Monday, December 10, 2007

It felt really great to be in the gathering wif fellow singaporeans in dublin, seems like i am right back @ home with their company. ;)
This is the 3rd big gathering that we have for this yr.. wel, i missed the 1st one as i was in NYC. And of cos, gathering for singaporeans, is always abt FOOD!!!
This time, we had our xmas gathering @ a Korean Restaurant. ;)

James & Simon with their vegetarian korean dish. Looks really appetizing isnt?

Janice & Gavin, Thaiba & Simon.

Maggie, Chiny & Joyce. without their hubbies...

Laurence, and 2 malaysia gals, Nora & Serina.

Alli & my sweetie, Chris. ;)

Alli & James

Lastly, not forgetting taking our pic, just the two of us, my sweetie, Chris. ;)

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