Monday, July 17, 2006

whole body aching.. worse than after a game of netball.. am i gettin old or am i juz gettin rusty cos i've not been workin out..?? shucks.. wel, it's all bcos of the ROCK CLIMBING class i went on Sun, wif michael.. ;) woah, its not easy @ all!!! & one more thing to add is.. dun drink alcohol after a day of strenous exercise/work out.. alcohol wil onli make the whole aching process worse..!! Last wk was one of the most sinnest wk of the month.. cos i was drinking alcohol on fri n sun.. 2 days in a wk.. fri nite was @ MOS wif frens i got to know frm the diving trip.. we met up & had dinner then to mos.. it has realli been a long time since i had drank so much.. in fact, i dun even rem when was the last time.. & i'd found my dead spot.. Tequila.. i realised that tequila gives me the high fast & a headache.. then sun after rock climbing, michael & i went to bugis n were shoppin for abt 3hours cos our dinner time was 7.30.. dinenr was wif my salsa grp.. it was meant to be a mini farewell dinenr for Darren.. he's goin to Aust.. but stil waiting for his visa.. anyway, we had steamboat dinner then we had a chit chat, talk cock session @ the Lounge, inter continental.. i tink we r the loudest grp of pple cos we were laughing reali hard & loud.. ;p we had a bottle of vodka.. wel, we had a great time altogether.. ;)forgotten to take any pics.. actualy, i was juz being lazy.. ;p


micong said...

I hope you are shoving me the blame fer gettting you that tequila! haha... it tasted good din it? =D Anyway I am experiencing pain on my upper body... looks like it will be a while before I climb again! haha... join me in more drinking sessions and I will show you the wonders of alcohol... dun worry the chances are limited since I am abt to leave!

destiny said...

haha.. wel, if u'll feel better if i do tat,, then nope, im not goin to push t he blame to ya!! :P anyway, thanx for the great time! u're realli a great company!