Monday, September 05, 2005

What is love? I dun really know.. Someone asked me before, if i am in love with anyone, how do i know if i am.. Falling in love.. i actually do miss the feeling of falling in love.. i know it when im falling for someone.. it is when i will keep thinking of him, when i think of him, all troubles, sadness will go away, the thought of him will only bring a smile & make everything looks alright.. that was my reply to him, & i told him, i can fall in love with you too, but i cant, cause u are attached now, & i am not going to put myself through the misery, im too rational.. i don't want to hurt any people, including myself.. come to think about it.. its been about a year since i was last attached, time really flies!! Being rational is what i am now, can be a good thing too, but i think that's why i am single still, cos i know what i want, unlike my close frens, who don't really know what they want in a relationship, in life, it makes them so vulnerable.. causing hurt to themselves in a relationship tat they knew that it would not last.. anyway, its not been really a good weekend, i would say, cos hearing news that few couples who are my frens are splitting up/split.. kinda sad eh..
There is no guarantee in love.. sometimes even @ work. nothing in the world last forever.. i just wish that all my friends, my best friends, people whom i know will be happy, healthy, free from worries.

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