Monday, November 21, 2005

A veri beautiful bouquet of roses eh..? but its not for moi.. ;) its actually one of my colleagues' bouquet.. which i din bother to ask who was it frm.. cos most prob its frm her hubby.. wel, could b one of her admirer.. but well, its not reali my business.. anyway, im not close to her.. tats y i dun bother.. ;p took a pic of the bouquet bcos i find it reali veri beautiful.. it reminds mi of my 1st time receiving flowers when i was working.. tats was last yr valentine when i was wif Dashun.. haha.. wel, he ordered a bouquet of flowers online & had it sent to my workplce.. i was reali surprised n thought tat was reali veri sweet & romantic of him doin tat.. but.. wel, the relationship didnt last long bcos.. incompatibility i would say.. but we parted wif a gd end & we're stil frens ;) tats wat matters.. ;)

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