Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things are so much easier & clearer when decision is made, and everything seems to make more sense. ;)

Just hopefully all will go smoothly from now on.

This is my first time having no exact plans of what, where i want to be, or what to do, but strangely enough, i wasn't even worry about it.

It might seem to be wrong, but it felt right at the same time too..

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Once you have loved someone with almost all yr heart, you will never forget the person no matter how long you are apart.
He will always have this place in my heart, no matter what happens, no matter where i am.
His name, his face, everything about him, is just like a tattoo in my heart, it will never be erased.

Of cos life still goes on, and im pretty sure he did too, that is prob also one of our ways to prove the love for each other, that we will still move on with our lives even though we are apart now.

Maybe our paths will cross again, if destiny brings us together once more, in this big world of ours. ;)