Wednesday, June 28, 2006

im feelin better now.. i had my therapy done today after another occupied day @ work, then went for a meeting.. then had dinner wif Todd.. n well.. the therapy that im refering to... SHOPPING!!
I have not been buying any new nice clothings for the past few mths i tink.. n it was reali juz nice tat i happen to pass by future State @ PS then went in to take a look n bought a black top n a tube black dress.. okie.. its black.. not reali tat therapeutic.. then bought something for our 2 colleagues who're goin for their Adv Dip this yr.. then saw a dress juz opp the store & realli.. it was Love @ 1st sight..!!! ;)
Shopping does has it therapeutic value..!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I realli dun know why i've been so short tempered these few days.. its onli a few more days to the end of my bond, i shld be happy.. but im not.. im gettin more n more frustrated @ work.. this is not good @ all man... could it realli be PMS..?/ i realli hope so.. or am i juz being so critical of myself.. or the pple tat im working wif.. or.. i realli dun know!!!! i realli gotta keep myself cool!!!! or mayb i need a break.. .. .. i wanna break free!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

It has been so long since i had been so angry wif anyone for this super long time.. in fact i dun even remembered when was the last time when i was realli this mad.. :(
Could it be bcos its a Monday?? Or the fact tat im PMS-ing..??
Or is it bcos in the morning it started bad cos i have to walk all the way (15mins) to JP's taxi stand to get a cab to work, & when in the workplce.. have to deal wif someone's whining & complaining of always being the one to be deployed, even after i had explained to her why she has to be the one again today..?? then when i started to ask pple to go for their break, they 'refused' & rather take their own sweet time goin for their break & worse.. 2 juniors going @ the same time even without telling me & f#$!%#ing worse, after i told one of them tat if she goes the other have to stay!!!!! What!!!???
All i can say is that.. these pple are realli testing my patience!!!!!! i was realli fuming mad, fuming fuming fuming!!! Excuse moi.. u gals are realli testing it out on the wrong person!!!!!!!! like wat SQ,SA & even AL said.. u gals SHIT on the wrong person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im realli disappointed wif the QUALITY of juniors that we're having nowadays man... sigh...
Concerns were raised even b4 this incident happened according to SA.. but well.. the reply was.. It's the way u manage them... WHAT???!!! but if the prob is their own character.. i realli wonder how can we make them improve... i was realli dumbfounded.. i realli dun know wat to say... i was still veri angry even after work.. so went to the library n get some books on management..!! will see how to manage these PPLE..!!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

2 Charming Guys.. My princes Charming.. ;D

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happen to find this video advertisement juz now.. cant resist puttin it up cos it has SHE, Wilber Pan & another cute guy, Shawn Yue(Yu Wen Le).. ;D

I juz love this song.. the piano part.. @ the beginning.. & folks.. rem what's my fetish.. man in white shirt.. hahaha.. look @ how charming wilber pan is when he's in his white shirt..!!! i like this type of guy..!!! ;D

zilian time.. finally got home after the whole event.. still lookin fresh eh.. actualy i haven get any sleep yet.. was on night shift teh prev night then went to amara for peishi's ROM.. onli got home ard 3.30pm.. hehehe.. im amazed wif myself too!! ;D Posted by Picasa

juz cant resist taking wif these flowers..;) aren't they beautiful..?  Posted by Picasa

dun get mistaken.. there's no throwing & catchin of the bouquet.. im not goin to be nex one to get tied down.. juz love the roses & tryin to get the feel of bein the limelight.. hahahahah Posted by Picasa

All of us take our turn to have a pic wif the lovely couple! ;) Posted by Picasa

same pose with different lighting , different feel..  Posted by Picasa

3 jie mei Posted by Picasa

the pretty ladies in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Posted by Picasa

peiqi tryin hard not to look so short in pic.. hahaha!!  Posted by Picasa

in the hotel room Posted by Picasa

My lovely jiemei Christyne & her other half..  Posted by Picasa

The Shuqunians!!  Posted by Picasa

Making their Vows & Promise to each other in the presence of their loved ones & friends..  Posted by Picasa

Amara hotel, pool side.. the sacred place for the couple!! ;)  Posted by Picasa

The big Day!! Posted by Picasa

Peishi's bouquet for her ROM..not the yellow roses though.. ;)  Posted by Picasa

Aijiao's 1st kiddo.. ;) finaly its the brother's pics.. ;) Posted by Picasa

still abt her.. !!! :D Posted by Picasa

cant stop taking pics of this little cute princess!!!  Posted by Picasa

isn't she beautiful..!!!!! super cute & adorable!!!!!  Posted by Picasa

Aijiao's 2nd kiddo..  Posted by Picasa
finally, after being so busy & having such packed schedule.. can finaly update today.. wanted to go to the beach in the morning but was too tired & lazy.. thought i shld stay home n get online for today.. ;p it was a long wk so not goin to put down all in words.. pics will do the same anyway...

