Friday, October 19, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

12-14 Oct, my 1st UK Salsa Congress, held at Bournemouth this yr. ;)
Awesome, fantastic time in the congress!
Didnt have much sleep or rest for the whole wkend, but stil, was feelin full of energy dancing on the dancefloor.. ;p
So many awesome performances frm dancers all over europe!
Definitely wil go to more congresses now, whenever i can! ;)

Reali glad to have met up wif Amar, lily's friend, who is currently @ sheffield studyin. and of cos, haihan, a fellow singaporean, who is @ Cambridge currently pursuing studies as well.. ;)

its reali so funny and weird the world can appear to be so small, and yet huge too, at the same time..

Finally, got the chance to go to the Giant Causeway, of ireland of cos.. ;)
I remembered the 1st time i heard abt it was frm Keith, Darren's friend, who's @ Belfast wif his lovely wifey and lovely daughter. ;)
Have always been wantin to go, and now, yes, one more destination done! lol

Went to this beautiful, mystical Giant Causeway with Chris, and we had a lovely time, although ther was slight drizzling when we finally reached the plce, but the rain sure didnt damper our mood to enjoy the scenery. ;)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Always been trying to avoid falling in love, dun ask me why, i dun reali know either..
maybe bcos have been through so many things.. although most of my close friends are in a happy and lasting loving relationship, but that doesnt makes me envious of them.. instead, they reminds me that i shld make full use of the time and freedom that i have.. ;)

But wel, they always say, its bcos i have not met the right one yet..

this time, i dun know why or how it happens..
im falling, once again..
but wel, this time round, both of us are more rational and practical..
and that's wat makes everything so beautiful.. cos we r in control, and i like this kind of feeling..
fallin crazy for each other, trying to make things work, and making an effort to make things happen.
I almost forgot how fallin feels.. and i couldnt believe that i am fallin again.. after so long of avoiding and tryin hard not to.. unexpectantly but beautifully, things juz happen. ;)

oh wel, we'll see how things anyway, even things dun work out in the end, im pretty sure that we'll be able to maintain a veri gd close friendship. ;)
Maturity, connection, chemistry, understanding.. hmm... all in one.. isnt tat great?

One entry before leaving for UK Salsa congress!!!!
This is my very first time going to the UK Salsa congress, and 1st time flying on a plane with many other salsa pple!! Guess it's going to be a real noisy, exciting and fun flight this time!!!!

Havent sleep a wink yet.. guess wil b catchin up a little later on the bus to the airport. ;)


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
What comes into my mind when it comes into these seasons...

Spring - the beginning of beautiful things.. the beginning of love, blossoms of the flowers, the weather is cool but sunny.. simply beautiful

Summer - reminds me of the beach, my fav place to chill out and enjoy the serenity of peace. Sunny and warm. my fav season, i would say.. ;)

Winter - feeling of romance.. snow.. WHITE.. Purity.. calm.. and Xmas..

Autumn - falling of leaves.. juz like watching the process of dying.. withering.. to me, it juz feels kinda sad, also feels like a breaking up season.. although most of the pics of autumn, it does looks veri beautiful.. but when u see the amount of fallen leaves on the road, the ground.. and when u have seen or experience spring and summer.. i think u would have the same feelings like me..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gwen Stefani's concert in Dublin, RDS, indoor, on the 2nd Oct 2007. ;)
Great performance and she is reali reali beautiful like a doll!!!!

1st nite out wif my colleagues, for Valerie's farewell party. a lovely lady whom i reali like to work with, and tats y i went for the nite out. ;)