Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Missed the feeling of Being in LOVE..

Friday, February 24, 2006

finally, im on leave!! finally i can sleep late, wake up late & not going for work.. im so freaking tired of working.. but.. im not goin anywhere during this wk of leave.. supposingly to bangkok wif my Jiemeis but kinda last min cancel the trip so left me haing no time to realli plan something else.. not reali last min cancelling the trip though.. its juz tat i've been very busy wif my schedule tat i dun even have time to make my own plans.. so whom to blame.. its me myself & I.

Anyway, wil make use of this wk of leave to finish watching the DVDs tat i borrowed frm frens.. miting up wif some of my frens whom i have been neglecting.. ;(

well, looks like its goin to be a busy wk afterall..

did a personality test recommended by jimmy.. ;)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Going to part with a fren soon..
Sean's going to New York for work.. dun know when he'll be back
Even though we dont really know each other for long
or veri well.. but well, still felt a little sad to know that he's leavin spore
All we had are those small chats that we held when on the way back home in the cab
so today met up with him for coffee n dinner
chatted for abt 3hours++
It was a great evening as we had the chance to know each other better
although its a bit too late as he'll b leaving on Wed..
but stil we had make an effort to make this friendship works out well ;)
wel, so nex time if i happen to be able to go to NY for holiday..
I know who i can go to!! oh, i'll stil hav SHUN over @ NY as well!! Tor's fren..
Both of us feels that its gd to have friends all over the world
so that wherever we goin to travel, we'll have friends!!!
tats cool rite!! ??
anyway, All the best to SEAN in his future endeavours!!

ps- i wished im the one who have to travel.. ;)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Parting is one of the saddest thing that one has to go through
no matter if it is parting with yr friend, family or even any thing u own..
anything that you treasure..
no matter how hard u might try to hold it tight to yrself
how hard u try not to lose it
the day will still come
Nothing in this world last forever, isnt?
So the onli thing that you can do
is to treasure the times that you can hav, you can spend
the memories that you have, can be with you with the rest of yr life
Keep it in the deepest part of yr heart
lock it up if you wan to
Let it go when the time is up
Let go...

ps- that is why i have so many things kept.. those were the memories that i have collected all these years.. i tink i can have a room that's full of my memories.. be it the happy ones or the heartbreaking ones.. Tons tons tons of it..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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wif Samson on v day Posted by Picasa

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PartyWorld @ Shenton on Mon 13 Feb Posted by Picasa
Im Falling again.. i can feel it.. & I know it..
the warmth of yr hand
the gentleness of yr kiss
the electric feeling when we touched
these are the things that i really missed
surprised am i to receive a V day sms from you in the early of the morning
Dreaming am i not, i thought to myself
clearly i know that im not
never thought u would be here
but somehow u are, & u did
u are checking up on me juz like the way i do on you
isnt this world a funny place

juz by being wif you
it doesnt matter what we are goin to do
or where we are goin
juz by being wif u is enough
am i too easy to please
too easily satisfied
that that's why the love that i used to love cheated on me
sometimes i do wonder
but stil, i stil believe that
as long as it is the right person that you are wif
everyday is Valentines Day
it really doesnt matter where or what you do together
it is already paradise

that is how the quote comes along
"Love is blind" ;D
Valentine Valentine Valentine.. how did u spend the big V day? Is it reali impt?
There are many who still thinks Valentine's is one of the biggest day of the year, wel, to most females yes.. But do you really think/feel that this is the only day for yr partner to be romantic, sweet, send you flowers, bring you out for expensive dinner..?
For a couple to show their love & concern for each other, isn't suppose to be every day, every hour, every min..? Of cos it'll be extra, ultra, super duper sweet to spend the V day wif yr partner.. but wat abt those who are singles? Valentines Day is oso a Friendship day!!!

