Sunday, September 06, 2009

It must be ages ago & I really missed this feeling.. feeling of being close to my dad..
I realised that i do missed his voice, his laughter.
How lucky we are in these modern days that communication has made so easy for us

I dont remember when did my dad went for his long deserved holiday. This time, he went to Phillippines for 2weeks with colleagues and im glad he had a great time. He spoke of his adventures & the great times he had, i was just sitting on my gym ball listening to him.

Somehow, as always, the topic changes from his trip to me.. to think that he is still worried for me, makes me feel kinda weird but happy in a way. To think that i have always thought that i am the least of their worries among my siblings.. maybe not..

No matter what is my decision, i know he will always be supporting me.

I cant wait to be back home & to tell him in person myself, that I love him.

Just like how much i wanted to see C, to tell him in person, that I love him.

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