Friday, April 10, 2009

I have this sudden urge of going back home.. i feel exhausted, totally burnt out.
This feeling of wanting to stop has been bugging me on and off
Feeling of tiredness of travelling the world suddenly came to me
This is bothering me now
Guess my body is telling me to stop n rest as the episodes of palpitation is getting more frequent
Maybe its because i'll be going to london soon, for the Singapore Day in London, that is causing me to miss home more
I know i do missed being home with friends & family, especially when looking through pics of gatherings being organised at home and im not there
I know i do want to spend more time with my dog, Coco. Especially after watching Marley & Me, and 10 Promises to my dog.. made me miss him a lot more. & Knowing that he might not have a lot of time with us, made me feeling so guilty for being away from home for 2yrs, and this is going to be my 3rd yr in dublin.
I hope to be around to see my nephew, Jaden, my godson, Kayden & Goddaughter, Xylvia grow up. Im glad that my sis has got a webcam nw(finaly) and i can see him and my sis online.
Maybe i should slow down, but i kept feeling that i dont have much time
I know that i have always wished that i dont have a long lifespan, cos i dont want to be left behind, being the last one to go.. but i dont reali want to be the 1st one to go too
Like i told Annie before, at my funeral, i dont want my family & friends to be wearing black.
White is my favourite. I love colours. I want white lilies for my funeral. and my funeral will be done up like a photo gallery, where it will display my fav pics tat i have taken, with family, friends, travel.
There are times when i asked myself, what's my real purpose in life. I dont reali knw yet.
I am grateful for everything that has happened to me, for me & with me
For all whom i have met, known and loved, im thankful for all the memories, lessons that you have given me.
I would say that i have no regrets so far for all the decisions that i have made in my life.

So now, "What would you change if you can turn back time?"


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About Pret-A-Partay said...

We're all products of our experiences, travels, people we've met. I wouldn't really change anything either, cept to leave Singapore! hahahaha....I missed s'pore terribly when I was away too. For the last 10 years, I pinned for it but now that I'm back, it doesn't seem that appealing anymore. You know what they say about people who move around, they never stay in one place long enough...