Monday, February 23, 2009

Someone had reminded me of myself (in the past) recently and has made me appreciate, love & treasure my BEST FRIENDS!! (u knw who u r)

Her hyperactive, overly-intense character had become too much for me to bear, that i had to really withdraw frm her for awhile, even for just a couple of hours.
I love her for who she is, she is definitely a really very sweet, great gal. I have always enjoy her company & seriously, one of my good friends here in dublin. Someone whom i know i can depend on as well.
But, being with her continously for 3-4days, tat was really getting too much for me.. .. Too hyper!!

It reminds me of hw i have 'tortured' my best friends, especially those who have knwn me for the last 15years.. Nw, i understood when they kept sayin that i was too hyper, and i didnt really thought they really meant it.. and prob that's y i hav so many different grp of friends, cos i am simply all over the plce..

Nw, being here in dublin, has made me more grounded, laid back, and wel, i have learned hw to channel my hyper energy to something else, and not onto someone else!

To my best friends - Thanks for all the support, care, love & patience that u have showered on me for all these years. Just a little note here in my personal blog to say my heartfelt gratitude to you, my dearest friends who have come a long way with me, who have helped me to b a better me. ;)

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