Thursday, September 22, 2005

finally, have the time n chance to post the D&D pics.. ;)
am workin on nite shifts this wkdays.. cant sleep today, which i dun noe why.. onli had 4hrs of sleep.. thus decided to post the pics up.. ;)
last Sat which we had our D&D @ Suntec ballroom, was a fun & 'scary' nite.. the theme we had this yr was "Moonstruck" wat i was wearing is suppose to be a vampire.. but it looked too pretty, so when pple asked mi what am i suppose to b.. i told them tat im a high class vampire.. hahaha.. its actualy more like a victorian vampire style.. this yr my costume was kinda totally covered, no bare back, no short skirt.. which i was totally pleased with tat, cos the air-con in the ballroom was reali blasting like nobody business!! im glad tat i got the costume 1st b4 the rest of my colleagues decided to dress up in PJs, cos i would b wearing PJs like them n i would be freezing to ice!! ;D
this yr D&D was not involved in any of the performances which was my intention, but i was asked to help out to do make up for the performers, which i found out tat i can actually make out to b a gd make up artist!! ;) i thought this yr am not performing, can sit back @ the table & njoy the food, cos for the last 2yrs, i didnt get to reali eat the food as i have to run ard & perform.. but stil i din get to eat a lot n am sure tat i didnt eat the whole course of food @ the table..!! we're busy playing the games, mi moving ard in the hall.. well, gues its juz me.. restless, cant sit still.. ;p anyway, i stil had a gd time @ the D&D.. although it was not as gd as the prev yr.. but as long as i hav the chance to be wif my colleagues n hav fun other than workin.. im contented!! ;)

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