Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sometimes, it juz weird how things can turn out to be, especially when u least expect it to be..
The month of Sept is going to end veri soon & October has always been the month that i look forward to, mainly because im an October baby.. but the bad thing is also that, cos i've lots of friends who are also Oct babies, worst, i cant ignore or pretend to forget any of their bdays as they are close to me.. ;D

This Sept mth has been a veri busy, hectic, shocking for me.. busy & hectic is my usual schedule.. but shocking.. cos found out that im a Thalessemia carrier, that explains why im anaemic.. but luckily that doesnt stop me from going to dublin.. I AM going dublin, but I AM going in these few days time.. shocked i was when i received my contract after being cleared from the occupational health, then it stated that i've to start work on the 9th Oct.. they are expecting me n fetching me from the aiport on the 6th.. i know its super veri rush.. but i decided to go with it..actualy y not? i've always hope that i could go early so that i'll come back early 2yrs after.. although this is really not wat i expected, but im actualy quite fine wif it though.. when i haven received any confirmation if i can go ther, i was contemplating how shld i celebrate my bday this yr.. i was even tempted to contact willy again.. but im glad that i am back to my senses.. last yr i told myself that i shld totally give up on him on my bday, but i couldnt.. This yr, this time, i am determined to move on wif my life, n let that be memories, sweet memories.. i wan to fall in love freely! ;)

I always believed that ther's always a reason why things turn out the way it is, n not the way we wanted it to be,so it's solely depends on how you see it.

I'll miss my family, my dog, my closest friends, my colleagues, my netball/diving friends, my salsa friends.. everything, everyone & everywhere!!

I am excited to go over but a little sad @ the same time.. ;) but i'll definitely get over tat soon!
so now instead of miting frens for bday celebration, its farewell party.!! ;D wat a way to celebrate bday eh.. ;D

Wish me all the luck that everything will go smoothly!


Esther said...

All the best babe and Happy Birthday in advance!

destiny said...

thanks babe!! ;)