Sunday, June 11, 2006

tomorrow.. wil be back to work.. 3days of rest since back frm indonesia.. & i had watched 3 movies, the shows that i wanted to watch.. ;) The Da Vinci Code, The Omen & X-Men.. hahaha.. superb!!

Went to watch Da Vinci alone, 1.15pm show on fri..i juz had the urge of watchin it tat day, didnt bother to ask any of my movie kakis, cos i know most of them would have oreadi catched it, din wan to have the slightest chance of being rejected & waste time asking, i went to watch it alone, ;D
1st time watchin show alone.. wel, its not tat scary & lonely as wat i thought.. ;)

Sat was spent watchin The Omen, world cup England & Paraguay & of cos, Salsa @ union. ;) Im not realli a soccer fan.. but its the world cup, once every 4yrs.. i dun mind watching it.. my whole family is watching it too..

Peishi's ROM day is drawing near.. im feeling a bit excited oreadi.. ;p finally, another important person in my life has found her happiness & someone who loves her as who she is.. another burden relieved. hahahaha..!! one more to go.. ;D

Went to Alicia's housewarming in the evening today.. i can see & feel her happiness, im reali happy for her.. ;) maybe the nex gd news frm her wil be the announcement of a baby!!!!!!!! ;D
today's Jaslyn's wedding dinner as well, but i didnt attend.. it was realli last min invitation frm her.. sorry babe.. my sunday is oreadi packed, if u had sent out the invitation card early, informed me earlier.. anyway, Wishing Jaslyn & her hubby, Stay loving & happy forever!! sorry tat i couldnt attend yr dinner..

i dun know if i shld be excited to go back to work.. i dun feel tat way honestly.. i dun know why.. i missed the plce, my colleagues, everyone there.. but.. hmmm.. i dun know..

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