Monday, May 11, 2009

So, nw this is my new pad, just 2 streets away frm the apartment actualy, and tat is also why i can move my things over by myself. During the move, my 'new best friend' is my bicycle! LOL when i was planning to move, i was actualy planning to use the shopping cart frm the supermarket to help carry my things.. but on the actual moving, i realised tat i can use my bicycle anyway! ;)

Small, but big enough for me. i had viewed a lot of plces before i came to this one, and i liked it at the 1st time.
Just like when i 1st saw coco (my dog), i loved him at the very 1st sight, and i have to get him, spending 4hours in the pet shop convincing my mum to let me get him ;) although i do wished tat he could be with me here in dublin, but its not goin to b an easy trip for him to b on the plane for more than 12hours.. and as i knw tat i wont b stayin in dublin for long, leaving him in spore wif my family is actualy the best n wise choice for the both of us.

So now, having this plce to myself, i can also actualy offer my couch to couchsurfers too. ;) after i reali get it all done up 1st, tat is

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About Pret-A-Partay said...

Cute little pad u've got there...i've always been wary of couchsurfing though...don't know wht kinda weirdos u'll end up with! hehehe....