Saturday, November 26, 2005

pretty unusual for mi to be @ home @ this hour of the day.. its a Sat..! but wel, i am @ home.. feeling tired.. burned out mayb. strained most likely.. by wat.. i dun noe.. not sure.. juz felt tired.. have not been reali doin a lot of things actualy lately though.. onli work, work.. n work.. gues its juz the season of depression taking over me again.. juz dun feel gd abt anyting esp when i dun see any improvement or progression for my 'dearies' @ my workplce.. One is stagnant in her condition.. for her condition to improve.. its realli gonna b a veri long journey.. if not, she'll juz go towards another way.. Another dearie.. he's not looking gd.. no improvement.. slow deterioration (to me..) tis is so depressing!!!

Life is reali reali veri fragile.. nobody knows wat's gonna happen in the nex min.. nobody knows how r they goin to die.. when, how or wat time.. tats y.. must treasure wat u have now.. be contented wif wat u have too.. people who r greedy.. wil not b happy @ all.. i reali got to get myself out of this state fast.. cos its goin to b xmas soon...!!

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