well, sorry.. im juz being lazy.. juz for the day.. allow me to rest.. my mind, my body & my my soul.. ;)

Celebrated Fathers' Day on last fri wif family.. ;) we were having dinner @ this Dragon Gate restaurant @ harbour front.. buffet dinner a la carte.. food was quite okie.. not tat superb.. but well, its my sis who wants to try out the food.. ;) was surprised to see the restaurant to be quite packed wif youngsters as well.. must be the buffet thingy tat attracts them.. like us.. hehhee.. anyway.. we had a gd time & went home wif full stomach..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

had weird dream again last night.. this is so strange.. anyway, i dreamt i was @ work, wif my colleagues & saw the doctor (someone whom i tink is cute, the guy that i dreamt whom i kissed @ the night of chalet) back to our workplce.. nothing happens, juz saw his face tat's all.. then another scene.. i cant remember.. onli knew tat its not abt work.. ;/

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i had the longest & weirdest dream 2nights back.. & one that i can remembered.. i usually have dreamless nights.. the recent dreams tat i had & rem was when i was spending the night @ Sentosa chalet when Mary Chapelle was back in spore..well, anyway, abt this dream i had the day bfore..
I dreamt that i was 3-4mths pregnant, was wif a group of frens.. cant rem who were wif me though.. then there was 1 lady who came to me & told me to be careful wif my baby, or i'll lose it.. then i had a miscarriage.. then life seems to go on pretty well.. okie.. i know its kinda confusing & vague.. but its all in my dream.. i oso dun know what is goin on.. but it felt realli real.. cos when i woke up.. i still thought that i had a miscarriage & i was bleeding below.. I wonder what this dream means... i gotta go n find tat dreams interpretation book again.. i found it @ one of the stores @ Orchard after the Sentosa chalet.. it interpreted my dreams @ Chalet accurately.. anyway, it juz for some referencing.. juz curious if this dream means anything.. ;p

so tml is my off day.. but hehehe.. as usual.. my off day will be packed.. wil be goin to the beach in the morning.. then gotta go back to hosp for some photo taking for our mission trip by the MOH pple.. then dinner then salsa @ hard rock..!! ;D busy busy busy.. i love it!! then fri.. wil be celebrating Father's day wif family.. advanced celebration.. not too sure wher we're heading for dinner.. my sis will call the shots.. ;)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

cant help but to put up this video clip of Lee Hom.. realli veri nice song.. veri cute & handsome Lee Hom.. im gettin more n more mesmerized by him... ;D

Sunday, June 11, 2006

tomorrow.. wil be back to work.. 3days of rest since back frm indonesia.. & i had watched 3 movies, the shows that i wanted to watch.. ;) The Da Vinci Code, The Omen & X-Men.. hahaha.. superb!!

Went to watch Da Vinci alone, 1.15pm show on fri..i juz had the urge of watchin it tat day, didnt bother to ask any of my movie kakis, cos i know most of them would have oreadi catched it, din wan to have the slightest chance of being rejected & waste time asking, i went to watch it alone, ;D
1st time watchin show alone.. wel, its not tat scary & lonely as wat i thought.. ;)

Sat was spent watchin The Omen, world cup England & Paraguay & of cos, Salsa @ union. ;) Im not realli a soccer fan.. but its the world cup, once every 4yrs.. i dun mind watching it.. my whole family is watching it too..

Peishi's ROM day is drawing near.. im feeling a bit excited oreadi.. ;p finally, another important person in my life has found her happiness & someone who loves her as who she is.. another burden relieved. hahahaha..!! one more to go.. ;D

Went to Alicia's housewarming in the evening today.. i can see & feel her happiness, im reali happy for her.. ;) maybe the nex gd news frm her wil be the announcement of a baby!!!!!!!! ;D
today's Jaslyn's wedding dinner as well, but i didnt attend.. it was realli last min invitation frm her.. sorry babe.. my sunday is oreadi packed, if u had sent out the invitation card early, informed me earlier.. anyway, Wishing Jaslyn & her hubby, Stay loving & happy forever!! sorry tat i couldnt attend yr dinner..

i dun know if i shld be excited to go back to work.. i dun feel tat way honestly.. i dun know why.. i missed the plce, my colleagues, everyone there.. but.. hmmm.. i dun know..

Friday, June 09, 2006

in the plane, AI 211.. heading back home..  Posted by Picasa

Gettin onto the plane, back to Singapore Posted by Picasa

Last dinner @ indonesia.. ;)  Posted by Picasa

Went to a Silver shop where they showed us how they make things out frm a silver... it was realli veri exquisite..  Posted by Picasa