Saturday, June 14, 2008

It was a hit series back then when it 1st showing on tv, and nw, finally the movie, feeling like it is putting an official ending for Carrie & Mr Big, and the rest of the characters as well. I personally like the movie very much, as it reminds me so much of myself in a way or two, and people close to me too.

The closeness of their friendship reminds me so much of me & my close friends, makes me miss all of my friends back in spore. It reminds me that, no matter hw far apart we are, we know that we will be there always for one another. And i also know that i will always have their support in whatever decisions tat i have made. Just like when i decided to move to the other part of the world, although they couldnt bear for me to go, worry abt me going on my own, still, they gave me all the support that i need to make it here.

Then, it is the gesture of love that Mr Big have for Carrie.. makes me miss CHRIS so much..
The kiss on my nose, on my forehead.. all these small gestures means a lot to me,

All the simple, little gestures of love, i miss them so much.
I know I really love you.

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