Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Had a bday celebration on Mon for my Beloved Dearest Fren, Anna for her bday.. ;) Went to This Restaurant, named, Secret Garden.. located @ Middle Road.. check out the website..
The place has a veri Cosy nice ambience wif gd food @ quite affordable price.. ;) Will try to go there again though!! Didnt take lots of pics there cos was quite shy as the plce is quiet.. n classy.. we onli took the pics after the dinner n leaving the plce.. ;p anyway, we had a full dinner & after tat, we went back to JP for ice-cream @ Swensons.. had a giant earthquake..!! Gosh.. am reali gotta stop all these feasting.. im goin to put on weight if im carry on like tis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!!!! or, wel, i can start my exercise.. my knees were not hurting tat much after the wakeboarding though.. was kinda surprised cos someone told mi tat wakeboard might hurt my knees even more.. but anyway, its time to work out!!!
Celebration of Anna's bday! Posted by Picasa