I remembered for one of the V day which the 3 of us were together.. PS,XL & me.. were @ suntec.. & that was my 1st time receiving flower.. PS bought a rose for each of us.. we were single then.. it was quite a rare opportunity/chance that the 3 of us were of the same status @ the same time.. juz like the time when the 3 of us were attached.. like now, PS's attached whereas, XL & me are single.. in a way.. ;)

Anyway, i did had a date on the V day, although it was not with the person that i would love to spend it with. but stil, the night was still great. The love in the air was a bit too much with couples all over the place.. it was a little influential too actualy. ;) it was a romantic night out its all i can say.. (after the dinner, to be exact)

Friday, February 10, 2006

The feeling of Falling In Love,
feeling of missing somebody so much,
feeling of holding someone's hand,
the feel of cuddling,
feelings of planting soft kisses..
i cant help checkin out what are u up to
that's one of the way that i know what's goin on
i wonder sometimes
do u think of me just like the way im thinking of you too
i know i shouldn't feel the way that i used to feel for you
i should have stopped
i had stop but im still here, @ the same place
maybe u have found yrself another
that's what i can only tell to myself
we are just not destined to be together
even though you're the one that i can really feel the connection with
you are the only one, so far..
i can feel it & i know it
the feelings that i have for you i cant hide,
but that's all i can say..

Thursday, February 09, 2006

To love someone is nothing; to be loved by someone is something; but to be loved by the one you love - is everything....

how true this quote is.. ;)
Love is such a mysterious thing that no one can fully understand
Everlasting love is everyone's dream
but in reality, how many everlasting love does exists then?

Monday, February 06, 2006

the 1st festive season of the yr.. Chinese Lunar new yr!! Many frens said that they dont really like it as much as when they're young.. the mood is not there anymore, & it gets duller every yr as they age as well..

I dont quite agree wif tat though, cos im stil enjoying the festival as it is one of the days that i can gather my family & relatives.. ;) yah, u can say that i can do tat anytime i want, but wel, this is one of the times when everyone wil make an effort to gather & have fun together! Its a celebration of the yr for the chinese & its a tradition that we (young generation) still follows & respect. ;) It seems like we were still in our teens!! Lucky thing is that all of us are still young, not married, eh, im the eldest among the cousins actually.. ;p so i dont have relatives pestering askin questions like, 'when r u getting married?' although i did have some pple askin but they are the minority, onli those relatives whom i really onli get to see once a yr would ask this kind of questions. ;D

Had a Ching Chong Chang Nite on sat as well @ Union!! too bad my Cheongsam, the right shoulder was slightly torn in the earlier nite of salsa, that i have to change out of it.. lucky thing is that i brought an extra set of clothes to change.. ;p & had taken some pics when it was stil intact!! gotta bring it back to the shop where i bought it to see if it can be save.. or else.. there goes my 1st cheongsam.. sob sob. but wel, it was still a veri cool night @ Union cos people who knew about this special theme night, dressed up as well!! It was really a sensational night!! ;D

Had done almost all my visiting oreadi so now it seems like the mood of CNY is oso slowly tiding off.. ;)

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

finally, had broke out whole body of sweat today after so long..
had never felt so good for so long..
not even when dancing salsa nowadays..
i really missed the feeling of perspiring
the feeling of working out on my body
Fond old memories keep flowing back to me
i missed the times when we're playing the game of netball
the teamwork, the spirit, the hardwork
the way we pushed one another
the way we trained hard
the way we played the game
the way we go all out in the game
we were serious in our training, our practise, our games
but it never spoil the friendship betw us
instead we grew closer & knew one another better
to my gd frens whom i knew frm netball
ever since from my secondary times
i missed the times when we trained hard in the rain & enjoying it
to my gd frens frm Nanyang poly
i missed the times we trained super super hard under mee hong
& the times we go for supper after each training.. ;)

today, i had netball practise wif pple in my workplce.. dun realli know how should i feel abt it.. but anyway, as long as i had worked hard, perspired, im happy.
i can only say that the training is not enough, for me & even not enough for the rest of them..... sad but its the truth.. if they're thinking of winning the competition that's coming on march.. we really gotta work hard pple!!!!!!!!

(frm Shuqun & NYP, sob sob)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chinese new yr is juz another gd time to spend time together wif familes, relatives, cousins.. tats wat i like abt it.. its no more abt the 'angbao' money.. it used to be like a routine for the last 2yrs.. but not anymore.. ;) CNY is a gd time to have such gatherings as, people will have the holidays to b not working, n celebrating CNY..
My aunties were askin me n my sis when r we gettin married
my sis, May's reply was . 'no one wanna marry me leh..' then i replied, ' i dun wanna get married.. no money....'

Think abt it.. Do i realli have to get married..??!!