Thursday, September 10, 2009

Waking up @ 4am consecutively 2nights, despite of falling asleep @ 1 & 2am..
Have a sudden urge today @ 3pm, that i want to be somewhere near the water..
these thoughts & feelings just kept on repeating in my mind while waiting for the bus..
"I want to, i have to, i need to, i got to GO to the beach"
Unsettling mind, unsettling heart..
Finally got to the nearest 'harbour' to my place.. my mind just started to say,
"yes, this is what i need, this is what i need now"
The peace, the smell of the saltiness of the seawater, i can even smell the clams, the mussels..

It has been a really long time since im @ the beach (by myself) to clear my mind.
The last time when i went on my own, was last yr, to greystones..
Although the sun is shining, the sky is clear today, it looked almost perfect.. the imperfection is that it is very cold, its almost freezing (for me at least)
But the most importantly, is that i did get what my mind needed.

Its only going to be 930pm now, but im feeling wrecked already..
im having a bad feeling.. dun knw what is tat.. just feel something is not right, somewher, somehow....... just when i thought i had almost everything in control & checking away the tasks that i had finally done which i had put away for months... im just hoping n praying that everyone back home is safe n sound & healthy.

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