, 2009

Watched a show by Angeline Jolie & Edward Burns, Life or Something like it, makes me ponder..
well, everything happens around me, anything that i'd watched, makes me ponder..

What is important in yr life?
Your career?
Your wedding?
The man that you are going to marry, just because he fits all the criteria in your checklist?
The so-call PERFECTION that you have created yourself...?

Sometimes, what you think its important, what you have gone through, what you have come so far from, what you have worked so hard for.., might not be the real thing that you want in your life...!!

Define Love.

Define Life.

Define Perfect.

If you look into the dictionary and search for the meanings of these words, you get plenty of explanations of the words.

But in real life, let's just keep it simple.

If you love somebody, tell them. Dont wait for the special day/moment to tell them, because that day might not come. Everyday is special as long as you are with the one whom you love.

Live your life to the fullest everyday, because the next day might not come.

As for perfect, as the saying goes, No one, Nothing is perfect, so dont look for one and you don't have to be one.

I don't have to be one either.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

its been almost 4yrs since i had sponsor this kid frm mongolia, with the organisation, World vision in Singapore.
Really happy to receive this card frm the kiddo, where he will keep me updated abt his general progress. well, not really by the kiddo as he is still too young.. it is filled up by his grand dad. Last yr, the card was filled up by his mum. ;)
Mongolia is one of the country that i have been wanting to go and visit, way b4 the sponsorship.
i think i might have some affinity with the country, and prob with the kid too.. ;)
when i contacted world vision to express my interest for the sponsorship program, the 1st child profile they gave it to me is this kiddo, and i said yes. it was near xmas then, so i suppose that's also one of the best xmas present tat i had given someone. ;)